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Joint Logs by Myth, Stoffe and Nouri

Title: O, What a Tangled Web We Weave, Part Two
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge

LT Richards was still trapped on the bridge under the scrutiny of the CSEC. She wondered exactly how she was going to find a modified phaser to hand over. Nearby, also on the bridge, the Captain and Yeoman Tsundra wondered the very same thing.

LCDR Unstoffe continued questioning his assistant officer. "The other thing that I can't make sense of in Lister's report is how Hanson got injured," the Chief Security Office commented. He was becoming more concerned that the picture Richards was painting was somehow incomplete.

Leah sighed. It was clear the CSEC didn't trust her, or he wouldn't keep asking the same questions looking to slip her up. "I don't have any explanation for that, sir." Her only other option was to say she had done it and Leah felt she was in more than enough trouble already without adding that to the pile.

"Lister says Hanson was injured before he arrived . . ." he said.

Leah nodded. She was the one who had told Lister that, after all.

CSEC looked down at report on the screen. He read aloud a troubling part, ". . .and 'collapsed from his injuries causing the phaser to fire as he fell.'"  

She shrugged. "I wasn't watching. He might have tripped, sir." Leah hoped CDR Unstoffe would pick whichever option seemed most reasonable to him and drop the subject.

"So you had no idea he was injured prior to his arrival? Did he show any signs of trauma or of a struggle?" CSEC asked.

"He ... was disheveled, sir. But he didn't give me any reason why," Leah answered. She wanted to stick as close to the truth as possible.  These stories were already getting out of hand.

Meanwhile, the Chief Engineer tried to fill the Captain in on the problems between Ensign Hanson and LT Richards and how, from the Ensign's perspective and the rumors in Engineering, the young woman had roughed him up. The Captain shook his head. It did not sound like the young security officer he knew but then again he couldn't remember meeting her until he woke up after Cargo Bay accident. The Captain and Yeoman Tsundra tried to follow CENG's conversation and that of the two security officers at the same time.

LCDR Unstoffe realized that he was not getting anywhere on that line and tried another. "Well, seems like the trip to the CO's stateroom was so much ado about nothing then. How have your other investigations gone?" Before she could respond, he reached over to the intercom. "Just a minute, Leah," he said. Finding the button he sought, he pressed it and spoke, "Sickbay, bridge, Dr. Sullivan, can you get me a complete rundown of ENS Hanson's injuries and what might have caused them?" he asked.

In Sickbay, the affable, unflappable Dr. Sullivan looked up from his patient. He went to intercom, "Bridge, sickbay, right, can do. It'll it be a few ticks though. Pretty busy down here."

"Thanks, Doc. Whenever you can get to it," LCDR Unstoffe replied. Then he returned his attention to Leah.

At the same time, the Intruder found out that Hanson was in Sickbay. Already the Being had learned that the Captain, CMO and Yeoman Tsundra survived their attempt to kill them all. This person also learned that their accomplice was still unconscious, locked up tight somewhere on the Eagle and that LT Richards and Ensign Hanson had somehow gotten in the Captain's Quarters during that time. The Being could not figure out what went wrong and how they survived. ~Unless I can locate Sydow, I'll take out Ensign Hanson first. It should be easy to get him alone, ~ the Intruder thought.

Leah swallowed. She did NOT want to be around when the Doc got back with his report. If Hanson's injuries had been caused by a beating she was the most likely suspect. "Um... I've interviewed several people who were in the mess hall that evening as well as passing on that note to the science department, sir." She hoped they'd be able to do something about the cologne spill and somehow decode the rest of the message.

"And have you discovered anything?" CSEC asked LT Richards as his screen flashed indicated he had a new message. "Excuse me, Leah," he said turning and pulling up message.

Leah waited a bit impatiently. She wanted the discussion over with so she could get the heck away from the CSEC's questioning. This was not going very well.

On the main display of the tactical console, the following message appeared. "LT RICHARDS HAS BEEN SCHEDULED FOR ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES." It went on for the rest of the screen listing days and times Leah was expected to report along with the location. Unstoffe scrolled down to see the final line of the message.  "PLEASE BE CERTAIN SHE ATTENDS."

CSEC finished reading the message. His facial expression changed. While Leah's abilities and courage as a security officer had impressed him, recently she had displayed several lapses in judgment that were troubling. He had hoped these were all behind her, but she had a hard time acknowledging her mistakes unless confronted directly. The message did nothing to allay those concerns.

He turned back to Leah with a suspicious look in his eye. "Uh, Leah, is there anything you need to tell me, outside of this report . . ." he asked hoping she would volunteer the explanation and it would be a good one and show she was moving back in the right direction.

~Oh this is not gonna be good...~ "What exactly, sir?" Leah asked carefully.

