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Joint Logs by Myth, Hana and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part  Fifteen
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Ensign Hanson was in CO's quarters (main room) dragging the intruder to a good spot to kill him.

"Hanson?" the CMO called.

The alien intruder regained consciousness. A cacophony of frightening images fill his mind and spilled out into the room like a tidal wave.

"For our protection, the lights are off and I must..." Hanson started to say not finishing the sentence noticing the alien was awake.

"Hanson!  What are you doing?" the CMO asked, reeling from the thoughts rolling off the Ensign and the intruder.

BZZZT! The sound of a phaser firing filled the small room.  (( ))

"Hanson!  Who is in there with you?  What have you done?" the CMO asked. She had sensed an explosion of great fear and conflicted thoughts from another mind and then nothingness.

"Saved us for the moment. How are you?" he asked.  

"Saved?" she asked.

"For now, it can't hurt any of us," he said.

The CMO slowly and carefully walked further into the dark room."Hanson, are you OK?" she asked. He was not feeling OK to her.

This took Ensign Hanson by surprise. He didn't expect anyone to ask or care how he felt. He wasn't sure what to say. Very few people cared about him and that was fine by him, or so he told himself.

The CMO stated carefully," Hanson, you seem... afraid."

Hanson got irritated with her for saying that. He didn't want anyone to know how he felt. That could make him vulnerable.  " It is still alive. We should all be scared," he said. "Can you sedate it and restrain it?" he asked.

"What is 'it'?" she asked.

~That's a good question!~ Leah would have liked the answer to that too- she'd been trying to get it out of Hanson for a while! He had a bad habit of ignoring the important points in conversations.

"The intruder that attacked you. Be careful not to make contact with him. I'll give you the data," he said hoping that  she would understand its weird and alien biology better than he did.

"Intruder?" the CMO asked wanting to know more.

Hanson steeped away but kept scanning "it".

"Hanson, my head hurts and I don't know where my medical kit is.  There are people in the other room who are hurt, and something strange is going on," she said. She added more firmly," Hanson, who else is in this room?"

Hanson turned the scanner on CMO. He was glad she was conscious and ambulatory but didn't think it was safe for her to be walking. "One intruder - the other one got away. I don't know what the other one was," he said.

"Show me this 'intruder'. And if you know where my medical kit is, please give it to me. And why is it so dark in here?" she asked.

Ensign Hanson was concerned for her. "You need to sit down. Your vitals don't look good, he said scanning her further.

The CMO reached one of the rare points in her life, she was feeling exasperated. (( Hanson is good at helping others feel that way. It is one of his talents.  ;o)  ))

Hanson walked toward the CMO to give her the tricorder but misjudged where she was. He bumped into her. Hanson felt her start to fall. He was alarmed and felt bad. "Sorry," he apologized trying to get under her to catch her. He succeeded in catching her, if you considered that he fell first underneath her and softened her fall.

The CMO sighed,"No harm done.  Please tell me what is going on. And is that my scanner?"

She signed again, "Hanson, after this is over, we need to discuss your diet and general fat and sugar intake."

Hanson replied with a voice muffled by part of the CMO," Plant creature or part plant. It attacked you and.." Hanson was furthered trying to help the CMO. He got more confused from the additional pain of having her fall on him and gave her the tricorder. ~Hopefully, it will make more sense to her than it did to me,~ he thought again.

Leah heard the two tumble, but she paid more attention to the little bit Hanson had said. She hoped he'd slip up and drop another hint or two since he seemed to know more than he'd told her so far.

The doctor, still not well, grabbed the tricorder and got up. She fumbled with the tricorder," We're being invaded by plants.  Fantastic," she muttered.

Hanson bristled. This was one his fears about the creature that there were others and the were coming, if not already here.

The CMO poked a few buttons and worked on a theory." I say we can use the extra oxygen, and maybe you'll develop a healthy fear of greenhouses.  I think I'll take up gardening, she said, rubbing her head.

"You don't remember being attacked?" Hanson asked. He was getting more upset.

The overwhelming sense of paranoia permeating the room got to the CMO, making it harder for her to work. "I don't remember anything over the past day.  I have a splitting headache.  I woke up in the other room there, minus my memories and a medical kit," she said.

"You should get back to the other room, I think I fixed the air in the quarters but it's only a matter of time before the other one comes back," he warned.

The CMO scanned in the general direction of where the 'intruder' might be.

"You're lucky then that you can't remember for now. From the injuries you had it must have been horif.. um," he stopped himself from babbling further.  "Can we keep it under wraps and interrogate it?" he asked instead.

