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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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Ensign Hanson

Title: What Goes Down Must Come Up
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Jeffries Tube

Ensign Hanson uttered more obscenities as he scrambled wildly to try and get his footing. Then he realized that he had grabbed someone's leg. It wasn't from one of the major races onboard and most of the intruders he observed were human. "Uh, sorry," he said when whoever it was tried to catch him instead of toss him down the tube.

The voice of the person who caught him growled, "Grab the ladder and hang on, then I will decide who you are!"

"Uh thanks," Ensign Hanson said confused. He had taken quite a few blows.

Ensign Moonshadows swung, trying to get him closer to the ladder.

Hanson smashed himself into the ladder to finally catch a rung. "Thank you. I think I got it.." he said unsure. He started to slip again, but caught himself better this time.

Ensign Moonshadows updated him on her adventures. "I heard voices, stopped to get help . . . there was a fight, a bomb of some sort . . . they got my prisoner. Must we hang here?" she asked.

Hanson huffed heavily. He was quite ill from his injuries and joked to distract himself, "No, we can get pizza instead."

"I hurt to much for sarcasm... I have been stunned twice and my leg is on fire," she replied.

"Need me to look at it later? I am not going to make much more climbing," he said.

"Let's get off at the next level then ... maybe it is clear," she said, gathering her strength, going up to the next access panel.

Hanson reached for another rung lopsidedly, favoring one side. He started to lose his hold again.

Ensign Moonshadows reacted quickly. She squatted on the rung and wrapped her tail around his breather pack.

Hanson panted some more. "Ohh, thanks," he said. He tried to climb but was mostly pulled by the strong Silvaon. As he got closer to the deck, he became more and more irritated with himself for getting hurt. ~This is going to mess it all up. This wasn't supposed to happen. It didn't happen the other time,~ he thought.

Moon reached the tube cover and popped it open.

"Oh, no, not going to," he tried to warn Moon that he wasn't going to make it out of the opening with his injuries. Before he could finish she pulled him through the opening and flopped on the deck panting heavily.

Hanson was also out of breath. "Thanks, I..." he started to say, but never got to finish. He passed out on the deck unconscious.


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