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Image of CAPT Kematsopoulos, face, Human, Male, Chinese and Greek
Captain Kematsopoulos, CO


Title:  A Matter of Time
Stardate: 200605.11 
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Passage way near Sickbay

The man known as the Captain and Yeoman Perksandra are outside Sickbay. He is worried about the ship. The Yeoman is worried about the Captain. He has been acting oddly.

"You are incorrigible, sir," she says, almost amused at his antics to get out of surgery. She would have laughed if she was not so concerned.

"Me? What did I do?" he replies, flashing her a charming, disarming and innocent smile.

"What's wrong? I know how much you wanted your sight back and the dizziness to stop. Why did you push so hard to not do it (surgery) right then?" she asks, knowing enough after all this time to not to get side tracked with his joking.

The man's facial expression shifts from impish to suddenly serious . . . deadly serious. "I can't discuss it in the passageway. Something is very wrong. We must hurry."

They talk quickly, hurry to the turbolift and get on.

"Bridge," the Captain says.

The Yeoman waits for him to pull the lever, but when he does not she does that for him.

Not quite a minute later, the pair enter the bridge.

"How are preparations?" Captain Kematsopoulos asks. He wants to get everyone off the station and leave immediately.

"We're nearly ready to leave on your word, sir." the XO replies

"Good," he responds. The Eagle couldn't leave soon enough to please him.

The Executive Officer glances at the pretty Yeoman and then hides a smile. She sees him and smiles back.

"Sir, please, have a seat, " the XO says indicating the open chair.

"Thank you" the Captain says not seeing gesture. He walks over and sits down.

Yeoman Perksandra follows him to make sure he is fine and finds a chair out of the way to sit so she can be nearby if needed.

"I see you have your 'Seeing Eye Yeoman' with you today." CDR Cline jokes to the Captain.

He chokes. "Yeoman, you are free to reply," he says thinking she'll have some fun with the XO.

She looks down cast and says to the XO, "You think I am a dog sir?"

Just then the Chief of Security, who was on the station, interrupts. His voice crackles over the speakers, "COMSTA to Eagle."

~Saved by the static,~ hopes CDR Cline.

Yeoman Perksandra frowns knowing the XO might be able to dodge responding to her with the update.

"Unstoffe, XO here," CDR Cline replies activating the communication circuit closest to him.

"XO, we are ready to pull out on your orders. Be aware that once we put the comms system in automatic anything less than Priority One traffic will likely be dropped from the system. Also, without someone to keep up repairs the station will degrade and ultimately fail. I can't give a good estimate of how long it'll hold together," he cautions.

"Unstoffe, I believe the Captain has taken that into consideration," CDR Cline says looking to the Captain for his response in case he has any.

Yeoman Perksandra notices XO looking at CO and intervenes to avoid those awkward pauses when someone gives a visual cue the Captain could not see.

"Sir?" she says to the Captain, who could not see the XO looking at him. "I believe they would like a confirmation."

"Yes, Proceed. We must be ready to leave in an instant," the Captain orders.  ~Long gone would be best. We are out of time, ~ he thinks.

"Unstoffe, Did you hear that?" the Executive Officer asks.

The Chief of Security's voice again crackles across the void, "Understood. COMSTA standing by for further orders. Out."

CDR Cline looks again at Yeoman Meredith Perksandra and notices her frown. He wishes she had just understood his comment was made in fun and not be so sensitive. The Yeoman, for her part has not been getting enough sleep. She is more sensitive than usual for her fun, outgoing self.  Something else is bothering her. Something about the Captain. Either that or she was having some fun with the XO and trying to get a date. ;o)

CDR James Cline sighs, "Yeoman, I was just trying to be funny and I didn't think I was being insensitive, but no, you're the farthest from a dog I've seen in a while." He says smiling at her beauty.

Upon hearing this, Meredith perks up and sees his handsome smile.

The Captain waits for comm call to finish. He thinks it is over, but is unsure since he can't see XO's face. He uses the conversation between the XO and his Yeoman as a cue, hoping he is right.

The Captain sighs. He knows what he has to do but would like some ammo for it first. He is concerned about another attack and certain of it.

"I don't like this at all. It seems very wrong. The set up, the timing, everything. Status report on the computer work? Any word from Hanson?" he asks aloud.

~There's got to be something here, somewhere, to get me what I need to know. Where is it hiding?~ he wonders.

His Yeoman discretely checks the time and looks worried.

The XO opens the comms to engineering. "Hanson?" he queries and pauses the comm.

"Checking on that for you right now, Sir," the XO informs the Captain.

In Main Engineering, in a small, odd, and out of the way place is a small, odd, out of place person who is lost in his work. His duties are to check the Captain's hunch that somehow the USS Eagle's internal security verification protocols were tampered with and to get as much information out of the core taken from the raider that attacked the Eagle. He hears the comm call and looks up and fumbles with intercom. "Engineering, ah, computing, ah, Ensign Hanson here," he says.

"Hanson. Captain Kematsopoulos would like an update on the computer work. A status report," the XO orders.

"I found some interesting codes and more importantly the way the core and information there was coded. It has elements of both Romulan AND Vulcan ....
It's either or both at this point. It could really be Vulcans the victims were seeing from the core info. Need to try a a few more things..." Ensign Hanson explains.

"XO, Captain. I am getting data from one of the probes the Captain ordered launched earlier. There is a particle buildup bearing 236.4 Mark 7. Could indicate a ship decloaking, sir!" interrupts Ensign Liliana Petrescu, the Assistant Science Officer.

"Hang on a CSEC Hanson," the XO orders.