"I can handle myself.  In the mood I am, if any plants attack me I'll bite their kneecaps off.  Assuming they have those. Interrogate?  He's not a prisoner, is he?" she asked. I've seen some really odd tricorder readings in my time..."  She looked in Hanson's possible general direction." You weren't lying about plants ... what's wrong with it? " she asked concerned.

"It's evil.." Hanson said, believing it to be true and thinking that was what the CMO meant.

Leah was slightly disgusted to find herself agreeing with Hanson. "They did beam in and attack us-even if you don't remember it, sir, You're only alive because Hanson arrived in time to save you." She left out the Bob's involvement in fetching the Ensign in the first place.

The Chief Medical Officer tried to sense something from the "plant". She didn't get too much more. It was still unconscious. "Hmm. Well, it certainly doesn't belong on the ship. Is there any way to restrain it?  You said there's another?" she asked.

"Can you control it?" Hanson asked.  He started to sneak away in the darkness, in case she couldn't. He returned to his mission of killing the intruder if it could not be kept under control and questioned. It was important for Hanson to find out if there were others and if they were coming or on their way. He knew time was running out and the alien might regain consciousness soon.

"Control? I don't know what effects my sedatives will have on it. It appears to be ill.  In as much as I can tell anything about plants," she said.

This was it for Hanson. He feared the alien would regain consciousness in the next two minutes, if his calculations were correct. "Do you know how to medically control it?" he asked getting straight to the point.

"Er... pesticide?" she said.

"OK. Nothing can be done," Hanson said.

"Well, we could tie it up. And depriving it of light might help," she offered.

At this point, Hanson decided that the CMO was still suffering from the attack and couldn't help him. He moved towards the alien to kill him.

Sensing his movement, the CMO went towards the alien as well.

Hanson did not reply with words. Instead he set his phaser for highest setting.

Leah had a feeling this wasn't going to end well if she left the CMO to handle it alone, so she moved toward where she'd last heard Hanson, assuming he was about to kill the alien. "Tying it up is a good idea,"  she said. Hopefully he'd take that advice.

"Hanson?" the CMO asked. He was up to something big. She wasn't exactly sure what yet. She was catching snatches of thoughts from all parties and thoroughly confused by this point. "Hanson, you aren't about to do something rash are you?" she asked, walking towards him further.

~I can't believe I am having second thoughts. Especially after last time,~ he cursed himself for indecision and aimed. ~OK. No indecisions. If she can't control it, it must die. I don't want to kill but there is no choice. I can't let it kill everyone else, ~ Hanson told himself. Hanson took a breath.

Leah moved closer, trying to keep herself between Hanson and the alien. "Don't do anything stupid, Hanson," she said.

"Hanson?  Leah? What in the cosmos is going on?  Let's tie this thing up already. It might know where the other one is,"  said the CMO.

Hanson had made a lot of rash decisions in his life. This one seemed clear to him but he paused and hated himself for pausing. There was a lot of pressure on him and no going back. Once the alien was dead, it could not harm them but then it was dead and there would be no way to find out if more were coming. If he let it live or killed it, they could all die and it would be all his fault. Hanson kept looking for a way out but he needed to find it in less than a minute.

"That's what I asked you Doctor. Can you control it? Can you interrogate it?" he asked, holding out some small amount of hope that he didn't have to kill. For all his bluster and talk that it was best to kill it, he did not want to kill the alien and was hoping there was some other way to keep everyone safe.

"I may be able to ... glean some information from it. But ... it has to be conscious," she said.

"I need to know. There's no going back either option," he said.

"I don't know what effect any of my drugs will have on it.  As a doctor, it goes against my oath to do something that may harm a sick or injured person - friend or foe," the doctor explained.

"Done then," he said resolutely. ~Oh well. One choice. I don't like it but at least what she said makes it clear. Only one way to save us all, ~ he thought. Hanson aimed.

Leah was close enough to feel his breath on her face. She got ready to tackle him, guessing what he was about to do.

"Back off Richards. I think that's you. I..." Ensign Hanson started to say but the CMO interrupted him with the words he wanted so desperately to hear.

Realizing that Hanson might go as far as killing the intruder, she lied quickly," I can control it. Don't kill it."

"You can?" he asked hopefully. His injuries were getting worse and he didn't want to be responsible for everyone's lives. He just wanted to lie down and go back to bed. He was torn between preserving life which he was sworn to do and preserving lives which he was also sworn to do, all those years ago.

That moment of distraction was probably the one chance she'd get to relieve Hanson of his phaser. Leah didn't wait for the rest of what he had to say-she flew at him.

Dr. Laleia-Lii heard a commotion in the darkness." Would you two stop it already?! "She grumbled and walked toward the "plant", letting Leah and Hanson duke it out... Her headache grew worse.

As she was saying this, Ensign Hanson tumbled to the deck hard. The phaser, set on the highest setting, discharged.        


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