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CPT Kematsopoulos, LCDR  Laleia-Lii,  LTjg Richards,  Ensign Hanson, & Yeoman Tsundra

Joint Logs by Myth, Stoffe and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part  Nineteen
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

LT Richards was still in the CO's stateroom and was glad the intruder was secured for the time being - in the CO's closet.

"OK, Captain you are next," the CMO said, turning her attention away from Ensign Hanson.

The Captain groaned. "I feel fine ... er not too fine I mean..." he said realizing it was his health that bothered the Doctor.

"Hush," the CMO told the Captain. She scanned some more and muttered, "Yes, you are too healthy ..."

Meanwhile on the bridge, the Chief Security officer noticed that LT Richards had not checked in. Since he was short staffed and sent all the competent security officers out, he was forced to dispatch Ensigns Rimmer and Lister.  A few minutes later, the hapless Ensigns arrived at the CO's quarters and activated the chime to tell the Captain that he had visitors.

Then CMO heard the door chime. "Captain, company," she said.

Ensign Lister pushed the intercom button. +Captain, LT Richards? Security Team. Is everything all right in there?+ he asked.

"Looks like the scanning will have to wait, Doc. Maybe this can get us the door open?" the Captain said. He went to his comm system.  "Just dandy," he said. Then he activated it, +Come right in,+ he replied to the two security officers.

~Finally! Maybe we'll get out of this stupid room!~ Leah thought. Being stuck was getting pretty boring when she wasn't being attacked by seven foot killer monsters.

Although those in the room could hear the security team calling, the system was only working in one direction. All that was heard in the passageway was silence.

Outside the quarters, Ensign Rimmer said, "No answer. I guess nobody's home, or the Captain doesn't want to be disturbed. Let's go back to crew's mess." If he hurried, he might be able to run into that pretty Yeoman he was chasing.

Ensign Lister said to Ensign Rimmer, "CSEC ordered us here to find out what's going on, not make a social call." He tried intercom again, +This is Security, please open the door.+

Back in the quarters, Leah glanced around the mess of the room and realized there was one glaring problem - the Captain was remarkably healthy, too healthy. "This won't work! Sir - you have to get back in bed!"

"What?!?" the Captain said, surprised.

Leah blushed. It wasn't a good idea to 'order' superior officers - let alone one's captain - around. "I mean it's a little odd that you're almost perfectly healthy again," she said. It was too much of a change for a credible excuse. "Nevermind the alien in the closet," she added.

"Oh," said the Captain. He wasn't exactly sure what had happened to him. He woke up in his plant room with very little memory of much the days or even weeks before. It was more of a series of odd fevered dream fragments that seemed disconnected and didn't make any sense. But then again, he didn't remember being on the Eagle at all, so why should he remember anything?

The CMO piped in, "She's right. Get back into bed!"

"Pardon?" he said, still not getting the implications and unaware of how ill he really was not that long ago.

"Get back into bed, sir," the Doctor clarified.

~Phew!~ Leah felt relieved. Apparently she'd gotten away with it since she wasn't being reprimanded.

"I just spent the last . . . I don't even know how long there and you want me back there? That's the last place I want to be," the Captain protested.

"Yes, sir. The bed sir," said Dr. Laleia-Lii. ~The Captain always was a difficult patient. At least that part was normal,~ she noticed.

Yeoman Tsundra chimed in, "She's right."

~Never thought I'd hear her say that! ~ the surprised CMO thought.

The Yeoman moved closer to the Captain and put her tiny, but strong hand on his left arm as she had done so many times for him since he went blind.

The Captain shook it off. "I know where it is," he said. He wasn't angry. He sounded more like a little boy who wanted to stay up all night. He reluctantly, but quickly headed to his bed, sat down, swung his feet over and lay down.

The CMO and his Yeoman scurried to tuck CO in quickly with a blanket.

"You both are liking this too much," the Captain remarked.

Leah looked around the room to see what else it might be best to hide. "Um ... what are we gonna do with Ensign Hanson?" Leah asked. After all, the last anyone outside had known the Ensign was fine and conscious.

The CMO thought and bit her lip. "That's a tough one..." she said. "Well, we can't use the closet..."

"Doctor. This is no time for Moebian humor, doctor," the Captain replied. This time it sounded more like an order.

"Under the bed?" Leah would have greatly enjoyed tying the Ensign up and leaving him under the mattress permanently. Out of the corner of her eye, Leah noticed some plant bits from the ritual were still scattered on the carpet. But, she couldn't do anything about them with the CMO watching.

On the deck in the main room, Ensign Hanson, who was sedated, was having a very nice dream and mumbling in his sleep. "Richards, gone?" he said and then he starting singing a joyful tune.

"Go and tend to Hanson, put him on the couch. Cover him with a blanket," the Captain ordered.

~Darn it!~ Leah had held hope out for shoving him under the bed... or maybe just suspending him out of sight from the ceiling...

"I'll stay with the Captain," Yeoman Tsundra said.

~Figures,~ the CMO thought. "Let's go move Hanson, Lieutenant," she said.

"Aye, sir," Leah reluctantly agreed. She didn't like having to touch the Ensign ... except for occasionally slugging him.

The CMO knelt down to the deck. "OK. I have his head and shoulders you have his er... back and feet," she said.

Leah picked up Hanson's feet. ~Yay...~

The four foot five inch Moebian doctor huffed. "To the cou-OW-ch!" she exclaimed.

