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The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Crew's Logs: Leah Richards

LTjg Richards
Stardate 200603.06

It was now or never. Leah couldn't pretend it was 'just a paperweight' anymore. For one thing, she had no papers that needed to be held down (never mind the lack of air turbulence in a pressurized space ship). And the silent robot was really very obnoxious. Even shut off it seemed to stare at her accusingly. With a decision finally reached, she swept the bot off the table and into a shoebox. The box was something like fifty years old, and it still had the dusty smell of the attic she'd found it in. The robot managed to look pathetic in there. She considered it a moment, and grabbed the tissue paper.

Once the robot was securely wrapped she plopped it into the box again. Well, it wasn't AS pathetic. She set the lid over the top, only to find the wrapped 'bot was a little to big. Time for the tape. Ten minutes later the lid fit. Mostly. With that much adhesive tape it certainly wasn't going anywhere! Now to wrap the box. It only took a dozen layers of the translucent paper to mask the box's original color scheme. Then she applied another healthy layer of tape. Mission Wrap Job complete. Now she just had to carry it from her quarters to the captain's quarters, without being spotted. That could be a little trickier.

She risked peeking out into the hall; fortunately, most of the crew was either still at the party or on duty. Maybe the sneaking wouldn't be as tricky as shed feared. In fact, she managed to get to the turbo lift without being spotted and then onto the captain's deck too. But luck ran out when she turned the corner to his room. The Captain was standing outside his quarters talking to the Chief Engineer. And neither one looked very happy about it. Uh... whoops. I uh... sorry, I can come back later...

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