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 Stargate RPG
"Grungir, the spear of Odin"


Stargate RPG: Operation Grungir Located at: Stargate RPG Operation Grungir

(This is a Stargate Role Playing Game and Stargate Sim)


Operation Grungir, a Stargate RPG

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Four years ago, unknown to anyone but to an elite few, Operation Gringir was formed as a response to the growing threat from beyond Earth since the Stargates were discovered.

Named after the famous spear of Odin that never missed its target, this secret organization was designed to be ready to act or strike into the heart of the Stargate universe. Last week, the first SpecOps unit was assigned. Many operatives were in place for years before this, forming a loose network of spies, operatives and informants to assist the unit, the teams, and others that will be dispatched.

Headed by the Secretary of Defense and a secret organization of the Alliance, Operation Grungir will be tasked with handling situations of a delicate and classified nature. The Secretary, of course, will disavow all knowledge of such an operation, should any or all members be captured or discovered....

Join us for our "mission impossible" game set in the Stargate Universe!

This Stargate RPG is accepting both new and seasoned players. Operation Grungir is an PBEM game.

Get in on the beginning! Join us for a fun game mixing serious parts and humor.

It is our intent to create a very interactive and dynamic game. There will be ample opportunity to participate in many joint posts.

Members will not be required to post every week if they are not part of a joint story line or scene. No one is expected to play the RPG by themselves in isolation. Our purpose is to create a fun, interactive, dynamic and inclusive game.

People working on joint posts should try and be available to reply with at least a few lines within 24-48 hours or by arrangement with the other person(s).


Join Operation Grungir!


Yahoo Group Address: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/operationgrungir

To join email: stargateomoa@yahoo.com


Contact usseagle2185@yahoo.com for more details.


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