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CPT Kematsopoulos, LCDR  Laleia-Lii,  LTjg Richards,  Ensign Hanson, & Yeoman Tsundra

Joint Logs by Myth, Hana and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part  Sixteen
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

As LT Richards knocked over Ensign Hanson, his arm hit the deck hard. His phaser, set on the highest setting, went off. The blast went wild and hit the Captain's bathroom. Since Hanson had maxed out his phaser's setting, it made not just a sizable hole, but it incinerated the whole room. Gone were the Captain's entire bathroom, fixtures, and personal objects (as well as some evidence left behind from one of the attackers) along with part of the bulkhead between it and the plant room.

Leah was glad she'd successfully tackled the obnoxious Ensign, but she was hoping like crazy the idiot hadn't managed to shoot either his target or the CMO. That would be bad.

"Great work, Leah. Get off of me!" Hanson croaked out sarcastically, barely able to breathe.

"You promise not to try and shoot anyone else?!" Leah snarled the question, not moving.

Dr. Laleia-Lii barely noticed the two as she stared at the glowing red edges of the incinerated room, barely able to believe that nobody was hurt.

"Get off of me, I still have the phaser on high!" Hanson yelled.

That was enough to snap the CMO out of her reverie.  She knew that she would have to get the phaser away from Hanson before it discharged again.  "Stand down, Hanson," she ordered, "I can take it from here."  It was a lie, but she needed to stop him from shooting.

Leah hissed, "You already had a chance to shoot me and you didn't."

"I made a mistake.  I won't make it again. Get off me!! I can't breathe!" he rasped.

Leah scowled, but shifted her weight enough to keep from crushing the engineer.

The CMO scanned the Ensign. "Lieutenant, you better get off. He's badly injured," she said.

"I guess you do like me.." Hanson said looking up at Leah to annoy her and get her off.

Leah reluctantly moved. "Be glad we aren't alone or I'd really let ya have it!" ~Promise or no promise!~

"I suppose I can get used to your onion breath.." Hanson retorted as he gasped for air, feeling her weight shift off of him.

In the dim light of the nursery and the embers of the blasted room, two silhouettes emerged amidst the rubble and smoke. One was much taller and both were walking towards and out of the gaping hole that used to be Captain's bathroom.

"Can't you two keep it down? You both make enough noise to wake the dead," the Captain said, moving towards the voices of Hanson and Richards. Yeoman Tsundra had his arm and was steadying him through the debris.

"Captain?" the CMO called, not believing her ears. From where she was located in the quarters she still could not see him yet.

Leah was both surprised and embarrassed. "Uh... Sorry, Sir," she said.

The CMO momentarily flicked her scanner away from Hanson and toward the sound of the Captain's voice. The only indication he had been ill was some muscle atrophy, but other than that and the blindness he was in robust health again. "Impossible. In all my decades I never..." her voice trailed off, her mind racing - trying to sort out how he could have made such a miraculous recovery.

She frowned, switching her attention back to Hanson, who was most in need of her care and experience.  "You are a sick boy.  You're coming with me, but don't get up."

"Status Report," the Captain said as if he were coming back on duty after nothing more than a break.

The highest ranking officer replied first.  "Not sure what happened.  Children?" Dr. Laleia-Lii  shot a questioning glance toward Richards, hoping that she could fill the Captain in.  She was working hard to stabilize Hanson, and didn't know much of what had happened herself. She was surprised that he had lasted as long as he had and didn't complain about his injuries.  Besides everything else, it looked as if the spindly Ensign had recently been on the wrong side of someone else's fists.

~Children?!~ "The intruders came back to finish this, but Hanson managed to capture one of them. I shot the other one but he was transported away. Also, the door is locked and we have no comm contact with anyone outside of this room." Leah summed the situation up as briefly as possible.

The CO paused. He did not recall being attacked." Intruders? Any ideas who the intruders were?" he asked.

"No, sir. We haven't gotten to interrogating this one yet. I assume it's one of the beings that attacked all of you before."

"There is one still here?" Captain Kematsopoulos asked.

"Yeah. It's unconscious still, sir." Leah explained.

"Identified? What does he or she look like? What race?" asked the Captain.

"The lights went out right after they beamed in and they're still out, sir," LT Richards said. She assumed he must still be blind.

"Can we get the lights back? Are they out throughout the ship? I seem to recall an attack..." his voice trailed off.

The CMO continued her work, not paying attention to anything but Hanson at this point.

"I don't know, sir. Ha-Ensign Hanson hasn't had the chance to work on the lights yet," Leah said. Hanson's hands had been full just keeping everyone alive.

