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CPT Kematsopoulos & LTjg Richards

Joint Logs by Myth, Stoffe and Nouri

Title: O, What a Tangled Web We Weave, Part Seven
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Captain's Quarters

Anything else?" the Captain asked. He knew more, but was giving her a chance. Depending on what she was going to say he'd know if it was a mistake to give her another chance and proceed to minimize any risk from her failing it.

Leah thought back. She didn't want to leave anything out and have to repeat the whole conversation again later. "No, just the bot's and Ensi- oh!" She suddenly remembered an entirely minor incident. It wouldn't have been worth bringing up if it weren't that it had occurred in Sickbay and the AMO would likely pass it on to either CDR Unstoffe or the Captain. "There uh... was a small verbal, er... argument with LCDR Szon in sickbay." She tried to choose her words carefully.

"How small?" the Captain asked. He tried not to look like he already knew the answer to this. He did and he knew that it was not a small matter at all. It was serious and part of a big pattern. LT Richards had engaged in a verbal fight with a mentally unstable patient in Sickbay. LCDR Szon was an Andorian they had rescued from a physical and mental assault from an attacking vessel back on COMSTA Alpha Seven Omega. His bravery and quick thinking had saved not just those who served under him, but the Eagle and her mission. In return for this one of the officers, a particular Lieutenant, had by reports from a certain AMO, egged the Commander on in his unstable state to fight her. Szon deserved much better.

"It wasn't a big thing, I just didn't want someone else bringing it up first is all," Leah quickly explained.

"What happened?" he asked, knowing it was a big thing and showing that he knew.

"I was there to interview LT Jenna Marseilles Maison ( Click here for information on LT Maison and her picture ). LCDR Szon was arguing with some of the AMOs there. I just helped them get him to stay put."

As the Captain listened, he heard more of the same. He desperately wanted her to see things clearly and get her life on track. It could never happen if she wasn't at the very least going to be honest with herself. "Sounds like you are minimizing things again. Spit it out," he said gently but strongly. It was definitely an order.

"I'm not!" Leah said. She was being honest from her point of view. "He was pretty angry - it just got a little loud. I didn't touch him or anything."

The Captain took a deep breath listening carefully to her choice of words and the tone she used. ~Here we go again,~ he thought.  "Did you want to hit him?" he asked.

"I didn't hit him."

The Captain shook his head. "That's not an answer," he said.

"I - " Leah shut her mouth and bit her lip for a second. Instinctively she wanted to say no and protect herself. "Maybe I wanted to. But I didn't, so what's it matter?"

The Captain sighed in relief at her honesty. She needed to be both honest to him and herself or she'd do worse than wash out of Starfleet. "It's good you didn't hit him, but it matters that you wanted to," he tried to explain gently.

She scowled, annoyed. "You weren't there to hear him."

"You wanted to hit him for something he said?" he asked

"I just mean he wasn't being particularly civil is all." Leah fought to keep calm. To her, the Captain seemed to have a way of turning around everything she said and using it against her. It was frustrating.

"That's not a reason to hit someone, especially on duty and as part of security," he reminded her.

"But I didn't hit him," she repeated.

"You shouldn't want to hit him," he said trying to make the point clear to her. ~That intense level of wanting to hit someone seemed to lead her to actually hit someone as it did with Ensign Hanson. If she could stop it right there in the bud and keep it from blooming out of control there would be more of a chance for her to end the cycle and stay in control,~ he thought.

"I'll work on that then." Leah muttered sarcastically.

Captain Kematsopoulos looked at her oddly. "Indeed you will," he said mysteriously as if he knew things she did not.

That didn't sound good. Leah frowned.

"When you do hit someone, not you personally, what is an appropriate use of force?" he asked, He did this not to be rude, but to get her to divorce her emotions on the subject and treat it neutral, more detached from her particular situations.

"... under what circumstances?" Leah asked, looking to avoid any trick questions if possible.

"Precisely, the point," the Captain said. He waited for her to see it. She could not use force anytime she felt like it. There had to be a calm, rational necessity to use it.

"Well ... if they're armed and I'm not - I'd wanna drop 'em right away," she answered cautiously.

"Armed with what and doing what?" he asked. ~ Close. So close. Will she see it?~ he wondered.

She hurried to clarify her point immediately. "I meant if they jumped me - or someone else with like a knife or whatever. What does this have to do with anything?"

"Restated, you use force when needed, when the other party intends physical harm and is or will shortly use it to harm you or others," the Captain said. He wished she would have said it that way instead, but had to move the talk along.

"... I know."

"You do not use it on mentally unstable patients who are using verbal insults, nor should you want to," he said clearly.

"But I didn't! I mean - isn't that the point - doing the right thing anyways?" How could he be upset with her for not hitting someone?!

"That's part of it, of course. But there is more from what I am hearing you say," he said. ~There is more to this than not hitting the Commander. She needs to recognize she's letting her emotions cloud her judgment and put her in the position where she does hit people and then try to shift blame, rationalize and make excuses.

"I only brought it up 'cause you wanted to know everything. And that's it," Leah answered. Evidently it would have been wiser to leave it out.

"I want you to tell me that and more," he said making sure she knew it would be bad to leave things out or try and trick him.

"I don't know what else you want to hear, sir," she said stiffly.

"What I am hearing you say in this and with Hanson is that you want to lash back physically for verbal insults and that on occasion you do," he said. At this point he was wondering how often she did. It was beginning to seem to him that she'd rather hit in most situations because it felt good, not because of circumstances and that hitting was a norm for her not an exception.

Leah's only reply was stony silence.

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