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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

LT Leah Richards, Yeoman Perksandra & Ensign Hanson

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: Hanson Drops In
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Near the replicator outside Science Lab Four

In retrospect, Leah realized trying to arrest Yeoman Perksandra might not have been the best move seeing as how it had led to this fight. The Yeoman was proving to be somewhat difficult to subdue.

Yeoman Perksandra was an experienced operative with her own personal agenda for this mission. She tried to play it real cool and knew she had a lot of advantages including that the security officer was showing signs of succumbing to the virus. She also knew the Lieutenant had very thin circumstantial evidence against her at best, so she tried to wait out and reason with the officer until LT Richards tried to arrest her. That was it. Then she had no time for this and getting arrested and playing innocent.  If the people she worked for found out about this too, she was as good as dead. Embroiled in a fight with Lieutenant Richards, she tried to grab the Lieutenant's leg and twist it under her. Meredith knew she had the advantage as her reflexes were not slowed by the sleeping virus.

Leah ignored the hold in favor of striking back. She aimed a two-fisted blow at Perky's head. She had no idea why she felt so tired, but tried to shake the feeling off long enough to subdue her suspect.

The Yeoman squirmed to dodge the blow and twisted the leg harder. The fists missed her head but hit her neck hard. She paused for a moment in pain. To her, and the man's in the Jeffries tube above, surprise the comms were working again and an announcement played.

+Sickbay to Hanson, come in,+ the voice announced.

"Impossible!" she yelled, knowing he should be dead or near dead by now. She knew of course because she had tried so hard to kill him - again. ~Hanson...Who is Hanson ..  really?~ she wondered. ~I have underestimated him again maybe..~ her thought trailed on distracted.

Leah knew better than to let herself be distracted. She ignored the announcement and grabbed the yeoman by both shoulders to deliver a head butt. It was successful and the Yeoman fumed even further.

Hanson opened a panel and hopped down, phaser ready, landing near the scuffle, but not close enough to put himself at immediate risk.

Leah had hoped the head butt would take the yeoman down completely, but Perky was not so easily dispatched. With her hands still around the other woman's shoulders, Leah kneed her in the stomach.

Yeoman Perksandra buckled.

~Better her than me, ~ thought Hanson armed with phaser, but not wanting to use and hit Leah by mistake.

As soon as Perky was down Leah moved to pin her. Only then did she acknowledge Hanson's presence. "I don't suppose you have restraints, Hanson?" It was a long shot, but it seemed worth asking.

"Yes, actually and a phaser... Also some lovely sedatives," he replied wryly.

Perksandra brought up fist to Leah's abdomen and swung around her leg to try for a kick to her head.

"Well, the restraints would be good right now!" Leah snapped, hanging on to the Yeoman rather than chance letting her escape. She ducked quickly trying to avoid the kick.

As usual, Leah's acerbic replies made the Ensign default to even more annoying behavior. "I might get hurt..." he started to say.

Leah ignored the ensign's whining as she tried to get behind Perksandra to pin her from a better angle. Perksandra's kick scored, but fortunately for the security officer it was not very hard. ~This is not my day...~ Leah thought, trying to use her size and better position to force the squirmy yeoman flat on the floor.

Perksandra wriggled more and tried to bring her left foot forward to her right hand.

Leah struggled to keep the yeoman pinned and prevent her from doing whatever it was she thought she was going to do. "Hanson! The sedative's would come in handy now!" If he was too chicken to apply the restraints, maybe he would be willing to hypospray Perksandra instead - it was faster after all.

"OK, best, fastest one I have," he said. He aimed and fired at the stable target. The Yeoman went down unconscious. For all his frailty the specter like ensign was a crack shot and made a good sniper.

Leah hadn't expected the phaser shot, but since it wasn't aimed at her she chose not to yell at the ensign. ~Phew!~ She very cautiously let go of the yeoman.

"So you OK?" Hanson asked.

Leah ignored his question to scowl at him. "Thanks," she muttered sarcastically. The ensign was next to useless sometimes!

Leah set him off further and he quipped sarcastically back, "You are welcome. What's that, the third time I've saved your life?"

Leah answered with a glare and extended hand. "Those restraints, please?"

Hanson ignored her and removed the tricorder and examined Yeoman Perksandra. Then he took off the gear bag from his shoulders and tossed it towards the security officer.

Leah held back the many rude comments that came to mind and instead fished through Hanson's bag. Starting another argument wouldn't help anything, regardless of how much she wanted to yell at him.