"Almost done," interrupted the Doctor." I need to get him to Sickbay and you, too, Captain. You are much too healthy.. I need to see what is wrong with you..." she said.

~Ain't that the truth...~ Leah couldn't disagree with that, considering the shape the Captain had been in when she'd first arrived on the scene.

The Captain shook his head. " Always the worrier you are," he chided. "Trust me, I don't feel my old self yet. You can look at me later but first things first. We need to know what we are up against. Which group of people it is would be a good start."

Ensign Hanson bristled and squirmed. He tried to yell, "No, no, no lights.." It came out not very loud but enough for all to hear.

"He's right. Lights are definitely not a good thing, yet, for the intruder..I don't know what he is exactly but he is part plant..." the CMO observed.

Hanson groaned and said, "Captain, I need to talk with you. I.."

"Hush now. We've got it now," she said reassuringly, realizing that this was one of his fears to be in charge when people may die. It was also one of hers.  The doctor got out another vial for the hypo.

"Wait! Don't knock him out. I think whatever he's got to say is important." Leah interrupted. She didn't particularly want to hear his voice anymore, but maybe he was about to spill some of what he'd been keeping back.

Hanson groaned again. "Never thought we'd agree on anything," he muttered. "Yes, important," he said louder.

"He's severely injured," the CMO cautioned. I don't know how he held on so long. I WILL sedate him, so make it quick."

"Making my way there as fast as I can. Seems there was some redecorating besides the hole..." the Captain said.

"Richards..." Hanson said. He moved his face to where the Doctor's voice was coming from. "CMO, I need to talk to her privately, " Hanson tried to explain.

"All right," the CMO frowned and reluctantly moved away, sensing the depth of need involved.

Leah stepped closer to the ensign. ~Me?~ "Ya had plenty of time before- why wait till now?!" she knelt beside him. "What is it?"

The Doctor moved a polite but short distance away. She tried to eavesdrop a bit to figure out what was going on.

Hanson's condition was deteriorating.  "You can't tell," he rasped.

"Wanna be more specific?"  she asked. There were plenty of things that had happened that Leah was not about to tell anyone, ever.

"You can't tell about the room, the bottles, the Captain being dead...," he said.

"Why the heck not? It's kinda important!" After all, the man had been all but dead. Surely the CMO ought to be informed about that!

"You can't. I'll explain later. Tell the Captain, but no one else. He'll figure it out and be grateful. You can't tell anyone else," he tried to explain.

Leah considered. "... If something happens and the CMO needs to know, I'm telling her." Since the Captain was not only alive, but moving and talking it wasn't vitally important. Hopefully.

"Only then. Not until. Deal? It will make sense later," Hanson promised.

"... Fine, yeah. Deal." Making deal's with Hanson had become all too common an occurrence for her taste. Also, being this close to him made Leah feel slimy.

"Good," Hanson said weakly but he sounded satisfied. He had done what he could to protect things and the others.

Leah ignored that and stood up.

The Captain and Yeoman Tsundra arrived but stay a polite distance away from LT Richards and Ensign Hanson. "Let me know when to approach," the Captain said, still being guided by his Yeoman.

"We're done," Leah said to the CO.

With the Yeoman's help, the Captain knelt down near the assistant engineer.

"Captain?" Hanson asked.

"Yes, I am here," the Captain replied.

Hanson's voice was faint. The Captain was unsure if it was deliberate to avoid the others from hearing, or the best he could manage considering his injuries. "The intruders have superior tech ... far superior tech. I hid them in your night stand. I cleaned everything up so no one would know that and ... what you and Tsundra were doing. This alien here, I have seen something like it before. Something when I was ... you can't let them sir. You can't let them..." he trailed off incoherently.

The CMO glanced at her tricorder as she readied a hypospray. "It's about time you got some rest," she announced. This time, there would be no more delays for Hanson. She couldn't let his condition worsen or allow him to suffer more.

Ensign Hanson heard that, and tried to say loudly, "They'll kill us all. You can't let..." his voice trailed off, " ... them get here, into our, you know..."

As the Doctor administered the sedative, she leaned over to whisper, "I know."

As he lost consciousness, the CMO's whisper echoed in Hanson's ear.  Instead of giving him comfort, it did the exact opposite. He did not want her to know and tried so hard to keep it a secret from as many as he could. ~If news of this gets out on the ship, we will lose our element of surprise and they will come in num...~ his thoughts sank into the darkness as his frail, beaten body succumbed to the drugs.  

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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