Star Trek Sim: Ship Specs: GSS Protectress

Name: GSS Protectress
Registration: GSS-P1-AD-F8
Classification: Warship
Affiliation: Galadonese Empire
       Length: 750 m
       Beam: 200 m
       Height: 580 m
Decks: 43
Mass: 4,350,000  tons
Crew: 850
Transporters: Unknown
Smaller Vessels: Unknown
       Impulse Drive: Unknown
       Warp Drive: Unknown
       Standard Cruising Speed: Unknown
       Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 8 (speculated from data obtained by the USS Eagle)
       Maximum Sustainable Speed: Unknown
Weapons Data:
       Phaser Arrays: 2 Port, 2 Starboard
       Y-PBE Tubes (Yestrium Particle Beam Enhancer Tubes) 2 Aft, 2 Forward, 1 Port, 1 Starboard
       Torpedo Launchers: 2 Aft, 2 Forward, 2 Port, 2 Starboard
Hull: Reinforced
Defensive Systems: Unknown
Shields: Unknown
Sensors: Unknown
Probes: Unknown
GSS Protectress

(U)     History of Vessel: Unknown

(U)     Commanding Officer and Crew History:  Admiral Ghoransk is a devoted servant of the Empress and will do whatever it
          takes to get her back. He also was a former suitor of hers before she ascended to the throne. It is speculated that 1/3 of
          the crew is newly transfered.

(U)     Notes: Federation Intelligence has sketchy at best details on Galadonese ships. The Galadonese are extremely secretive
          and xenophobic

(TS)    It is believed that their warships have reinforced hulls, providing perhaps twice the protection of a Constitution class
           starship.The warship firepower is roughly equivalent to that of four Constitution Class Vessels.  Not highly
           maneuverable. Built to last and withstand heavy punishment.

(U)    Yestrium is very destructive and highly unstable. It causes damage on the sub molecular level. After a target is hit with the
          beam, the damage may not be detectable on general scans. However, given a few minutes the destabilizing effects can be seen with
          the naked eye.

(TS)    The GSS Protectress is the flagship of the Empress of All Galadon. This formidable warship is likely to carry more armament and
           shielding than the other ships in her class


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