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CPT Kematsopoulos, LCDR Unstoffe & LTjg Richards

Joint Logs by Myth, Stoffe and Nouri

Title: O, What a Tangled Web We Weave, Part Eleven
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Captain's Quarters

LCDR Unstoffe sat once more in the command chair on the bridge of the USS Eagle. He had just gently encouraged the ship's Chief Engineer to give him the watch and report to Sickbay. Her presence was requested because her brother's condition had worsened gravely. She had been reluctant to leave her duty station. Unstoffe was concerned how she was doing. He had watched her push herself so hard retaining her duties as Chief Engineer supervising repairs to both the Eagle and Brazil while she became acting Captain following the disappearance (death?) of the XO and Captain Kematsopoulos' mysterious illness. Now the problems with her brother only increased the stress on her.

In Sickbay, Dr. Sullivan was also increasingly concerned about the CENG's state of health. While she had been asked to report to Sickbay as a possible organ donor for her brother, the scans he and Dr. Isa did when she arrived showed her nearing the point of collapse. He estimated she could maintain this pace for maybe another day, certainly no more than two.  She needed time to recuperate and knowing her as he did, he realized there was only one viable course of action to get her that rest. ~ If she has to be relieved of duty, someone better inform the Captain,~ he thought, considering the ramifications.

As the senior AMO on duty, the responsibility fell to him. He crossed over to the nearest comm panel and set it to transmit throughout the ship. He pressed the button and said, +Sickbay to Captain.+

Unaware of the situation in Sickbay, Captain Kematsopoulos and LT Leah Richards worked hard in his quarters to create a phaser that matched the Lieutenant's story as to why part of the Captain's stateroom was disintegrated.

Leah carefully set the phaser in the case. Drained or not, weapons safety was a good habit to keep up.

Captain Kematsopoulos went over to one of his comm stations and activated it. +Captain here,+ he said.

After the Captain's recent illnesses, Dr. Sullivan found himself slightly surprised at the quick response. Slightly off guard, he responded more informally than he'd have liked, +Ah, Captain, good of you to pick up, sir.+

The Captain smiled. He found some of the British doctor's colloquiums refreshing in the midst of so much seriousness +Yes?+ he replied.

+If you have a minute, Captain, could you be so good as to stop by Sickbay? It's a medical matter I'd rather not discuss over comms,+ the Doctor declared, sensitive to his patient's desire for privacy. The CENG would not take being relieved well at all, he knew. To have the matter broadcast on the ship's comms would infuriate her, he was certain.

This puzzled the Captain. It was certainly not a good time, if there ever was, to be back in Sickbay as he was finally returned to duty and at any minute that unusual Constitution class vessel could return and attack both the Eagle and the Brazil. He also had no desire when finally well enough to get back to work to be a Human pin cushion or guinea pig in Sickbay. If Dr. Laleia-Lii was there no doubt there would be an another battery of tests to try and figure out why he was healthy.

Leah listened in, keeping quietly out of the way. ~That doesn't sound good...~

+Can you give me some idea? I should get back to the bridge. Can it wait?+ the Captain asked.

Dr. Sullivan thought for a moment. He was aware that the Captain had a lot of other concerns, but couldn't see how this could wait. He needed to impress on the Captain a sense of urgency without sacrificing the CENG's privacy. After a few seconds, he responded, +It concerns both the CENG and her brother, sir, and no, I'm afraid it is rather time sensitive.+

~Sounds very bad,~ the Captain thought.  +I'll contact the bridge and then head over. Does CENG know?+ he asked.

Relieved the Captain was coming, he answered, +Righto, sir, that will be just fine,+ and added, +The CENG is here with us,+ to address the Captain's question.

The CO declared, +On my way after the bridge call. Anything else?+

Dr. Sullivan promptly replied, +No, sir.+

+All right then. Captain out,+ he said, cutting the comms.

The Captain opened the comms to the bridge. + CO to Bridge,+ he said.

On the Bridge, LCDR Unstoffe was reviewing the status of the ship's tactical systems. The number of photon torpedoes the Eagle had expended and the dwindling number remaining concerned him. The Captain's voice coming over the comm circuit broke him out of this train of thought and he responded, +Bridge, CSEC here, Kaptein.+

~First things first and that's the ship. I can't let my personal feelings cloud this.~ +Status report,+ the Captain ordered.

The CSEC replied, +Aye, sir. Ship remains at red alert. Repairs continue. I will contact engineering and get the latest for you. Tactical systems are operational. Brazil reports success with impulse engines, some shield and very few weapons. Her warp drive is still down.+

Leah perked up - this conversation was much more interesting from a security standpoint for obvious reasons. She listened all the more attentively.

~That's as good as it can get for all of us now. One last question and I can go.~ +I've been asked to stop off at Sickbay. Can you support?+ he asked.

+Aye, Kaptein. I'll forward any additional status reports there for you,+ he affirmed. Overall, very little had changed since the Captain left the Bridge with LT Richards. If he was going to Sickbay, he'd see first hand the status of the CENG and her brother. While it would be good for the ship's morale to see the CO on the Bridge, Unstoffe could see no pressing need for him to be there now.

+Thank you,+ the Captain replied ready to end the conversation. His fingers started to reach for the button.

Unstoffe realized that if the Captain was heading to Sickbay, he and Leah must be done in his quarters. The presence of a modified and malfunctioning phaser loose on the ship really worried him. He knew from past experience the damage a phaser could cause if it exploded on overload. Regardless of how it happened or who modified it, any weapon on the ship was ultimately his responsibility. He hoped that Leah had been able to secure it. Before he let the Captain close the comm channel he needed to know. +Kaptein, one question, was LT Richards able to secure Hanson's phaser?+ he asked.

Leah ground her teeth. She'd rather be bumped off duty again than know her every move was being questioned.

+Yes. It's drained and ready to be scrapped. It's no danger to anyone any more. The Lieutenant can bring it later,+ he said.

The CSEC answered smartly, +Thank you, Kaptein.+ As he released the transmit button, he let out a small sigh of relief that the errant weapon was no longer a threat to the ship.

+Captain out,+ Nouri said eager to end the call, punching the button. This necessary rouse for the intruders had taken too much time. He turned to the young security officer who was in the know about the intruders, "Well, let's go."

Leah scowled. It was clear that LCDR Unstoffe didn't trust her - no matter that she deserved that much at least, she didn't have to like it. "Yes, sir." She didn't look forward to talking to him again. The last time hadn't gone all that well and this one was only bound to be worse.

The Captain left his tiny work room and headed out of his quarters. The doors recognized him as he went to exit and opened. LT Richards followed.

~Phew...~ She hadn't been sure the door was trustworthy after the last time. At least the intruders hadn't reappeared this time around, never mind the poisonous gas and Hanson.

"Any idea what the Doc is talking about?" the CO asked, walking down the passageway.

"No, sir." Leah hadn't heard anything about any of that - she'd been busy.

"OK," the Captain said. He was hoping that she might have heard something. He felt the bulkhead for the elevator controls, found the button and pushed it. "We'll talk more later," he said.

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