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Science Department: Report

SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Stardate: 200412.22

RE: Status Update: Probes and Experiment 59 on gases collected in Nebula AZ23-7, near Liarra Mishtosh


Careful inspection of ship's probes retrieved by tractors reveal that additional information was collected that did not show up on preliminary analysis. I have combined that with the preliminary information to give you a comprehensive summary.

Highlights from the Summary:

Particle Analysis: Statistically high levels of mesons, leptons, neutrinos, and veterion particles consistent with known data on  wormhole phenomena.

Polarimetric Analysis: Statistically high level of levorotary compounds are present.

Radiometric Analysis: Statistically high level of  lambda waves are present.

Spectroscopic Analysis: Nothing unusual detected.

Wormhole Analysis: Confirmed. Aperture leads to a different part of space. Aperture is opening and closing in a possibly predictable  manner.  I am currently running different algorithms to help predict the periodicity, frequency and amplitudes of all phenomena associated with the wormhole.

Gravimetric Force: Unable to determine. Insufficient data. Extrapolation of collected data suggests a magnitude in excess of what our sensors can accurately measure.

Debris found in anomaly: Fragments of fabricated materials exposed to high stresses and high heats have been found. None detected of Federation origin. Of indeterminate alien type and origin.

Science Lab Two Experiment:

I don't know if this is important but prior to the invasion attempts of the unknown beings, Science Lab Two was running experiments on the highly unusual and highly volatile samples of Nebula AZ23-7 to determine the gas, energy and particle composition. Check of logs reveal that SL2 has not reported in since before the attack began.  SL2 was scheduled to run comprehensive tests on the unusual energy readings of a configuration never observed before for gas sample VRR2-85E.  I do not know if they have ever completed it. Attempts to contact SL2 have been unsuccessful. Perhaps there is some link?


1) Investigate the status of SL2 when we can spare the personnel.

2) Collect anomaly debris sample when safe to do so and analyze. Perhaps they will give us some clues about the wormhole and the anomaly and the other ships that made contact with it.

Very Respectfully,
Ensign Liliana Petrescu, ASCI, NPC

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