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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Captain Fango


Title: The Uniform, Part Two
Stardate: 2000601.25
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: The Head

In the head near Sickbay, Captain Fango was admiring himself in his new uniform and twirling his mustachios.

"Ah Harree-Harrison, me boy, the clothes do make the man and a man always looks best in uniform-whatever the uniform (except TMP and security gear). It was worth every credit I spent on that poker game. Lucks a changin," he grinned.

In contrast to the man in sickbay, Captain Fango knew exactly who he was and it wasn't Captain Fango. He paused to admire himself in the uniform some more and then looked worried.

He hoped he had done everything exactly as Dr. Arnold had instructed. For a fleeting second, he wondered again why Dr. Arnold had not done the things himself. He didn't understand engineering matters well which was why when warp core overloaded the ship he was piloting, the Rosalie blew up. His face fell but he quickly plastered on a big smile. Not so big as to make people wonder what he was up to but big enough to cover his concerns.

Harree-I mean Harrison-was just about to leave when he heard foot steps. Instinctively (and because he had over heard a lot of secrets in his days lurking in bathrooms or a favorite eateries of someone important to a scam) he ducked into one of the stalls. First, he wanted to avoid meeting Captain Kematsopoulos. He was pretty sure with all the Kematsopouli out there that this was not one of the two he met years ago... when...No it would do not good think about that now. What if some telepath "over heard" him ? What happened before would most surely get him a trip to the brig.

He also hoped to find out what was going on with the Eagle. He wasn't sure what but he was certain there should be some way to profit from it ... if only he could figure out how and what.

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Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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