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CPT Kematsopoulos, LCDR  Laleia-Lii,  LTjg Richards,  Ensign Hanson, & Yeoman Tsundra

Joint Logs by Myth, Stoffe and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part  Twenty
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Outside the Captain's quarters, Ensigns Lister and Rimmer were arguing about how to get in.

In the living room and entertaining section, LT Richards sat in the COs quarters pondering the missing head (bathroom). Explaining this was going to be tricky.

In the bedroom, the Captain asked, "Good enough?" He was clearly uncomfortable to be back in bed.

The CMO stood up from near the couch and looked. "No, you should close your eyes and pretend to be asleep when they come."

The Captain groaned.

"She's right," added Yeoman Tsundra.

~Two in one day. Never thought that could happen either,~ the CMO thought. She and Yeoman Tsundra disagreed on much.

On the couch, the tucked in Hanson babbled faintly.

Leah's gaze shifted to the floor and the plant bits she'd seen before. The CMO was still too close to risk moving those now. There were some broken glass shards around, too. Hopefully the missing section of wall would be distraction enough that no one would notice the broken glass.

Back outside the CO's stateroom, an engineering team arrived. Several minutes later, they made an opening to the Captain's Quarters by removing part of the bulkhead and the door.

Ensign Lister turned to Ensign Rimmer. "See, what did I tell you, call engineering," he gloated.

He turned to team and said, "Great work guys, thanks."

Ensign Shiro replied, "Your welcome. We'll get to work on the comms next. After you give us the all clear, we'll enter the stateroom." The engineering team moved out down the passageway to begin the diagnostics there.

"Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back. You might need it to face whatever is in there," Rimmer replied pointing through hole.

Ensign Lister pulled out his phaser rifle. "After you, you're the senior security officer," he said to his partner.

"No, no Listee. You got us in, you earned the right to be first. After you, by all means," Ensign Rimmer replied not wanting to step into the dangerous unknown first.

~Here goes nothing, then...~ Leah thought as the hole appeared in the door. She hoped the new arrivals would be easily fooled.

The Captain heard the noise and the room shake. He tried to sit up and get out of bed. "What was that?" he asked.

"Uh not much," Yeoman Tsundra lied. She was standing and able to see part of the bulkhead and hatch removed. "Just another hole. Get back down," she said, non plussed.

The noise was so loud that it penetrated Ensign Hanson's delirious state from the sedation. If you were close enough to hear him on the couch you could make out, "Richards did it."

Leah overheard Hanson's rambling, but there was no time to tape his mouth shut now. ~Oh, I'm sooooo gonna kill him when this is over with!~ she thought.

The CMO perked up her Moeban ears. ~Now maybe I can get some answers!~ she thought. "Did what?" she asked him casually.

Ensign Hanson replied, "Arlglhghybmm."

Ensign David Lister heard the garbled voice. "I hear someone. Sounds like he's hurt. Let's go," he said. He popped through new hole, phaser at the ready.

Leah plastered a smile on as Lister popped in. "Hi." She was glad to see it was only Lister and Rimmer - they weren't renowned for their intelligence. They shouldn't be too hard to trick.

"LT Richards, are you all right, sir? No one answered the comms. CSEC was concerned," Ensign Lister asked.

The CMO turned her attention to the two new security officers and wondered what tale Richards will tell to have them believe nothing is going on other than the ordinary.

"Oh ... everything's under control here. The um ... door and comms weren't really working is all." Leah replied. She figured the closer she stayed to the truth the easier it would be. Plus the sensor records would back that up - the comms and door weren't working.

Ensign Rimmer saw no apparent danger and so pushed to the front in an effort to curry favor with the lieutenant. "Of course, he sent me to make sure everyone was safe. I brought an engineering team along. They'll get that comms and door fixed in no time," he said.

"That's great." The best part, Leah thought, was that she couldn't be blamed for the hole in the door. The head was bad enough! She hoped Rimmer and Lister would be on their way quickly.

The CMO interrupted, as eager to get out of the quarters as she had been to get in hours ago. "Please send an AMO and an antigrav stretcher. We have a patient to send to Sickbay," she said.

"Of course, Doctor, I'll step out and use the comms in the passageway to summon them," Ensign Rimmer said.

