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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

LT Leah Richards, Yeoman Perksandra & Ensign Hanson

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: Hanson Drops In,Part Two
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Near the replicator outside Science Lab Four

Richards did NOT like the idea of leaving Yeoman Perksandra alone in her quarters with how ever many botlets were still in there. Even in restraints the Yeoman couldn't be trusted, but Hanson did have a point. They couldn't very well expect his room mate to ignore a handcuffed Perksandra.

"I'd really like to get her to Sickbay but.." Hanson started to say.


"Well, you heard. Sickbay just called for me. Now everyone who heard that knows Sickbay has awake and functioning people. So you should put her in your room then see if you can save Sickbay, but its probably too late," he said glumly.

Leah scowled. She might have promised to work with Hanson, but she'd never once agreed to enjoy it. "And you'll be where?"

"I have to scout and get control of the ship back," he explained.

Leah's scowl disappeared. "Just you," ~We're doomed. ~ (( )) The ensign certainly had some surprises up his sleeve, but no single person could easily take over a starship and the squirrelly ensign seemed like a poor last hope to the security officer.

"I'd like it to not be me, but the docs stayed in Sickbay to take care of the patients and I don't know anyone besides you, and well Perksandra, who is still awake," he said.

"Can't you have them blockade Sickbay so the both of us can work on getting the ship back under control?" Leah doubted their chances of succeeding even if they worked together, but it seemed better to go down trying than playing guard dog for a bunch of sick people, especially since they were all apparently doomed anyway.

"I did! I told them to be quiet pretend to be asleep, rigged the door shut to look like a malfunction..." Hanson said looking pained. He tried hard to keep them safe.

Leah jumped on the opportunity. "How did you rig it? Will it stay shut?" If he had rigged it to do that then he'd have to concede that Sickbay was as secure as they could reasonably make it for the moment, and her presence wouldn't likely be useful. Therefore, she'd be more useful helping him.

"Yes, unless it is opened from the inside AND it will look like a simple malfunction to anyone on the outside who looks. I gave them a code to let me back in," he boasted.

"Then what more do you expect me to be able to do? Let's dump Perksandra and then I can help you. One more person at Sickbay won't do much good!" Leah said trying to sound reasonable.

Hanson was surprised not to get a lecture on going back to Sickbay as he was torn about his decision to not go back.

"You can ask the bots to monitor Perksandra and make sure she recovers fine and is sedated properly. I can give you all the information you need for that. I'll be in the Jeffries tubes a while. I need to know about the bridge and get control of engineering and life support," he outlined.

Leah shrugged. "Assuming they ain't still in the Captain's cabinets, sure." She wasn't worried about Perky's fate.

"I think some are still there, but there should be enough, (unfortunately about)," he replied.

"Right." Leah agreed quickly in order to end the chit chatting quickly and get to work.

Hanson became lost in thought, thinking of something else. He had a weird, even for Hanson, look on his face.

Leah plucked Perksandra off the floor and glared at the engineer. "Hanson? No time for day dreaming."

"OK. I'll meet you in Jeffries tube 87 junction A or leave a message for you in there. I don't know if its too risky to use the comms even if it's on a special frequency yet. I need also..never mind," he said realizing his mind was racing ahead too fast.

Directions (especially those involving numbers of more than single digits) were not her forte. "Seve- eighty-seven? OK." At least it was only one number to keep straight.

"87," Hanson said slowly.

"87 A," he said even more slowly to help her remember.

Leah ground her teeth in annoyance. "OK." She didn't appreciate feeling like she was being talked down to. "I'll be there."

"OK, this is important to remember. She needs to be fully recovered. Tell the bots not to let her loose. Don't let her near anything at all she can use, search her well, and give her a hypospray of 5 mg alontropine after she checks out normal."

Leah forgot her annoyance in order to commit the drug and dosage to memory. She didn't care what happened to Perksandra, but she didn't really want to accidentally hurt or kill the yeoman either.

"If there are any breathing problems or abdominal injuries or arterial or vein issues, it's a no go for the sedation and they should contact Sickbay for someone to get her. The bots can use the tricorder ... unless one of them is enough of a tricorder ... to check her vitals, etc.," he explained.

"Yeah-I'll be sure to stress that." Leah rolled her eyes. As far as she was concerned, Hanson was taking this too far. While killing the yeoman would be wrong, Perky couldn't be a priority. She had picked the wrong side and there was a ship to save. "OK."

"Seriously, we need to find out what she knows, why she is here, who is with her, what group she is from, etc. We need her alive, but not taking over the ship. Are you hungry?" Hanson's mind raced on.

"What?!" The tail end of the lecture caught Leah entirely by surprise. "Enough! Let me get her to them so we can meet up again and figure out what to do already!" ~If he thinks I'm gonna bring him pizza-!~ Leah did NOT like wasting time.

"Well, the air was clean except for some virus but it doesn't look like it was done through the air systems...She might have put something in the food. I don't know. I hope the docs are working on that. Assessment of the larger situation, securing areas and finding more awake crew are my top priorities. I figure ration bars are safe, so be careful what you eat or drink or heat up, etc.," he said.

Leah blinked, surprised that his question had a rational and reasonable explanation. "Uh huh. Can I go now?" That didn't mean she was about to apologize though.

"Don't think I care or anything about you, just can use the help. Bye," he said hurt again by her. Hanson sprung back up into the tubes: a disturbing and practiced fashion. It was again very apparent that he had done this kind of thing before.

Leah grunted. She didn't care what Hanson thought or felt and even if she did there wasn't time to worry about being nice. They had work to do. She turned and lugged Perksandra towards her quarters and however many botlets would be waiting.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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