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CPT Kematsopoulos, LCDR Unstoffe & LTjg Richards

Joint Logs by Myth, Stoffe and Nouri

Title: O, What a Tangled Web We Weave, Part Twelve
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Turbolift

Leah stood beside the Captain wrapped up in her own thoughts. Breaking the truth to the CSEC wouldn't be much fun. Root canals sans anesthesia would be better.

The Captain was worried about CENG and her brother. He didn't talk much in the TL. The computer announced the floor and opened the doors.

"Thank you. We'll talk more later on the mission in a secure area," the Captain said exiting first.

"Aye, sir," Leah answered. She wished the turbolift had taken longer getting to its destination, she wouldn't have regretted delaying the upcoming conversation a bit more (a few decades sounded about right). She watched the captain leave and sighed. ~Here goes nothing...~ Leah crossed her fingers and then directed the TL on to the bridge.

LCDR Unstoffe, the Chief of Security, was on the bridge. He heard the TL open and turned to see Richards arrive. "Leah, how'd it go?" he asked.

Leah shrugged. "The charge had to be emptied - that's why it took a little longer, sir. The Captain wanted to be sure no one could use Hanson's phaser again. It's ready to be scrapped." That was their cover story, anyway.

"Good work. I'll need to have a chat with Hanson when he's back on his feet. I can't have him tinkering with weapons like that. There are better ways to power his tools," he said.

Leah took a deep breath and plunged ahead. "Sir... I need to speak with you privately when there's a chance." She would have liked to come up with some excuse to keep Hanson from getting in too much trouble, but there wasn't time to figure that out now.

LCDR Unstoffe replied quietly to Leah, "Of course, as soon as I get the chance."

"Aye sir." Leah was vaguely glad for the delay - it WAS what she'd been hoping for, but now that she had it, she was almost disappointed not to get it done with right away.

"Leah, go to tactical and check out our systems while the panel repairs get started. I am concerned that our torpedo inventory is low," CSEC said.

Leah almost grinned. It was good to have real work to do again. "Aye, sir." She hurried to tactical and started checking the systems.

As the computer responded to her query, the status report scrolled up the screen:

             Phasers - operating within normal parameters.
             Shields - operating within normal parameters.
             Targeting scanners - operating within normal parameters.
             Torpedo launchers - operating within normal parameters.
             Torpedo inventory - 29% of capacity.

Leah saw that most of the systems were fully operational, but as LCDR Unstoffe had said, the torpedo inventory wasn't good.

Realizing he might not find a better time in the near future, LCDR called over to the COMMO (Communications officer). "LT Schuler, will you take the conn for a moment. I need to confer with LT Richards in the CO's ready room on a tactical matter," he said.

Leah overheard that and gulped. ~Not enough of a delay...~  

"Aye, sir," replied LT Schuler. He moved over to the command chair and announced, "This is LT Schuler. I have the deck and the conn."

LCDR Unstoffe motioned to Leah for her to come and entered the ready room.

Leah followed him into the ready room.

CSEC grabbed the first chair available as he reached the table and indicated for Leah to sit on the next over. She seemed a bit tense for some reason, and he wanted to make her feel comfortable talking.

Leah took the appointed seat feigning a calm she didn't feel.

"Okay, Leah, shoot, but not with Hanson's phaser. What's the issue?" he tried to joke. He could tell something heavy was on her mind and wanted to lighten the mood a bit.

Leah ignored the joke, preferring to move directly to the point. "I... wasn't entirely honest with you before, sir. The two robots I ... smuggled on board had kids, about fifty of 'em. They've been using pieces of the Eagle to make more bots, sir." She outlined the situation as briefly as possible-no need to drag it out.

CSEC was at a loss for a moment as to what to say or think. This shocked him. He had already talked to her about "Bob". This new revelation was like having your kid come in and say, "Hey, Dad, remember last week when I told you I totaled the hovercraft? Well, I forgot to mention I totaled two other people's in the process. Their lawyers will be calling tomorrow." He stared silently at her.

Leah watched the CSEC's expression and fidgeted nervously when he said nothing.

"So you are telling me that you never isolated 'Bob' as ordered, that there is a second bot just like him and they've conspired to cannibalize the ship to make more bots?" he finally said as levelly as he could manage.

"They weren't conspiring. I don't think Mrs. Bob had anything to do with it since she's broken, sir, - " Leah defended Bob instinctively "-but, yes, I haven't popped him in stasis yet." She took the blame for that and left out her opinion on that order. ~And I sure don't plan to, either.~

"D@&^it, Leah, what were you thinking? Who else knows besides you, me and Bob?" he barked, unable to keep his temper in check. He had taken a risk allowing her back on duty and not informing the acting Captain about the bot. He felt betrayed.

Leah scowled. "The Captain and Ensign Hanson, sir." Her fingers tightened around the arm rests of the chair.

"I assume since the Kaptein knows that he has discussed the implications fully." CSEC said. Lahrs knew the Captain well enough to know Leah wouldn't have escaped without correcting her in some way.

Leah nodded, "Yes, sir. That also held me up a little getting back." The whole conversation had taken quite a while, mostly because she'd refused to admit anything without it being dragged out of her first.

"I won't try and duplicate the long talk he had with you," the Commander said.

~Phew!~ The was a relief-one lecture a day was more than enough in Leah's book.

"Suffice it to say that I am disappointed. This is a small ship with a small crew. We need to be able to trust and rely on each other. In Security, we trust each other with our lives routinely. You've violated that trust," he declared flatly.

Leah frowned. Bringing the robots along hadn't been a great idea as it turned out, but she hadn't been trying to betray anyone's trust either and more over she didn't need another lecture - especially when he'd just said he wouldn't give her one.

CSEC asked, "Is there anything else you need to tell me?"

"No. Not really." Leah sighed. "You already heard about Hanson." He hadn't found out the way she'd have liked but he did know, which was the point.

"We'll talk more after I discuss this with the Kaptein. For now, return to your duties," he ordered. Under any other circumstances, he'd have restricted her to quarters and recommended her for Captain's Mast, but in the current situation he couldn't afford to relieve her of duties. She was a good shot and calm under fire.

"Aye, sir." That was good to hear. Leah wouldn't have been surprised to be relieved from duty again which would have driven her nuts-there wasn't much to do off duty. (Except laundry, a task she avoided as much as possible.)

Extremely disappointed with his young officer, LCDR Unstoffe got up and headed back to bridge.

Leah followed the CSEC back onto the bridge, wondering if there was any way she could have made their conversation go better. On the plus side, at least she hadn't walloped him.

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