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The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Crew's Logs: Jonathon Riker

Personal Log
Jonathan Riker
Stardate 2004.08.19

::Riker sits down at a table at Rugghe's with a free lunch and starts typing on his pad::
Personal log Stardate 2004.08.19 Iím concerned for the Eagle and her crew.  
They should have arrived some time ago.  The delay is unbearable.  Iíve
decided to go around the station to see if I can find something to do.  I
found my self in the deepest most dangerous part of the station.  I looked
around and this man named Rugghe came up to me and asked for my assistance.  
I helped him with a minor power overload in the lighting systems.  It was
strange how the tools that Rugghe allowed me to use seemed to have never
been used; on a station like this Iím sure a lot of malfunctions occur.  Any
way,   after I finished my work with Rugghe a strange furry creature came
running by.  I have no clue what it was but Rugghe said it wasnít the first
time it had happened.  Well I hope the Eagle is safe and arrives soon, I
donít know how much longer I can stand this station.  End Log.

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