Ensign Hanson waits impatiently. He is so intrigued by the way the core is coded that he forgot to say the obvious. Well, obvious to anyone but him.

"Yes?" the XO turns to the ASCI. "Tell us more," he asks.

"There is a particle buildup bearing 236.4 Mark 7. Could indicate a ship decloaking, sir!" Ensign Petrescu says.

"We should go to yellow alert, Captain?" the XO prompts.

"Red. Detach the umbilicals if they are still present. Get ready to beam and go to warp," the Captain orders. The scenario he had wanted to avoid is now in motion. He is sure of it.

"Yes, Sir!" the XO replies.

"RED alert! Eagle drop umbilicus and be ready to go to warp," yells the XO.

Just then as if on cue, two Romulan birds of prey decloak and appear on the main view screen. They power up their disruptors.

"Beam out. Go to warp. NOW!" Captain repeats.

The Assistant Security Officer on watch at Tactical activates the Red Alert. Sirens blare and lights strobe throughout the ship.

"Transporter Room, Beam the COMSTA guys out," the XO orders.

"Yes, sir!" Chief Daniels replies as he activates transporter on lock that he had maintained on Away Team. The AT disappears in a shimmery blur.

"Definitely tampered with," Ensign interrupts breaking his silence and reports this news over the comms. He finally figures out that he should have said that earlier. He just got so wrapped up in the more interesting and difficult problems presented by the core.

"Engineering go to warp on my mark," the XO orders

"...With the right code sent here from the party that did it or paid for it we wouldn't be able to tell the difference unless we know to look..." Hanson babbles on.

The XO ignores him waiting for other news. ~Did we get them off the station all right, ~ he wonders.

"Got 'em, XO," the Transporter Chief reports over the intercom.

The Captain smiles about the crew getting back safely and listens hard to figure out what else is going on.

"Engineering, NOW!" the XO orders, signaling an immediate jump to warp.

"Unstoffe come to the bridge ASAP," the XO orders again via the ship's intercom.

The Captain turns to where the Assistant Science Officer is working and says, "Petrescu, get ready to get the data from the probes and to..."

He is interrupted as he feels the ship get hit twice. The ship shakes violently and the shields buckle under the combined assault.

The Captain continues as if nothing had happened. "Make sure the Tick probe attaches, if possible," he orders.

The Captain feels the ship jump to warp. With his engineering background, he does not have to remember anything about the Eagle to be able to tell what the vibration and sound change meant. "Status report," he orders swiftly. ~How badly are we damaged? ~ he wonders.

"We have jumped to warp, sir," the Executive Officer reports.

"Good. Ship out of danger?" the Captain asks, indicating he wanted to know more than just the warp jump.

"All crew are accounted for from the COMSTA. And our shields are at..." the XO reports and pauses.

Ensign Petrescu interrupts with the answer, "They are down, XO. That double shot overloaded the generators; another pass and we'd have been done for."

The Captain turns to the XO and says, "Repair shields. Any other damage?"

"None sir, " the XO reports.

"Good. Initiate repairs ASAP," he orders.

Several minutes later, LCDR Unstoffe, Chief of Security, exits the TL and enters the bridge.

"Ahhh Stoffe. Good to have you back on the bridge," the XO says seeing him arrive.

"Good to be back, XO, especially in one piece," he replies walking over to tactical and relieving the ASEC on duty.

"Glad you are back," the Captains says. "You will have your hands full with Sickbay when you get the chance. Please check our guests thoroughly," he orders.

"Aye, Kaptein. How many guests do we have this time?" the CSEC asks.

The bumping around takes it toll  on the Captain. He is not looking well. "I am not sure.." he pauses oddly.  "Two are in special need of your watchful attention. The others..." he stops midsentence. ~I am going to get sick on the bridge. I have to get out of here,~ he thinks as the awful spinning sensation returns full force.

The Yeoman resumes watching her CO like a hawk now that the action is over. She notices that the Captain has over done it again and should lie down.

"I'll be sure they all get a thorough checking out. After the Rosalie's crew, we can't be too careful," Unstoffe interrupts to help the Captain out. Part of him wonders if the Captain should really be back on the bridge.

"Yes ... the Rosalie... Unstoffe you have the conn. I need to speak with the XO privately," the Captain orders. ~Best to get sick off the bridge if I can get that lucky,~ he thinks.

"Aye, Kaptein,'" the Chief of Security says, moving from tactical towards the command chair.

Yeoman Perksandra arises and walks over to the Captain.

The XO gets up and stands. "Sir, would you like to um, take my arm?" he asks the Captain. The XO who is noticing that Yeoman Perksandra is a constant shadow for the Captain, looks at her wondering if she is to be included in this private briefing.

The Captain gets up unsteadily. Even with the medication, the jostling around had irritated his vertigo. "Yes. Until the ship stops spinning," he jokes. He knew that the ship was not spinning since no one was worried about it. Otherwise he could really believe it was.

"No active communication or scans until I or the XO say so. I don't want anyone finding us before we are restored. Rig for as silent a running as we can do. Keep our particle wake as clean as you can. We've bought our self some more time with the jump to warp. We've got something everyone wants. It's only a matter of time before someone finds us. We need to buy enough of it to make it to the rendezvous safely. If everyone wonders if we made it out much the better," he says.

"Aye sir," LCDR Unstoffe replies.

Before leaving the bridge, the Captain gives one last order.

"Yeoman, you are relieved. I have my 'Seeing Eye Commander;" the man says wryly.

Yeoman Perksandra giggles, "Yes sir!"

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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