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Image of CAPT Kematsopoulos, face, Human, Male, Chinese and Greek
Captain Kematsopoulos, CO


Title: The Drawer, Part Three
Stardate: 200601.30
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Captain's Quarters
(Time frame- immediately after the last log which is the day the Captain wakes up in Sickbay)

Yeoman Perksandra activates the intercom. "Captain? I am back," she says gasping. She had to dodge an off duty nurse to get back to the Captain's quarter to prevent the CMO from finding out that she had left the Captain alone.

"Computer unsecure quarters," he orders.

Computer> Quarters unsecured.

It was clear to the Captain from the sound of her breathing that she has exerted herself to get back and is still out of breath. She stops at a chair and puts some things down. She walks over.

"It's none of my business, sir, but why did you secure your quarters? I can let myself in otherwise. I am coded in for access," she starts to say until she gets in view of the screen of the terminal he was working on. Her eyes open wide when she sees the bat fur, beads and the files. "Oh," she says, stifling a giggle.

"Sorry, um, so sorry. I did not mean to disturb your privacy. I can just make some coffee in the kitchen or something," she stammers backing away awkwardly.

"Why? " he says beginning to play the file he just put in there. He is curious to see what is on there.

A face of a man in his eighties, well dressed and well groomed appears on the screen. He has a trimmed white beard and white hair appears on the screen. He clears his throat and begins to talk Federation standard with a very heavy Greek accent.

"Greetings Captain Kematsopoulos ... this is Great Uncle Alexander Kraikos. I hope this communication finds you well. I am sorry this is so late. I moved to a nice colony far from Earth.  I have given the samples to that Moebian doctor of yours as she requested and take this opportunity to greet you, send you some gifts that I  think you will be needing for difficult times ahead. I am also sending images and the resumes of some lovely young virtuous Greek maidens who would like to enter into correspondence with you to make your acquaintance for the purpose of marriage and starting a large family. The colony here is blessed with many Greek women ...

The man turns red and chokes. He shuts the file down and feels all the files in the box. "It can't be . . . Those are all . . . .??"  he asks incredulously.

"I would guess so, sir. They arrived before the anomaly did, back on Liarra Mishtosh.  The CMO sure had a lot of fun giving those to you. I heard about it from the bridge crew," she is careful this time to not show any mirth in her voice.

"I bet she did," the man replies. He didn't remember it  happening of course, but after meeting the CMO  and her odd sense of humor and timing for several hours,  he could guess that she would have had way too much fun  with this.

"I haven't looked at them yet. Any idea how many?" he said fingering files in the box.

"347 I think. Something like that.  The CMO had more than she gave you that day but hadn't processed all of the medical data with the anomaly and all... But that's just the replies not the number of," she says, unable to contain herself any more. She giggles and barely finishes, " . . . virtuous maidens."

The man chokes again and turns redder.

"All from different villages, planets, colonies, and outposts. You sure have a lot of family and its all spread out and they all seem to be looking for a bride for you," she says clearly amazed.

"Well," he says abruptly. "Done here then, if that's what those all are. I guess I am done checking this out," he says shoving the box hurriedly back in the drawer.

"They only mean well. It's OK to get married again, sir, " she says trying to make him feel better and less embarrassed.

The man ignores her and asks, "What is all this then?" He pokes the fuzzy fur and rolls a glass bead around with his index finger. It hits another bead and knocks it on the floor. He hears it hit the deck.

"Bat fur and evil eye beads. Some of your more superstitious relatives sent them for good luck charms for you and to ward off some sort of evil, you said. It was odd how that helped you remember some things to guess the right exit out of the wormhole. There's a much larger pile here somewhere ... but you know this. Why are you asking me?" she asks wondering when he would act normal.

"I am getting very tired and it's hard to remember. I didn't think I left them in this drawer," he says with two truths and one lie.  He doesn't  remember any of that at all.  He is pushing himself too hard to remember and it isn't working.

Suddenly, he becomes extra tired, as if someone somewhere had just siphoned off most of his energy. "I .. I think I need to lie down," he says, abruptly.

"Good idea sir. I'll help you get.." she starts to say but doesn't finish  as the man gets up without her and the vertigo takes over.

"Whoah! Computer end program. Stop this spinning," he orders starting to fall after taking a few steps.

"I got you sir. I am stronger than I look . . . um sorry. I .. I didn't mean to be insensitive," she stutters.

He leans on her with nearly most of his weight. ~~If only this program would shut down,~~ he thinks.

"Computer, shut down program. Stop spinning. Activate lights," he orders again.

~~Oh boy. This is not going well! Not leaving you alone again,~~ she says to herself.

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