Name: TFS Vindicator
Registration: NL5-8819897/J
Classification: Battlecruiser
Affiliation: Turethian Federaion
       Length: 320 m
       Beam : 150m
       Height: 80 m
Decks: 24
Mass: 630,000  metric tons
Crew: 325
Transporters: Unknown
Smaller Vessels: Unknown
       Impulse Drive: Turethian Space Laboratories, Model 5000D
       Warp Drive: Unknown
       Standard Cruising Speed: Unknown
       Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 6
       Maximum Sustainable Speed: Unknown
       Maximum Speed: At least Warp 8
Weapons Data:
       Phaser Arrays: 1 Ventral, 1 Dorsal
       Fistrion Accelerator: 1 Forward
       Torpedo Launchers: 1 Aft, 1 Forward
Hull: Reinforced
Defensive Systems: Unknown
Shields: Unknown
Sensors: Unknown
Probes: Unknown
The TFS Vindicator
(U)      History of Vessel: The TFS Vindicator was last seen at the Battle of Khankhar, where it reportedly destroyed one Galadonese
warship and seven other ships

(U)      Commanding Officer and Crew History: Commodore Jerstan Blatts and the same highly seasoned crew from the battle above.

(U)      Notes: Federation Intelligence has sketchy at best details on Turethian ships. The Tureth have been at war off and on with the
Galadons for centuries and have guarded their secrets well.

(S)      This vessel is moderately maneuverable compared to our Constitution Refit Class.

(U)      Primary purpose is attack.All weapons emerge from closed panels when in use.Turethian vessels have many modular components
that can be swapped betweensystems and ships to make repairs faster.

(U)      Fistrion accelerators are know for their volatility, not just to the target but to the ship using them. They have a tendency to overheat
and malfunction in battle. In some cases they have even exploded. The reason that the FAs are still in use besides their destructive
firepower is that they can be easily and cheaply mass produced.

(TS)    It is speculated that this class of ship is highly automated. 



The above is an entry in our ship's data base for an alien vessel. During our live action Star Trek Sim, our players are directed to pages like this to get information. This is done to help the simming experience as "real" as possible and more fun.


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