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CPT Kematsopoulos & LTjg Richards

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: O, What a Tangled Web We Weave, Part Thirteen
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

Captain Kematsopoulos turned around surprised. "LT Richards?" he asked recognizing her voice but not understanding why she would be in Sickbay.

"Something came up on that 'assignment'- a positive result, sir," Leah said, alluding to the secret struggle with time traveling aliens.

The Captain thought they were alone, but needed to be certain. "Is there anyone else around? We could use this room, perhaps," he said.

Leah double checked and saw that for the moment, no one was around. "No one. Yes, sir."

"All right, inside, we'll shut the door," he said returning to the room. He wanted to go see Val before the surgery, but this development took precedence over everything.

She followed the CO inside.

The Captain heard her enter and shut door. "What happened?" he asked.

"Commander Unstoffe had me checking the sensor readings and I ran across a cloaking signal," Leah reported. "There's a seventy percent match to the futuristic technology you asked me to be on the lookout for."

He exhaled, "Not good for us at all," he stated. "What did you learn about the cloak or ship and did you save any data?"

Leah shook her head. "I didn't want to risk saving anything with Commander Unstoffe there, and I didn't get a very detailed look, sir." She was less than happy to report that, but it had seemed to best option at the time.

"Understood," he said. While he was glad that she did not save the information on the ship's main computer and any discovery or this nature would be minimized for now, he would have liked to have had the data. The most important thing, unfortunately, was to try and continue to locate the other intruder and minimize any tips that could be found by someone from the future looking at the "old logs" or "history" of the USS Eagle. "Does anyone else know?" he asked. Once they were tipped off, the battle with people from an alternate time line or future would be harder to fight. It could take the situation to a whole new level. For now he hoped that, while the intruder knew they are on to them, they might not suspect how much and at what level of detail they were hunting them.

"Not yet. I logged a more vague version of the signal, sir. But I imagine the Commander will have someone double checking me already." ~If not himself...~ She tried to sound matter of fact about it.

The Captain was puzzled. "Your voice sounds like more than just double checking results...," he said letting his voice deliberately trail off.

"He doesn't trust me, not the sensor readings. I can't blame 'im but I don't hafta like it either."

"Understandable," he acknowledged.

Leah shrugged, preferring to drop the subject. "What do we do about that ship?"

"That was my question... Next question will be ... how do we board it or neutralize it? I need to know who and what we are up against and what they want and what they know," he said.

"All of that without tipping anyone else off?" She felt like laughing - what he wanted was next to impossible.

"Yes, that would make it too easy," he acknowledged her feelings and knew that captains often had to ask the impossible. He just didn't think he would be doing that so soon. "Ideas on who we can include? We need more support, but it will be worse if our hand is tipped. For now the intruders don't know we know so much about them,"

Leah didn't have to think twice. "Commander Unstoffe would be a good pick. It would make getting sensor readings a lot easier, sir." Whatever her current opinions on the CSEC, he would be too useful to leave out.

"You work closely with him, what do you think about him? Can he keep this quiet? Out of the official reports, etc.?" he asked. He tried very carefully to avoid anything that might have her recall his memory problems since the accident. He certainly couldn't tell her that part of it was that he too was from a different time or reality than the Eagle's and that he doesn't know too much about CSEC, just from his brief time on the ship.

She shrugged. "I don't see why not to trust him, sir. And he's in a position to be very difficult to get around otherwise."

"Agreed. Thank you. I'll talk to him about it then. Not much choice. I'll let you know when I have. Would like to tell Val, but.." he started to say.

Leah had noticed earlier how tired the CENG had looked on the bridge. " ... she's not up to being on duty now, is she?"

The Captain shook his head and replied, "No, she's worn herself out and now about to share a kidney with her brother. I..I need to go to her. She's mad at me for taking her off duty. She's worried about the ship - not enough senior engineers to help out," he said thinking out loud. He had hoped to see her to patch things up with her before the surgery. There was a chance she wouldn't make it.

Leah wasn't sure how to respond to that. The Captain seemed to be concerned for more than just an officer, but she wasn't about to intrude so she plowed on. "Commander Unstoffe sent me down here to check into the malfunctions. Should I get back to that, sir?" Leah was as concerned by the possibility of a saboteur on board as she was about the cloaked ship.

"Why didn't he send an engineer?" the Captain asked.

"He did, earlier. The Engineering Duty Officer checked it. They suspect it was sabotage, sir," Leah elaborated. "Commander Unstoffe wanted the matter further investigated."

Captain Kematsopoulos was taken aback. "How and why?" he asked.

"It's already been checked by a few engineers. I'm supposed to figure out the 'who' and 'why'."

"Let me know when you find out. Any reason to believe it had something to do with the Brazil's XO? Or maybe someone else who needed it?" he asked, trying to not make any assumptions to color the investigation.

Leah shrugged. She hadn't really begun an investigation yet. "I don't know. Were there other patients on it as well?"

"Yes, it took out four of the renal stimulators. Quite a few patients on it and sharing it," the Captain said. "One of the doctors commented on that. Do you think it was the intruder or someone else?" he asked, also not wanting to make any assumptions. With what was at risk, he knew that many groups could be acting on their own or in concert.

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