"What's all this fer?" Leah asked. The contents of the bag were mostly very practical, but some were odd and why would he have all of this assembled at once anyways? She took one of the three pairs of restraints and quickly slapped them on Perksandra, just in case

Ensign Hanson shrugged in his annoying enigmatic way and said, "Things like this. What happened?"

"She's the one that tried to kill you, among other things. And resisted arrest," Leah was quick to defend her actions but added to herself, ~and ticked me off.~  But there were more important things to discuss than her brawl with Captain's former yeoman, whom the XO had the assigned after the Captain's accident. "How are you wandering around and not dead?" Leah had last seen the ensign all but dead in sickbay rather recently. It was highly unlikely that he could so quickly recover and be mobile, so what was going on?

"I hope you have some proof . . . not that it matters at the moment. We need to get her out of the way somewhere and assess the situation," he said. "Most of the crew seems to be asleep. I don't think she is alone here. I think more beamed on, but I am not sure. I need to check some equipment I left running." He then turned to use the tricorder on Leah.

"What? The stuff in the Captain's room?" Leah guessed. There was some decidedly odd equipment on the table by the captain's bed. Since that was where the intruders had beamed on the last time it was as good a guess as any she could make.

"No, that  prevents a beam in. Didn't want a repeat. How are you feeling...not that I really care, but I must ask it," he said bound by an oath.

Leah opened her mouth to answer 'fine' but a large yawn escaped first. "Just tired," she admitted. The other bruises inflicted by Perksandra were not important enough to worry about with everything else going on, but the sleepiness didn't make sense.

"You've got it too and are pretty close to falling asleep. I think there's a virus going around that is doing this and helping take out the crew, but I don't know the plan yet. I figure it is over the spy, but it could be something else," he said. "Best I can do is some stims. I don't have an antidote at the moment," he explained out of habit.

"Oh. Great." At least it didn't sound like this would end like her last 'illness' in Hanson's presence had gone. That had been very embarrassing.

"Yup. Another hypo. Neck," he said.

Leah tilted her head with a sigh. She didn't trust Hanson and certainly didn't want him close enough to do this, but it seemed like getting it over with fast was the best option available. Mostly as a conversation filler she repeated her question from earlier. "How are you fine all of a sudden?"

Hanson administered the stimulant, formazine, and shrugged. "Dunno, woke up this way. Thought I wasn't going to make it which is why.." he started to say but ended the sentence abruptly.

"Right." Leah didn't want to talk about 'that' either.

"How much of the crew is down?" he asked. Then he thought aloud about Perksandra shifting topics again. "Someone should check her vitals when she comes to and then sedate her..." he muttered.

Leah hadn't even realized the rest of the crew was under attack. "I don't know, I was trying to interrogate her."

"Here??" Hanson asked in disbelief.

Leah scowled. She didn't appreciate Hanson questioning her judgment when it came to her job and skipped to his other comment. "So locking her in a closet for a bit is no good?" If the ship was under attack as Hanson claimed, they couldn't waste time taking one unconscious prisoner down to the brig or sickbay, but it didn't sound like he'd agree to taking the most expedient course.

"Looks like a food fight..." Hanson said trying unsuccessfully to joke.

"No." Leah snapped. "I already said she resisted arrest!" The spilled food wasn't her fault.

"No, we need something long term and you do seem to like closets don't you?" he snapped back.

Leah ground her teeth together. "It would be convenient is all. But we can drag her down to the brig if you like. Whatever." If she had a choice, the lieutenant wouldn't even consider listening to Hanson let alone following his lead. But whatever was going down, Hanson knew more about it than she did and following him would also fulfill her promise to the Captain.

"I'd say Sickbay, but its not going to stay secure much longer," he started to say. Since Sickbay used the comms they'd alerted whoever was listening and able to listen that there were people awake there. That was going to attract not just crew that had somehow escaped the virus but those that had caused this whole scenario to be set in motion.

A bad thought popped into Hanson's head and was manifested in an evil grin. "You're quarters. No one will look there for her and could find her if they tried.." he said.

"No!" Leah objected out of concern for Bob the robot and his many, many offspring. "That would not be good. How 'bout YOUR quarters." She expected him to disagree as well but liked the idea of turning the tables on him anyways.

"I have a roommate. He might just notice I hid a beautiful blonde in there and get curious," Hanson replied.

~Arg!~ Leah scowled at him again. Unfortunately, he did have a point. "Fine. My quarters it is, I guess." There wasn't time to argue.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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