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CPT Kematsopoulos, LCDR  Laleia-Lii,  LTjg Richards,  Ensign Hanson, & Yeoman Tsundra

Joint Logs by Myth, Stoffe and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part  Eighteen
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

"Is everything set?" the Captain asked.

"The intruder is locked in your closet now - without light, sir," Richards answered.

"Is he safe and as comfortable as possible?" the Captain asked.

"He's safe," Leah added. "At least I doubt anything much could happen to him in there. . ." ~Unless being buried under fallen clothes would count...~ " . . . and he's not gonna get out of there easily on his own."

"He is as comfortable as he can be now. He still needs to be moved somewhere were he can be monitored by several people," Yeoman Tsundra answered.

"Best we can do. The monitor should tell us of any changes with time to react," LCDR Laleia-Lii, said.

"So no danger with the lights now?" the Captain asked. He still had no idea what type of alien he was dealing with or where it was from.

"No, none I can tell," the CMO replied.

"OK, time to get the lights back. Does anyone know why they were out?" Captain Kematsopoulos asked.

Leah shrugged. "I dunno know, sir."

"I don't know. When I woke up they were out, and it was a good thing," the Doctor replied.

Yeoman Tsundra often knew more than it seemed she should. She had the answer to this one as well. "Sir, Ensign Hanson disabled them, so LT Richards could have a chance," she explained.

"Chance to what?" Leah interrupted confused.

"A chance against the attackers, so you could shoot them," the Yeoman told the Lieutenant.

"Oh," ~duh... I'm getting paranoid now...~ The way the Yeoman had said it, it almost sounded like she was talking about more than just the intruders. The secrecy and conspiracies were getting more and more complicated.

The Yeoman continued, "When he discovered the plant biology components of the alien, Ensign Hanson left the lights that way, just in case."

"So then...perhaps we have control of lights?" the Captain asked.

"Yes, sir," the mysterious Yeoman replied.

The Captain spoke. "Computer, lights on," he ordered.

The once dark and dangerous room, site of an attempted double murder was now bright, illuminated and showed no sign of over turned chairs, broken objects or other signs of a struggle. The only unusual thing present was an odd jerry rigged device on the Captain's right night stand. It seemed to be connected to something in another room. Unless one inspected it closely or the room, there was nothing odd to see.

The CMO looked around puzzled. She expected the quarters to look different somehow, not nearly the same as a few days before.

Leah was just as surprised by the state of the room. It was waaay too neat. She wondered where Bob and his brood could be hiding with so little cover laying around.

"Well, that was easy. Everyone, anything different I need to know about ... no more holes I hope?" Captain Kematsopoulos asked.

Yeoman Tsundra stared at the object on the dresser, wondering what it was. "No tripping hazards, sir. There is one of Hanson's projects on the right night stand," she replied. She hoped it was his. She knew that Ensign Hanson had worked to clean up the room to show no signs of what she was doing earlier or of the intruders and attack, but she did not know what this new device was or what it was for.

"I'll examine it later, I suppose. Anything else we need to be concerned with?" the Captain asked.

The CMO carefully gauged everyone's reactions. She knew something was a foot, but did not know what.

Yeoman Tsundra brought the mysterious candle back to the left night stand since it was no longer needed in the other room and should be near the Captain.

The CMO eyed Tsundra warily. Part of her could sense some unexplained warmth or heat, but she could not see the candle. She could see that it looked like the Yeoman was carrying something.

Leah totally ignored the candle. She had no idea what it was for or why the CMO didn't see it, but apparently now wasn't the time to bring that up.

The Captain turned to the security officer. "OK, Richards you said there was something wrong with my door?" he asked.

"Yes, sir. It's either locked or stuck - I didn't have time to fully investigate that before." Leah didn't mention that Hanson had refused to even look at the door to attempt to fix it.

Captain Kematsopoulos listened and reached in his pocket, wondering if the tiny devices he had there before the ritual are still there. They were. ~Good,~ he thought. "Let's see if that's an easy one, too," he said.

"Computer, open the door to my quarters," he ordered and listened.

Nothing happened. The door remained shut.

"It is still shut, sir," Yeoman Tsundra said.

"Well, one out of two. Anything else? Before we contact the bridge? If we can contact the bridge?" the Captain asked. He wondered what would and would not respond to his commands. If this had been a few weeks ago, he would have been surprised that anything did respond to his commands.

"The intruders did try to kill us by tampering with the air supply to the room, sir. And the comms haven't working since this all started," Leah explained briefly. ~What was that gas called...?~ "Hanson said it was 'Cerinine,' sir." The name popped back into memory.

Uncharacteristically, the Captain jumped. "Hmm," he said.

The CMO noticed his reaction. ~He must have heard about it somehow, ~ she thought. "It's a good choice, sir. In a short time after being dead, the tissue will necrotize such that any trace of this gas would be virtually, if not totally, undetectable," she said.

"Computer, contact the bridge," the Captain ordered.

The computer monotoned, "Unable to comply."

Meanwhile on the bridge, the Acting XO, LCDR Unstoffe noticed how long its been since he had heard from Richards. He opened a comm, +Bridge to CO Quarters, LT Richards come in.+ There was no response.

LCDR Unstoffe turned to the CENG. "Kaptein, LT Richards is overdue reporting in and there is no answer in the CO's quarters. I am sending a security team to investigate," he informed the Acting Captain.

"Proceed," she said.

He opened another comm to the crew's mess. +Security Team One. Proceed to the Kaptein's quarters. Full alert. Investigate loss of comms from LT Richards,+ he ordered.

Ensign Rimmer was in the mess reviewing his Starfleet captain trading cards when he heard the call. "Wake up, Listee! That's us. Wonder what the LT has got herself into this time, eh," he said poking his comrade.

Ensign Lister woke up with a start and grabbed his phaser rifle. "Come on, Rimmer, let's go. Could be trouble," +Security Team One, acknowledged. We're on our way,+ he said.

"I am impressed, Lister. I bet the Commander had no idea you were napping," Ensign Rimmer said.

"That's the plan. Now let's go," replied Ensign Lister.

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