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Captain Kematsopoulos, CO


Title: The Drawer, Part Two
Stardate: 200601.30
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Captain's Quarters
(Time frame- immediately after the last log which is the day the Captain wakes up in Sickbay)

The man called the Captain, secures his quarters and began his detailed investigation ... of his quarters.

~~Might as well start here,~~ he thinks, feeling around the desk in front of him where he was sitting.

He feels around carefully on top of the desk. Nothing. Not even dirt.

~~So much for that. Let's see what the drawers have to tell me... So, what have I been doing that makes me feel something larger than losing a good chunk of my memory has happened?  What is there that needs to be kept secret? Will anything here trigger my memory?~~ he wonders.

He feels the outside of the desk to see how many and what type of drawers and compartments it had. He opens the top drawer on the left and reaches in with his left hand. It feels around and finds five objects.  He can tell easily that the drawer is very orderly and organized.  

The most interesting object he finds so far is a box with what feels like many smaller boxes in it. He takes it out and examines it further.

~~Hmm...a box with eight small square shaped boxes. It seems vaguely familiar,~~ he thinks. He takes one out at random and smells it. ~~Melon?? An old familiar melon smell,~~ he muses.  He opens it and finds four spherical objects, all definitely melon scented. ~~Artifical melon to be precise...~~

The man pops one of the little tasty chew spheres in his mouth. The hard outer candy coating crunches and crumbles away leaving melon flavored gum. He chews off all the candy coating and pops another gum sphere into his mouth.

He smiles and has some more. It is the same old melon flavor that he remembers having as a youngster. ~~Ahh the simple pleasures of artificially flavored melon gum with a candy coating. I haven't had one of these in years, ~ ~he sighs wistfully.

(( OOC: Yum, I like melon flavored gum, er, I mean artificially flavored melon gum.))

He does that with all four spheres and carefully shuts the tiny box, puts it in his pocket to discard later and continues his search. He sniffs the remaining seven boxes to see what other (artificial) flavors there were and if it was as he had remembered.  His nose tells him that there are two boxes each of strawberry, orange and grape gum and one more box of melon remaining. He smiles, not just at the old memory and gum he likes, but because he could remember something else even if it was small in the scheme of things. Perhaps he was closer now to remembering more?

~~Well, I remember gum. Anything useful here to remember?~~ he wonders, continuing his search.

He rummages around some more and finds some small cylindrical objects. ~~Most likely tools of some sort,~~ he thinks.

He feels each of the objects carefully and picks up the most familiar. He carefully activates it and hears

"Uncle Stavros!" he says out loud. ~~I wonder where you are now,~~ he thinks. He  smiles as he remembers some of the adventures he had with Uncle Stavros  and how he hasn't seen one of those in years also and tosses that into his pocket. (( A spoof of Dr. Who,  and and the Harry Mudd sim))

He reaches around further in the drawer and finds writing implements, paint brushes, tools for musical instruments ..and something that did not seem like it belonged. ~~A clue perhaps?~~ he wonders.

He takes it out and feels it carefully. It is a flat circular object with a metal loop and chain. There is a latch and a faint repetitive sound. He opens it carefully and sniffs it.

~~Faint metallic smell, cologne and a ticking sound... That old pocket watch that Papu (his Greek grandfather) had!~~ he thinks.  It is still ticking and telling him not only that it had been well taken care of, but that it had been wound within two weeks.

He tries the other drawers. To his surprise, something soft and fuzzy and several things that feel very odd, cool, hard and smooth greet his fingertips. He quickly withdraws his hand wondering if it whatever it is, is alive and shuts the drawer. He pauses for a few seconds, opens the drawer slightly, sniffs ..  and listens hard. There was no sound indicating whatever it was, was alive.

"Achoo, " he says sneezing.  He reaches in, hoping he was right about it not being alive. Definitely fur, it feels to him, but he could not guess what it is and has no idea what the smooth things are either. He sniffs them again carefully, but it does not help. Near them he finds a pile of what seems to be removable data files. He takes the fur, files and smooth objects out quickly and places them on top of the desk. He inserts at random one of the files into the terminal and continues his investigation.

He searches some more and finds another odd object.

It is just then that the computer announces, "Visitor, outside your quarters."

Yeoman Perksandra activates the intercom. "Captain? I am back," she announces.

The man quickly tucks the mysterious object into his pocket.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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