"Is there anything that might keep you from your duties that I should know about?" he asked, trying to let her tell him without directly confronting her with the message.

Leah felt slightly panicked. This wasn't going quite as they'd planned. "No! I - I told you about Hanson's nose!" ~And the robots! What else is there?!~ she thought.

"Well, for some reason you've been scheduled to attend a series of anger management classes," the CSEC said. It was quite a detailed schedule and something she should have discussed with him.

Leah almost groaned out loud. She could imagine gleefully beating that AMO senseless, although it would only prove the woman's point. "Yeah. Well... that was a small misunderstanding..." Leah hoped the CSEC would be kind enough to leave it at that.

"Small misunderstanding?" LCDR Unstoffe asked incredulously. He spun the display around so she could see the schedule. "That's a lot of hours to be off duty. Do I need to talk to this AMO and clear this up? " he asked giving her the benefit of doubt for the moment.

"I don't want to lose you for that much time over a misunderstanding," he stressed.

Leah took in the size of the schedule and gulped. "Th-that's-! All that happened was Hanson's nose for Pete's sakes. He's the one making things up!" Leah didn't want to think of spending that much time with that stupid AMO.

"Um, refresh my memory on Hanson's nose," he said. To be honest, with all that had happened, he couldn't recall if she had explained this to him or not. For whatever reason, it wasn't ringing any bells.

Leah glanced around the bridge and the number of people who now had plenty of fresh gossip. "I already said its a long story, sir. And it really doesn't have anything to do with - with anything!"

Lahrs saw her eyes dart about the Bridge to all the people in earshot and realized this might not be the best venue for such a discussion. "We'll talk more later about this. Please go back to the results of your investigation," he said.

"I interviewed some of the people who were in the mess hall that night. Apparently, the XO was last seen there with Yeoman Perksandra." Leah was so relieved to back to talking about work that she forgot the Yeoman was still on the bridge.

"Did anyone see him leave?" he asked.

"Ensign Rimmer saw them leave together, sir," she said.

"Did he say when? How soon before the attack?" CSEC probed further.

"Shortly before it, yes, sir," Leah answered.

The Captain asked the Chief Engineer, "What are they talking about now?"

"Uh," she stammered. She could still not find the right words.

"Where's Jim? I haven't seen him... I can't remember last time I saw him," he said guessing that figure of speech would not get him into any trouble.

"Uh Nouri. I khaff something vherry bad to tell yoo," Valentina said.

Nouri noticed the thickening of her accent,~Whatever it is, it  must be bad.~ he thought.

CSEC continued. "Was Rimmer able to provide any more information?" he asked LT Richards.

Leah wondered if this was the place to pass on the rest of Ensign Rimmer's chatter. "I'd like the chance to corroborate most of what he told me, sir," she hedged.

Unstoffe paused to consider and thought, ~With Rimmer as the source, that's very prudent.~ Not wishing to denigrate anyone in his department before the crew, aloud he confirmed, "Of course, very professional."

~Phew!~ "I'll make a report as soon as I've finished that, then, sir." Hopefully, Rimmer hadn't been making everything up. Leah really didn't want to think being stuck talking to him had been a waste of time.

"Very well. When I get off watch, I want to continue our discussion in some place less open. I want to get this Hanson issue resolved," Unstoffe concluded.

~You and me both!~ "Aye, sir," Leah agreed reluctantly. That discussion was one she really didn't want to participate in. But she couldn't reasonably hope to find a way out of it.

In the pause, the security officers could hear the CENG and CO talking. "Do yoo remember vhen vhee vhere attackhed by Orions?" Valentina asked gently.

"Er, sort of. It's all kind of run together since I've been ill," the Captain replied.

"Vhell uh..uh ," she started to say. She paused trying to figure out how to say it. A Russian saying came to mind, "One should swallow medicine fast to avoid a lengthy bitter taste." She took a deep breath decided to spit it out fast.  "Vhee khould not find Jeem after attack. Khee vhass leested as meesing," she said .

The man in the Captain's chair looked surprised. He thought, ~Whatever it is it is worse, beyond that. Her accent is so much more suddenly thick, I'll have to have the UT (Universal Translator) to understand her soon.~

"Vhell vhee found khim., uh part of khim..enough to know khee..khee ess eees uhm merti," she stuttered getting it out.

His memory of Russian wasn't very good so he ran the word with various pronunciations in his head to guess what it was. ~~merti...merti...mort...,~ he started and stopped suddenly. He looked up pained. "Vh..What?" he asked picking up her accent for a moment in his distress as he recalled the word.

The Chief Engineer took a deep breath and put her strong hand on the  CO's shoulder." Ay am sorry, Jeem ees dead," she said.   

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