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Title: More Than We Bargained For
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Captain's Stateroom
Stardate: 200408.04

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos headed to his stateroom.  He had orders to open a sealed set of orders marked "Upon Arrival at Liaara Mishtosh."

Captain Kematsopoulos entered his stateroom and sat down at his private workstation.  He flipped on a switch to activate the offline decryption system.

"Authenticate Kematsopoulos, Captain Nouristao, access level Alpha One Alpha Alpha," the Captain instructed.  The machine hummed faintly and the screen came up saying it was ready. The Captain leaned forward putting his chin on the rest as the green light came on and made contact with his retina.  

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"Identity and access level authenticated, you may proceed," the machine declared flatly.  The Captain slid the orders rod from Admiral Flayton into the workstation and activated the contents.*((See below))

The Top Secret document opened and he read it carefully.

The Captain was right. This would be a dangerous mission and could now see why Admiral Flayton made this seedy outpost a stop for the Eagle. Picking up the recruits gave the USS Eagle a very plausible reason for stopping here. He still however thought that leaving such new officers there was a bad idea. They could be in danger too, even if they were not a direct part of the covert mission. It was wrong to place them unknowingly in danger simply as a pretext for a stop.        

After removing and destroying the orders, he read some more briefing reports and shut his workstation down. Captain Kematsopoulos grabbed some gear for his trip to the Outpost. Then he headed to Sickbay.   

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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* NOTE: The procedure for our Oberth ship is different than the Star Trek movies.


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