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CPT Kematsopoulos & Dr. Kamran Shah Isa

Joint Logs by Isa and Nouri

Title: The Lady is a Tiger
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

Dr. Isa was waiting in Sickbay with Dr. Sullivan for the Captain's arrival. He was busy looking over both the Commanders Tsiolkovskys' cases on a datapadd.

Dr. Sullivan turned to Isa." The CO should be here momentarily," he said.

"Understood," replied Isa, nodding. ~I've never spoken with him ... last I saw him he was unconscious. I wonder what this will be like?~ he thought.

Dr. Sullivan heard the doors open and saw the CO enter. He nudged Isa. "Well, here he is," he said.

Isa nodded. "Welcome to Sickbay, Captain," he said greeting Kematsopoulos as he entered. ~Quite a powerful man ... I can understand why he's in charge of this ship,~ he thought as he saw him on his feet for the first time. It was a different way of assessing the man.

Captain Kematsopoulos smiled reservedly. He was glad to meet the young doctor he had heard so much of ((even more so in an upright position)) and had wanted a chance to visit with and get to know him. Unfortunately, the circumstances were too grim for that now. He went straight to the business at hand. "What happened?" he asked.

"Sir, Commander Yevgeny Tsiolkovsky of the Brazil is currently undergoing treatment for renal failure," replied Isa.

"Prognosis?" the Captain asked. His grandmother was a doctor and had raised him in his latter childhood years.

"The problem has been complicated by the fact he only has one kidney and needs a donor ... we asked his sister Commander Valentina Tsiolkovsky to report here. On scanning her we found she was extremely fatigued and on the verge of collapse," Isa said to the Captain, breaking the news that was very doubtless depressing and complex to do, especially when it entailed the health of both the Executive Officer of the Eagle's sister ship and that of the Eagle's Chief Engineer -- let alone the delicate fact that both of these officers were related.

"It's been rough in engineering. She pushes herself very hard. What does she need to do? What can be done for both of them?" he asked

Speaking as professionally as he could as a physician, Isa told the Captain, "Right now your Chief Engineer has to stop pushing herself or she's going to wind up like her brother -- end stage renal failure. It's bad Sir. ~Yes, and neither Dr. Sullivan or I can go and face her ... but maybe you can.~" He had faith in the way a ship's Commanding Officer usually was supposed to have in diplomacy with other Officers and hoped Kematsopoulos wasn't an exception to the rule.

"OK. We need to get her to slow down... how slow? How long?" he asked wanting to know the parameters.

"For as long as it takes, Sir," replied Isa.

"Bed rest? Partial duty days?" Captain Kematsopoulos asked needing to know more.

Isa nodded. "That's affirmative Sir."

"That won't be easy, to slow a Tsiolkovsky down...what time period are you looking for her to take it easy?" he asked.

"We need serious rest for three days and then we can reevaluate her, Sir," replied Isa, hoping he wouldn't have to be the one to go in and break the news.

"Have you told her yet?" Captain Kematsopoulos asked.

"No, Sir, I haven't," said Isa. "I was sort of hoping you might because you know her better." Chickening out, perhaps; but still the buck did stop at the top.

"So you didn't want to risk telling her?" the CO asked. He didn't blame the AMOs. Her family's reputation was quite strong and hers in Engineering had to have wafted to the new doctor in Sickbay at some point.

"No, Sir," replied Isa, "I didn't know how she might react from getting the news from me, someone she barely knows. ~As in, if I told her, I'd probably wind up a patient here like a victim from an earthquake, a tsunami or a volcano.~

"Where is she? Does she know about her brother?" he asked needing to know how much Val knew and how much he had to handle and tell her.

"Over here Sir," replied Isa. "She has been informed of her brother's condition." And doing that was a job and a half in itself.

"Very well. I need to speak to her alone. This will not be easy," he said, meaning both that he understood how hard it would be for the AMOs to tell her and how best to handle it as privately as possible. He thought for a moment and spoke. He needed a plan in case things went badly to get her to see what she was doing to herself.

"Can you get me her medical information on a datapadd please," he ordered, coming up with an idea.

"Yes, Sir." He found a datapadd with Commander Valentina Tsiolkovsky's medical information on it and handed it to the Captain.

The CO took the datapadd. "Thank you. Any new prognosis for the husband and wife engineers?" he asked jumping to one of the questions and justification arguments Val would most likely make when he ordered her to rest. It was going to be a battle and he knew it. Val would go straight for the jugular if given a chance. The trick for him was not to win the battle but win her compliance for the orders. That would be much harder and take some finessing.

"No Sir, not at this time," replied Isa.

"Let me know when they can be back to full duties," he said. ~That is going to make a persuasive argument much harder,~ he thought.

"Aye Sir, as soon as possible," said Isa.

The Captain wished he could help out in engineering to take some of the load off the engineers. "Where is CENG? I'll do the deed," he said.

"Over here, Sir," said Isa, and showed the Captain the way to Post-Op.

"Thank you," Captain Kematsopoulos said.

"Any time Sir," replied Isa.

The Captain tucked the datapadd under his arm. Given the old choice of facing the lady or the tiger, he'd much prefer the tiger. Nonetheless, he entered the room swiftly to meet the challenge head on.

Isa waited until the Captain had left and was out of earshot and then returned to the portion of Sickbay where Sullivan was, and quietly said, "I wouldn't go in there for the life of me."

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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