Star Trek Sim/ Star Trek RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185

LT Leah Richards, Yeoman Perksandra & Ensign Hanson

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: Yeoman Perksanda is Dropped In, Part One
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: LT Richards' Quarters

Bob, the wayward scutter and small robot that lived now in Leah's quarters, paced back and forth waiting for her to return. He was excited, if robots can be, because he had made several surprises for her.

Leah hurried to her quarters, or hurried as much as was possible with the unconscious yeoman thrown over her shoulder. It seemed like a waste of time taking Perky to her quarters to be hidden when there were plenty of rooms between the scene of the fight and Leah's. On the other hand, this was faster than arguing with Hanson. The lieutenant reached her quarters and went in, fervently hoping Bob and his many offspring had miraculously behaved themselves for once.

"Bob?" Leah asked cautiously. Some of them had to be around-and she had Hanson's instructions to pass on.

Bob rushed up to greet her and rubbed on her leg like the cats he had watched in the database and the shows in the archives. Then he used his claw like head to tug on her pant leg.

Leah sighed. She didn't want to waste time playing charades in order to figure out what Bob wanted now, but at least he was here-Hanson would be pleased to know Perksandra wasn't on her own.

"Bob- I need you to do something very important for me." Leah dropped the Yeoman on the spare bed across from her own, since hers was still covered in laundry, and probably a few bots. By sheer accident the second bed had escaped being piled with junk, unlike the rest of the room. The security officer completely ignored Bob's nervousness-in her experience the little robot was always nervous-unless he was parading around in front of someone else and getting her in loads of trouble. He could be a real pest.

Not trusting the restraints to keep the yeoman secure, Leah looked around for something-anything else to tie the woman down, as she did so she outlined Hanson's instructions trying very hard to repeat it word for word as he'd explained it to her. "Look- just keep an eye on her. Hanson said that if her vitals are good then give her twenty-five milligrams of ahl-on-tro-peen to keep her sedated. If anything isn't good you just get someone from sickbay, all right ?" Sickbay was already compromised so the little robot couldn't hurt anything much. "The important thing is to keep her HERE. She CAN'T leave, get it?" Leah used her laundry as rope to augment the restraints from Hanson.

Bob tilted his head at Leah and went tentatively to Perksandra as if she might recycle him. Then he ran back to Leah and made the broken sign and the sign for confused and scared.

Leah scowled. She recognized his 'broken' sign. "Of course she's sick- I just told you what to do about it! Look-" She squatted beside the robot, "I know you can do this." Hoping the little 'bot had some faith in a certain engineer, Leah added, "Hanson trusts you to do this- I'm sure you'll do fine." With any luck the pep talk would be enough to reassure the robot and she could head into the Jefferies tubes after Hanson.

The little bot made the sign for repairman/doctor and slowed his frantic pacing. It became slower as he was reassured by hearing the name Hanson.

That was when the lights went off. ~Oh what the #@$% now?!~ Leah set her hand on her phaser, wondering if something plant like was about to beam in. This time she intended to shoot who ever it was first.

Bob made a high pitched noise and bumped into Leah.

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