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Ensign Hanson & Nurse Lakshmi

Title: Ensign Who??, Part Two
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Unknown holding area

Rupa Lakshmi had traveled time traveled back to her past. She had to warn her previous self about the situation she was facing and about what could happen to someone she had loved deeply when she was back on the Eagle. In order to do this she pretended to be an assistant science officer named Lal Krishmati.

Lal Krishmati turned and spoke quietly to her younger counterpart, "Rupa, you must stay calm and firm. If things do not turn out the way they are supposed to ..."

"Yes?" the younger Rupa answered.

Lal Krishmati coughed. "Rupa ... he ... Doctor Isa ... will die," she said as quietly.

"What!?!? He's going to die?" she hissed.

The older woman spoke even more quietly for emphasis. "Rupa, I said if. Not that it would happen. Just if things do not turn out the way they are supposed to. Careful!" she warned.

"You mean ... ?" she started to ask.

"There are at least two ways in which the future can be affected. In one scenario he lives, in the other he dies," the elder Rupa explained.


Lal Krishmati shook her head. "I can't tell you, Rupa. *You* have to make the right choices. Only *you* can.." she said starting to cough again. "I'm not allowed to tamper with what, to me, is already history ..."

The younger Lakshmi swore quietly in Hindi, Urdu, Gujrat, Malayalam and English.

The elder laughed very quietly. "The Rupa I always knew. Swearing in 'HUG-ME'," she said.

The younger woman glared softly and started to break up. It was terrible news and a heavy responsibility.

As the two women talked, suddenly and very quietly, Ensign Hanson transported in succession from several locations within the Eagle.

The assistant helm officer, LT T'Larra was in the room with the other prisoners. She was sitting against a bulkhead, sneezing, cold and shivering and wrapped in a blanket. She heard a faint noise and felt like she was tapped on the shoulder. The AHO turned around carefully to see what it was. Instead of a person standing over her trying to get her attention she saw the injured and surgery prepped Ensign Hanson materialize just a few feet away. She tried not to sneeze to draw any attention, but gasped instead along with Hanson. Thinking quickly, she gave her blanket to the needy ensign and tried to pretend that nothing had happened and that he was just another person with a blanket on the deck. T'Larra carefully looked around the room to see if anyone had noticed and looked back at the mysterious man who had transported, trying to figure out what she could do to help. She sat down next to him.

Both Lakshmi heard the gasp and turned around. The younger flipped open the medical tricorder and picked up Ensign Hanson and his injures. She continued toward him. "Great Ganesha ...we're going to have to get you to Sickbay somehow," she said and began searching for a wall comm.

Still seated, LT T'Larra, spoke to her in a whisper. "I don't know why, but I think that's a bad idea. Is there anything you can do?"


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