Ensign Lister continued speaking to LT Richards. It did not take, even him, long to notice the missing bathroom. "Um, sir," he started to say, nodding in direction of hole for emphasis, "nothing is wrong? Are you sure?" he asked.

"Oh that..." Leah chuckled as though the incident was a funny, but long, story. "That's nothing to worry about," she said.

The CMO who could normally hold a straight face didn't want to be around if Richards had to explain more. "Uh," she said hiding her face from Rimmer and Lister. "I have to check on the Captain. He's doing..." she began to try to explain her predicament. She coughed to hide a crack in her voice "...better," she finished and went quickly to the CO's bedside.

Ensign Lister tried to explain to the Lieutenant. He did not want to be in trouble with LCDR Unstoffe. "Sir, I have to give a report to CSEC. I think he'll be interested in the fact that a portion of the CO's cabin has been vaporized," he said, not quite buying the story and not wanting to get blamed for giving an incomplete report.

Leah scowled very slightly. "And I'll be reporting to the CSEC as well." Which was really a warning that Lister better not push it. "That," she indicated the wall, "was a minor phaser accident." She nodded to Hanson. "He's a little clumsy."

The CMO coughed some more. "Oh my. It must be the dust..." she said overhearing the conversation and passing by the missing bathroom. The CMO knew about Hanson's skill with the phaser and his previous relationship with a Vulcan woman. Ensign Hanson had been one of the Humans who had suffered most from the wormhole aliens. They used his neural pathways, previously established and strengthened in mind melds, to take him over. They were then able to employ his sharp shooting skills to try and take over engineering during their attempt to take over the ship. The Ensign was one of the last permitted back on duty, along with the Vulcans, since recovery was so hard from the psychological and physiological damage the aliens caused from their strong hold over him.

"Hanson did that? But he's a crack shot on the range. I mean, umm, after I showed him a few Rimmer patented moves his score was almost as high as mine," he said deliberately reversing the story and exaggerating his improvement of score which was still no where near Hanson's.

~Opps...~ Thinking of Hanson as utterly useless and irritating was a mistake. Leah had momentarily forgotten the Ensign's skill with a phaser. "Sure - when he means to shoot things.  He tripped," she tried to explain. It was a little farfetched, but Leah couldn't reasonably switch stories now.

"Ah, I see. that's how his face got all banged up then as well, did it?" Ensign Rimmer asked. His partner started to move around the quarters to check things out.

~Rumors move fast...~ Leah had hoped that little story hadn't gotten out yet. "Yes," she kept calm, betting that Rimmer wouldn't dare to accuse her of anything outright, at least not without more evidence.

Ensign Lister looked at Richards and said, "Sir, I thought you said everything was all right, but Mr. Hanson is pretty beaten up and the CMO has asked for a stretcher . . ." Then he and his partner rolled together their eyes and nodded at each other with a knowing smile.

Now Leah was making things up off the top of her head-there hadn't been time to think up a full story for him and the wall. "Yes - that's a more interesting story... The Ensign came to ... try to fix the comms, but he'd already been attacked." At least from the sensor records it might look like that was what Hanson had come for. "He didn't remember who had attacked him. Have there been any intruders on the ship?" She was referring to the Orions attack from before. After all, someone must have attacked Hanson and she had no idea what had happened to the rest of the ship since she'd been sent to the COs quarters.

"Intruders? None that I'm aware of, but if he was attacked by intruders how did he wind up on the couch here?" Ensign Lister asked as his partner left to go to the passageway to contact Sickbay.

The Lieutenant replied, "As I said. He came to fix the comms. He passed out after. Guess he didn't realize his wounds were that serious." Leah was losing her patience. It was bad enough that Hanson always picked on her - she didn't need it from these two, too!

Dave scratched his head. "Umm . . . do I have this right then. Hanson was attacked at some point, but we don't know where or when. Injured, he manages to get to the CO's quarters determined to fix the comms and then is  . . . is overcome by his injuries," he repeated back not believing her story.

Leah stuck to her story - as implausible as it was starting to sound. "Exactly." ~Or ay gonna call me a liar to my face? ~

"If he was outside and attacked, how did he know the comms were broke since you couldn't call him and tell him," he asked.

