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CPT Kematsopoulos & LTjg Richards

Joint Logs by Myth, Stoffe and Nouri

Title: O, What a Tangled Web We Weave, Part Three
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Captain's Quarters

LT Richards stood in the Captain's Quarters again. Hopefully the doors would remain unlocked. But if not, at least Hanson was on the other side of them this time. She wondered how much of a cross examination she'd have to endure this time around. Once through with CDR Unstoffe had been bad enough.

The Captain made his way towards the partition. "Any tripping hazards about?" he asked. This part of his quarters was not secure at the moment. It was opened for the repair team. The inner part of his stateroom was still locked since it had one of the Eagle's classified materials vaults. Being temporarily blind, Captain wasn't sure what, if anything, the repair crew has moved or left behind.

Leah glanced around. "No, sir." The only thing left out of place was the suspiciously neat pile of bots - but the Captain already knew it was there. Leah hoped Bob and his kiddies weren't around.

"Good. That's one of the harder things about being blind when I am not wearing the earpiece," he said. He had taken out the earpiece because his constant reliance on it and the other device to transmit where things were located or reading the screens for him or what something looked like were giving him headaches.

"Yes, sir." She stuck to simple 'yes' and 'no' since she wasn't sure where the conversation was headed yet.

"It's difficult having new obstacles appear where you don't anticipate them. The same for missions can be said. I usually enjoy a surprising challenge, but there are times where too much is at stake to risk any unpredictable variables," he said.

"Yes, sir." Leah cleared her throat. She was in enough trouble with the Chief of Security without also dawdling down here. "I should bring Ensign Hanson's phaser up." Explaining why it wasn't modified in the slightest would be tricky but better than small talk.

The Captain didn't have small talk in mind. He was leading up to something.

"This is one of those times. Tell me about Hanson," the Captain said trying to be gentle but nevertheless dropping the needed bomb. "A lot is riding on what I need to tell you in a moment," he continued. "I need to know if the problems with you and Hanson will be something for the mission to stumble over," he said in a more serious tone.

Leah almost groaned out loud. Apparently hoping to get out quickly was wishful thinking. "Well, I ... I asked him to repair one of my er... robots." She swallowed nervously. "And he was less than helpful. Anyways we argued and I..." Leah looked down and finished the summary at a volume only slightly over a whisper. "I pinned him to a wall and broke his nose, sir." Constantly retelling the story was embarrassing. Each time she felt just a little more ashamed. Spitting it all out at once seemed like the fastest way around, or rather through it.

(( Read a previous log for the conflict between Leah and Hanson more in detail at:    ))

The Captain tried not to appear startled, but looked so anyway. He did much better at controlling his voice. It was even when he spoke. "Start from the top please," he said. To make it more clear, he asked, "How did that happen?"  He reached to unlock the partition, but paused with his hand before putting his hand on the identiscan and entering the code.

Leah shrugged, "I don't like being called stupid." To her the insult more than justified roughing him up a bit, but... "Didn't really mean to break his nose though." Maybe not that rough.

The Captain sighed, "I can tell from the sound of your voice that there's more to the story."

Hoping to sum the whole thing up and get passed it Leah added, "Anyways - we more or less have it worked out now. I don't think it will interfere with anything." ~Or rather 'hope' it won't...~ So far the only thing they had worked out was the amount of laundry to be washed.

By this time, in the privacy of his stateroom, the Captain dropped part of his façade. He looked more shaken by the news of XO's death and had the weight of the universe look upon him. This was compounded with finding out that two key people for the mission he was formulating would rather fight than anything else. Instead of continuing towards opening the partition, he moved his hand and rested it on the bulkhead. This quickly turned into a lean as he waited to hear whole story. He had to see first how that will affect his decision to let Richards in on more of what he thinks is going on. If he was right about everything he guessed then the weight of the universe was really upon him.

Leah noticed how shaken the Captain looked. He had more important things to worry about than her minor scuffle with a certain annoying ensign. "There isn't much else, really, sir. Uh... a couple of AMOs saw him leaving my quarters -that's how I've wound up with er..." she dropped her voice again, "anger management classes." The last was uttered much like the name of a despised enemy.

