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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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Ensign Hanson

Title: Ensign Who??
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

A comm call came into Sickbay. +Sickbay?+ a voice unfamiliar to the crew of the USS Eagle asked.

The intruder in charge nodded to one of his henchmen who moved to the monitor. +Sickbay,+ the henchman replied neutrally.

+ Secured?+ asked the other voice.

+Affirmative,+ said the henchman.

+Bringing in injured prisoner. One of the ones we were looking for,+ he explained.

+Understood+ the henchman replied.

Dr. Kamran Isa overheard this and wondered who it might be.

Many minutes later, two more intruders entered Sickbay. They carried a man on a stretcher in an Evac suit.

The leader went to see for himself what was going on. "Is he injured?" he asked. He could only see the suit and nothing more.

"Yes, badly, I think. He is the one from before we were looking for. The one that stopped the first attempts. If he can tell us how..." the intruder that brought the Eagle crew member said.

"Enough," the leader said. He planned to destroy the Eagle and all onboard when he was done, but he didn't want to take chances that too much information might turn the war against them.

Dr. Isa Revived headed over to examine the incoming man. He grabbed a medical tricorder and scanned the man.

"Doctor, how is he?" the leader asked.

"Multiple fractures ... some punctured internal organs ... he has a compound fracture of the right radius and is suffering from a moderate concussion. I have to operate on him immediately or we'll lose him," Dr. Isa replied.

"Then please do so. He is quite, quite valuable," the leader said.

Dr. Isa jerked his head to Nurse Kenylworth. "Steven, let's prep him," he said.

"Right, Doctor," Nurse Kenylworth said as he headed into Pre-op.

The intruder who brought in the prisoner said to the person in charge, "Ironic, isn't it? Now we need to save him."

"Yes, an odd turn of events, I agree," said the leader.

Meanwhile, the intruders from the other decks began reporting in as the take over became more complete.

+Astrometrics to Sickbay, area secure,+ said one.

+Acknowledged. Any sign of the wreckage from the other ship?+ asked the intruder who was third in charge of the operation in Sickbay.

+Negative. I have patched temporary power to the ship's scanner and will continue the search,+ she replied.

+Engineering to Sickbay, area secure,+ he said rubbing his wounds from the fight with the Sivaon.

+Acknowledged+ the third replied. He turned to his leader, "Compartments are reporting in. No sign yet of wreckage from the Brazil."

"Well then keep looking. It must be there," he said believing that the Vanguard had destroyed it.

As this happened CDR Yevgeny Tsiolkovsky, XO from the Brazil, became conscious and overheard.

One of the intruders who was dressed as a member of the crew in engineering looked up from scanning medical logs. "Where can he be? It's a small ship. There aren't that many places to hide a spy," he said.

"He must be here," said the leader. "We know he was not on the Valkyrie. We destroyed it ourselves and part of history still recurred. He got to the debriefing."

Dr. Isa gestured to intruders. "This way please," he said leading the way to Pre-op. Others in Sickbay took over to prep the patient.

Dr. Isa started scrubbing up with Kenylworth. He spoke very quietly, "You saw who it was?"

"Yeah. We've got to pull him through," Steven replied in hushed tones.

"OK ... caps, gowns and gloves and then let's go in, the Doctor said, putting on his medical garb.

The Nurse nodded and followed suit. Together they entered the Operating Room.

The Doctor looked over the vital signs on the biobed. He adjusted the flow of the saline solution. "OK, monitor the anesthetic ..." he said.

The Nurse nodded and waited for instructions.

"Scalpel ..." he said and was promptly handed the laser scalpel. He carefully began to make the incision and looked inside. "Man but that kid is a mess," he said looking up momentarily, "Three units of whole blood, O negative."

Nurse Kenylworth made a low whistle. "That bad ..." he said turning and fetching the blood from cabinet. "All right, unit one started," he said inserting the cartridge.

"Yeah ... and it may get worse," Dr. Isa paused for a moment further examining the damage. The doctor resumed work. "He must have been in a bad fight, Steven. He didn't go down easily," he explained.

Then suddenly, without any warning, change in light or sound, the patient disappeared.


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