Leah rolled her eyes. "Obviously I stepped into the hall and used my communicator, Ensign. The door was stuck open then." That bit was true, although she hadn't been the one to summon Hanson. That had been Bob's doing.
((  ))

"Yes, ma'am, I mean sir. I'll just check on the CO then and ensure he's safe and report back to the Bridge," Ensign Lister said.

Just then the AMO arrived with the stretcher.

"Fine." Leah was relieved. Even if Lister didn't buy it, he wasn't asking more questions. That was good enough for now.

Unaware of the AMOs actual identity, Leah was glad to see the team arrive. With any luck the added distraction would keep Lister and Rimmer off her back and they'd leave.

Hearing this, LCDR Laleia-Lii left the Captain's bedroom. "Yes, over here on the couch. We need to get Ensign Hanson to Sickbay," she ordered the AMO.

"Aye sir, " she replied. She started towards the Ensign but paused for a second and recognizing him. She tilted head and raised a Vulcan eyebrow. "Another wall?" she asked.

"Pardon?" the CMO asked not knowing the story that LT Richards told the AMO about Hanson and the wall. ((   ))  "Accidental phaser fire took out the wall," she explained answering what she thought was her question.

~Oh no...~ Leah recognized the voice - it was that blasted AMO! ((  )) She fought to keep her face expressionless. She didn't want to play into what the AMO (and evidently the rest of the ship) thought of her.

The AMO shot a glance around the quarters looking for the most likely suspect to have pummeled the young man.  She noticed LT Leah Richards and recognized her immediately from the last time she had treated Hanson from being beaten up. "You missed your session," she said sternly to the young woman.

"The door wasn't working - I was stuck here," Leah blurted the first excuse that came to mind, which happened to be true anyways. ~And since when was anything conclusively scheduled?!?!~ She hadn't intended to show up for any therapy whatsoever.

This time  AMO raised both of her Vulcan eyebrows. "The door wasn't working?" she repeated in disbelief. ~I've heard all the Human excuses now. Did she disable the door just to get out of coming? Why not use the comms or her communicator? ~ she thought.

Leah nodded to the engineering team. "Their working on it now. The comms were down, too." The AMO had to have noticed the door when she came in.

~How very convenient for you. Too convenient. It looks like someone went through a lot of effort to keep you from coming,~ the AMO thought to herself. ~The odds of all of these things happening randomly together are too small to logically be a coincidence.~

Ensign Rimmer began to check out the quarters and moved in the direction of CO's sleeping area. He saw that the CO was in bed apparently asleep. "Okay, the Captain seems the same. . . ." he said.

"Listee, you know how the CSEC gets," Ensign Rimmer said to Ensign Lister. He had never been in CO's quarters before and so his curiosity got the better of him. "We'd better check out the whole place out before we leave," he added quickly.

Ensign Lister entered the bedroom. "Captain seems okay. Other than the phaser accident and Hanson, I guess everything's okay," he said loud enough for everyone to hear. He whispered to his partner, recognizing the look in his eyes, "Rimmer, you're not going to nose around the Captain's quarters."

"It's not nosing around. It's doing my duty. Besides, the Captain's unconscious. What better chance do you think I'll get," he said with his voice barely under that of a whisper. Rimmer cleared his throat and spoke loudly,"Okay, Lister, you stay here and watch things and I'll make sure everything is secure." Ensign Rimmer left the bedroom area and started head to the plant room and walked past the closet... the one with the intruder secured in it.

Leah ignored Rimmer and Lister. She didn't want to interfere and give the AMO another reason to be suspicious. Of course explaining the mess wouldn't be easy.

The CMO had overheard all of that and  thought  fast. "There's classified information in here. Stop!" she barked the order.

~Phew!~ Leah was glad the CMO stepped in to stop those two. Hanson tripping once was one thing- but stumbling and making that mess would be impossible.

The AMO easily lifted Hanson by herself into the stretcher. "What happened? Who did this?" she asked the engineering officer.

The AMO moved her head close to the Ensign's. "Can you hear me? Who did this?" she asked again.

Ensign Hanson babbled, "Richards did it."     

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