"I could help lift him, you know," Captain Kematsopoulos said to the Yeoman. He started to get up.

Yeoman Tsundra pushed him firmly back into bed. "No. You are too sick," she said almost giggling and paying him back for his other joke. She was the only one there who knew how he was cured.

Finally, the other two managed to get Hanson to the couch. Leah was very glad to drop his feet.

"Blanket?" the CMO asked, scanning the Ensign to make sure he wasn't injured further in the move.

"Just a sec..." Leah recalled a blanket they'd removed from the CO's closet to make room for the alien prisoner. She returned to the pile and dug through it for the blanket.

Back outside the quarters, the two security officers fought as they always did. This was fortuitus for our heroes, giving them more than ample time to enact their deception.

"This is why we are here. Something is definitely wrong in there," Ensign Lister said. He hit another button on the panel. "Security override, Lister Alpha Pi Omicron One Seven One," he said, but the door remained shut. He flipped open his communicator. +Security Team One to Bridge. There is no response from the Captain's quarters and the door won't respond to a level 3 security override,+ he said.

On the bridge, LCDR Unstoffe replied, +Acknowledged, Security Team One. Attempting level one override from the bridge.+

"Computer, recognize security chief LCDR Lahrs Unstoffe, access code Hotel Epsilon Romeo One Romeo Golf," he ordered

The computer whirred briefly and declared, "Acknowledged. Recognize voice print of LCDR Lahrs Unstoffe."

"Computer, level one security override. Release any locks to CO stateroom and open door," he ordered.

The Computer affirmed, "All locks on CO's door are released. The door is open."

LCDR Unstoffe spoke into the comm, +Lister, you should be able to get in now.+

+Aye, sir. Thanks,+  Ensign Lister replied.  He turned to door and tried to open it again, but the door remained shut.

Inside, Leah brought the blanket back to the CMO. There was no way she was gonna tuck Hanson in herself!

"OK. Tuck him in," Dr. Laleia-Lii ordered.

Leah's jaw dropped. ~?!?!?!~ "T-tuck... him...?" 

LCDR Laleia-Lii was puzzled by her reaction. "Now would be a good time Lieutenant... you have a problem with that?" she asked with authority.

Leah chose her words very carefully. "Let's just say... Hanson and I don't get along..." That was an understatement. Leah had lost track of how many times she'd threatened him with violence, nevermind how many ways he'd found to call her stupid. But it wasn't worth disobeying an order over. She considered her prone arch nemesis and tossed the blanket over him from chin down. Then she awkwardly tucked the blanket around the Ensign without touching him.  ~Hopefully he never finds out about this. I'll never live it down!~ she thought.

The CMO stared at the young woman hard. "Hmmm," she said. The Captain heard the CMO's thoughtful sound and wondered how much trouble the Lieutenant was in if she warranted that particular "hmm" from the Doc.

Leah was surprised the CMO hadn't heard about Hanson's 'run in' with the wall already. She cleared her throat. "That good 'nuff, sir?"

The CMO eyed her suspiciously.  "Yes. Why were you here again?" she asked.

"I was sent down to see what had happened to you, sir." Leah answered, surprised by the change of topic. She certainly wouldn't have voluntarily gotten trapped in there with Hanson of all people!

"Oh. Well, I hope I turn out fine... Sit somewhere, look casual...," she ordered.

~Casual? In this mess?!~ "Aye, sir..." Leah looked for a seat in the vicinity of the plant bits, hoping she could cover them with her foot until the CMO wasn't looking. Then she'd be able to find them a better hiding place or just dispose of the evidence.

"Not there! No need to draw attention that way.." she said.

~Arg!~ Right. Leah moved away from the both the plants and the remains of the CO's wall and took a seat across from both.

Outside the quarters, the two security officers continued fighting.

"It still won't open," Ensign Lister said. He hit another button on the panel and began to access the manual override.

"Move out of the way, Listee. Let a professional at it. No wonder you're only a Security Officer third class. . . . " Rimmer said. He moved to try and open the door.

"Oh, I see Rimmer, obviously the waters part for a Second Class Security Officer like yourself. . ." Lister replied watching the door remain shut.

"Give me that phaser rifle. I'll get this open soon enough," Rimmer said grabbing his phaser rifle from Lister. He aimed at door.

"Rimmer! You don't know who or what's behind that. Will you put that thing down? We need to think about this," Lister said.

"Ah, top of the class, Listee. Obviously one of your fortes. I just sit back and admire you in action, shall I?" Rimmer said.

"If the security locks are removed, the door must be damaged in some way. Let's call for an engineer," Lister said, thinking out loud.

"Brilliant. Pass the buck. Right up your alley," Rimmer scoffed.

Back inside, Leah considered the sizable chunk of wall and room missing thanks to Hanson. "Sir? Just out of curiosity - how will we explain that?" Leah pointed to the wall which Hanson's phaser had decimated.

The CMO stared again at the gapping, incinerated hole that used to be the Captain's bathroom. "Uh..." she started to say. "You are the security officer make up something plausible, but not...sinister and evil," she said. "It should be something that your fellow security officers would believe."

Leah kept her opinion to herself, but she had to wonder, ~Exactly what the heck would be plausible?!~ "Sure thing, sir." Leah eyed the wall glumly. ~Maybe laser tag gone awry?~

She decided since it was Hanson's fault, he could take the blame - especially since he wasn't awake to argue the point.     

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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