Upon hearing that and catching the edge on her voice, the Captain let out another sigh and sat down ~Maybe what I was about to do is pointless,~ he thought.  He needed to know more before he told her what was going on. If she and Hanson couldn't be trusted or trusted to work together, none of what he was planning for all of them would work. "Sit please," he ordered.

Leah sat, perching on the edge of her seat expecting a long lecture.

"There's more. That's easy to tell from your summary. Until we get attacked again, we have some time. Proceed," he said. He truly wanted to know what happened from her perspective. He wanted to give the young officer a chance and not jump to any conclusions. At the same time in the back of his mind, he worked out some new permutation in case he couldn't let her in on more.

Leah blinked, a bit confused. She could handle being lectured or yelled at. But having to keep talking was unsettling. "It's not that complicated, sir. I was stuck! I mean... I couldn't tell him where the stupid robots were from, sir!" Leah struggled to explain why she'd done it as she had. "If I did he'd be responsible for them being here, too. And he's gonna take them - I mean her, with him." She slipped, accidentally alluding to the multitude of baby botlets.

The Captain was getting one humdinger of a headache and it wasn't from the earpiece anymore. ~So this is what command of ship was like,~ thought the man who didn't remember ever making Captain before or being on the Eagle. ~I knew it would be a lot more than department head but still to have such a difficult mission rest on so few people and such a personality conflict between these two. It seems more likely for the Klingons and Federation to become allies. Hey why not throw in the Romulans as allies too!~ As he thought that, somehow, some part of him said it had happened already during a life he had trouble remembering. He shrugged that odd déjà vu type feeling away. He had experienced a lot of odd thoughts and images now as his memory tried to return and not a lot of it was making sense.

Under her breath she added, "Plus he was askin' for it." Anyone who'd ever been stuck with Ensign Hanson for even a short time would surely agree with that!

The Captain skillfully avoided the obvious reaction. Instead he tracked off to a different area to learn more. "Bots?" he asked.

Leah sighed. It might have been easier if Unstoffe had had the chance to report the stowaways officially. At least then she wouldn't be the one stuck explaining it. "B-Bob and his wife. The Mrs. is uh... broken," she'd almost said 'sick. "CDR Unstoffe found out about them." She left out the fact that Unstoffe had only discovered their presence when Bob had sabotaged a turbolift. That detail didn't put Bob in the best light really.

"Wife?" the Captain asked, surprised by the choice and use of this word by the security officer.

"Yeah." Leah didn't bother telling him that it was Bob who said they were married - she already knew how crazy this was sounding. "CDR Unstoffe ordered them quarantined for dismantling, sir. I can't let him do that." It would be like dissecting a prisoner - and the robots hadn't really done anything wrong.

"Hanson was going to dismantle some bots?" he asked perplexed.

"I asked him to fix her, sir. I didn't want 'em locked up with her damaged like that." Leah looked down like a sulking kid. "It wouldn't be right. They helped us. I owe 'em one back."

The man sighed trying to get the events in order.  "You asked Hanson to fix a bot?" he asked.

In retrospect that was the real mistake. "He's the only engineer I know, really. I hoped he'd just do it and not ... be so annoying." Actually, Leah had also incorrectly assumed the squirrelly engineer would be easily intimidated into doing what he was told.

"So you asked Hanson for help and he annoyed you. Did he say no?" he asked getting closer to figuring out where the conversation was going and what had happened.

This was getting tricky again. Leah didn't want to admit exactly how many robots there were now or that Hanson had used that information to black mail her. "He ... insisted on taking her with him. I couldn't let him do that. And things just got out of hand, I guess." She sighed. "The whole thing was my fault, sir." Among his many demands, Hanson demanded that she treat him decently. Getting him in trouble would break that promise.

"Did he fix it?" he asked.

~Between being beaten to a pulp and attacked by salad like aliens?~ "No. Least not as far as I know, sir." It was vaguely possible that he'd at least looked at Mrs. Bob after kidnapping her and half her brood. "He did agree to do it, though."

The Captain rubbed his temples again. "Then why did you hit him?" he asked.

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