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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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Ensign Hanson

Title: Down the Tube...
Stardate: 2000808.07
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Jeffries Tube

A man suited up to go outside the ship to sabotage the Luminex Suppressor system that was dampening the power on the Eagle. He had lied to the Sivaoan who wanted to go outside and do that herself. He feared being outside and vulnerable like that but knew she was too injured to do that successfully and so he lied to save her life telling her that there was no Luminex Suppressor.

"What are you doing?" a voice came out of the darkness.

The young man cursed to himself and checked his night vision glasses. ~Definitelty, not good,~ he thought.

"Going to check the Luminex Suppressor. Seems to be not working as it should. Variations in the suppressor contratriad-subfields are fluctuating. Could be something serious like an amplitonic shift in the antinodes that will bring eventually everything back online including the automated distress systems."

"Who are you?" the burly intruder asked.

~Uh, oh,~ thought the man again. "I'm Jurri.." he started to say making the transmission crackle.

The other man stared at him hard. "Just a minute. I need to verify that," he said.

That is when the man who knew he was no good in a fist fight went to pick up his gear bag. He had inside some weapons that he had not yet attached to the suit. "Go ahead," he said. "I'll finish getting ready to save time when they tell you what they told me," he lied.

The other man started to make the call and the younger one reached inside his bag for one of his phasers.

"Stop," the intruder yelled.

" Oh, $%%%," the young man said as the intruder attacked him. A long fight ensued which was considering his lack of skill in a brawl was actually helped by the clunky EVAC suit as it deflected some of the punches. He was however no match in a fist fight with the other fellow and was slammed into the bulkheads several times until he was backed over an open Jeffries tube.


"Aiyyyy," said the loser of the fight as he lost his grip and went hurtling down the Jeffries tube. Having nothing to break his fall and no way to stop, he uttered a string of obscenities. cursing himself for being so stupid as to get backed in over the open tube during the fight.

Down. Down. Down the tube he went until.. he hit something softer than a bulkhead. He swore but was glad to get slowed down in the descent. He flailed and tried desperately to find something to hold onto. Whatever was in the tube that shouldn't have been was his first idea on what to grab. With the bulky evac suit and gloves he had no idea that he had not grabbed a thing but Moonshadows' injured leg..

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