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CPT Kematsopoulos & LTjg Richards

Joint Logs by Myth, Stoffe and Nouri

Title: O, What a Tangled Web We Weave, Part Nine
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Captain's Quarters

His dropping the name of her hometown out of the blue was a bit shocking. ~How does he-?!~ "How'd you know that?"

"Captains know all kinds of things," he said mysteriously with a wry smile.

~Thats kinda freaky...~ "But why that?" Leah asked. "You don't know anyone from there, do you?" She would be very surprised if he did. The town was very small.

"I wanted to let you know that I may understand your situation better than you think. Someone there has told me a lot about your hometown, more than in the official reports and records. It's easy to see how you got into the situation and pattern you are in now," he said.

The Captain didn't recall any of this, of course, because it happened before the cargo bay accident. He had spent a lot of time while waiting for the CMO to clear him for duty this last time reading everything he could on Ensign Hanson and LT Richards, as well as some others. He needed to know as much as he could since they were involved with the unusual intruders.

Leah was confused. "...Who would do that?"

"You'd probably be surprised to hear, your mother," he said, knowing they did not get along well.

Leah's jaw dropped. "My... Mom?" ~ What the heck was she thinking?~ "I don't understand. Why would she contact you?"

"I don't know your whole story or if she was a good mother to you or not. She does, however, care about what happens to you," he said. This was based on some odd communications that the Captain had gotten shortly after Leah had been assigned to the Eagle. Xiao-Xing Richards contacted Captain Kematsopoulos to ask him to look out for her daughter. She sent rather long winded, pleading communications playing upon their shared cultural/ethnic background and most anything else she could think of trying to get him to look out for her and help her daughter. She described Leah's town and childhood with a lot of detail.

Leah couldn't help but laugh. "Right." Whatever her mother's motives 'caring' wasn't likely to be one of them. "What did she say?"

"That she cares and worries about you," he started to feel awkward. There were too many personal details that he knew and more than plenty he should not have known.

"No news then," Leah sighed. "I was hopin' she'd heard from my Dad..." The last time she'd spoken to her mother, Leah had specifically asked to be left alone unless he did show up.

"I am sorry. I don't have any news on him. How long has it been?" he asked.

"Seventeen years. I was eight." Leah shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

The Captain caught the change in her sound of voice and the forced nonchalance to it. "I am so sorry. I . . . have some small idea of how that feels," he said. His parents had left him off so long with sitters when he was young he had been unsure if they were ever coming back on several occasions. Then there was the time his sitter took him for longer than his parents had wanted.

Leah glanced up. "You do?" she asked cautiously.

He didn't tell her that part of his life, but something she would be likely to hear one day. "My parents disappeared my junior year at the Academy. At first I was told they were killed. Much older than you, so not the same. I just have some idea," he said not sounding very much like a Captain at all.

Leah was surprised by how young he sounded. "They aren't - I mean, they're still alive?"

"I .. I am not sure. I haven't had any reports in a while. Last one claims they are alive. I don't know where," he said as if it had just recently happened.

"I'm sorry. That's ... terrible." Leah felt a bit silly - in comparison her family problems were nothing.

"It's easy to get angry when you have a loss like that and make mistakes. Your mother wanted me to watch out for you," he said

Leah shrugged. "It's no excuse, I know."

"You can't let it help you make bad choices. You have to find another way. Prayer, meditation, music, gardening ... lots of things can help. And you aren't really alone out here," he said, knowing how that felt also.

"Gardening," Leah repeated, rather doubtful.

"Find something. Be open to possibilities and to change," he said.

"I'll ... try, sir."

"That's good. That's all we can do," he replied.

"Yes," Leah agreed. Now it was her turn to be uncomfortable.

"I can show you something later if you like that can help. I am sure your mother would love it if you picked up the pipa or dizi ..." he said pausing. He wasn't sure how Leah handled her mixed heritage. It had been a struggle for him when he was younger, but he had two parents and both of their families to contend with heavily pushing each side upon him.

"She'd be ecstatic," Leah answered without expression.  ~I'd rather be dead.~

"I am sure she would be. It had to have been hard for her to move to America then be stuck there raising a child alone. I am not making excuses for her, just saying how hard it was culturally for her and to be a single, divorced mother.
Some Chinese and Vulcan mediations can be very helpful as well as some other ancient practices," he offered.

"I'll come up with something." Leah wasn't about to reject his suggestion to his face, knowing that his Vulcan wife had passed. He'd had more than his share of losses.

"Good. Let me know what works and if you need help finding different things," he said.

Leah nodded, though she had no intention of doing that. "Yes, sir."

"As part of your chance, you need to do that - learn to ask for help. As part of the offer, I have the obligation to assist where possible," he explained.

"Right..." Leah cleared her throat and then plunged ahead. "Before, when you were talking about second chances - you were talking about someone specific, weren't you?" She was curious, plus it moved the conversation off her.

"Yes," he said without explaining. He jumped to the next part quickly and said, "Now you need to make another promise."

She wished he'd offered more information. "What kind of promise?" Leah asked.

"If you get out of this, you need to do the same for at least five more people, but they have to be good risks," he said.

"Good risks?" Now she was confused.

"People you think can really make the change, want to make the change if only they had the chance. You can't take a risk on someone such that others could die or be harmed by having another chance. And if you don't get out with this chance or make the best of it, you can't hold anyone back who wants out when you meet someone in the future," he finished, hoping she was a good risk.

"And you figure I'm a 'good risk'?" Leah wasn't sure how to feel about that.

"Yes, I am hoping my faith in you is not misplaced. It won't be easy, but I believe you can do it," he said encouragingly.

~Hoping?~ "I won't let you down on purpose, sir." That was the most she wanted to promise to since she knew she had a tendency to screw things up. Leah wondered who his other four 'good risks' might be and where he'd come up with this whole idea in the first place.

"Good," he smiled.

She shrugged. "If... I'll do the same for five others. I promise." Leah almost doubted this would work, but if not she wouldn't have to worry about this second promise anyway.

The Captain smiled again. "Good, thank you," he replied. "Now, we need to find that phaser and Hanson's tools if they are still here," he said worried that maybe somehow they had left his stateroom. That would make the deception they were creating very hard if suddenly they found out Hanson had a special phaser and it was easily identifiable to others and it just showed up somewhere else.

"OK." Leah was glad to have something to do again. All the talking and confessions were making her feel very awkward. Doing was better than talking any day.

The Captain sighed, "Everything I can think of, says that its going to be very dangerous to create this 'malfunctioning' phaser."

"Dangerous or impossible?" The first would be fine - the second would be a big problem.

"I'll know better if it's really plausible or not to make the phaser as you described with the tools he had when I have everything in front of me. If not, I can just make one.  Regardless, let's hope that LCDR Unstoffe doesn't show it to CENG..." he said.

Leah winced. That would not be good. "Right ... sorry to complicate everything, just the best I could think of at the time." It hadn't been a pleasant debriefing.

"I understand. You are security not an engineer. You did your best. That's what's important. But I can't think of anyway to do this with the safety on and at a safe setting," he said.

"I could tell him it's not here ... but he'd be pretty upset about that." ~...To say the least~

"No, its best to just bring it. Less suspicion in the reports by any who might read them in the future.
This needs to look like an accident and not related to our guests from the future, or wherever they are from," he explained.

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