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LCDR  Laleia-Lii,  LTjg Richards,  Ensign Hanson, & Yeoman Tsundra

Joint Logs by Myth, Hana and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part  Fourteen
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Leah raised an eyebrow. "You can't just keep him knocked out." She wasn't concerned with killing the guy as much as she was surprised by Hanson's obvious fear.

"I am not sure how to do that safely for him or all of us on the Eagle and this ... um, we have to keep him out of light I think," Hanson rambled, lost in his own thoughts and not making much sense.

"Out of the light? What is he, an anti-plant?" Confused, Leah assumed he meant that light was harmful to the intruder.

"I think he might be related to a plant or have some, um, plant parts. It's hard to explain. I don't want him to come to or synthesize his own energy source or anything else I can't predict. I don't think we can handle him," he said trying to explain.

Leah accepted the plant story for the time being. "But if we tie him up tight and keep him knocked out, how much trouble could he be?"

Hanson shook his head. "You don't understand what we have here," he said.

"If we kill him, we can't interrogate him or use him at all. Plus we'd probably get in trouble - I'm in trouble enough already, thanks." She was trying very hard to stay reasonable and not to be annoyed by how condescending he could be.

"You can't interrogate him. He's too dangerous. Look what he did to CMO," he said.

"You sure it was him? There were two that beamed in, y'know," she said.

"It was him. No doubt. The engramatic patterns, synaptic resonances, proteins ... It was him. I don't want to think if there were others like him.  If so we are done for," he said, but that is what he suspected.

"Just spit it out!" she yelled.

The one thing Hanson knew for sure was he couldn't tell her, not unless things got worse. The other was that he had seen an alien like this before, but it was not  exactly the same. He didn't want to tell her that because she would ask for details. Details he did not want to give. "Um.. I am not sure exactly what he is, but he's very powerful and he can do much more than what he did to the CMO."

~What if others and if more of his kind arrived ... or already did?~, he thought frantically.

"We can't keep him sedated, even if I was confident of how to do that, his biology is so different from ours. It's too dangerous to let him live and call others. Do you have any idea if his partner was of the same race?" he asked.

Leah narrowed her eyes in suspicion.  Hanson was too spooked for something this nonspecific. ~He must know more.~

In the Captain's plant room, the Chief Medical Officer twitched. Then it became more than that. Still feeling disconnected from reality, she eased back into consciousness.

Leah shook her head. "I didn't see either of 'em that well." Really, all she had seen was the reflection of light from the candle on something metallic on the intruder she shot.

~My eyelids feel too heavy,~ The Moebian medical officer forced her eyes open for a second and caught a glimpse of the room. She noticed she was laying down on the deck and above and around here were plants, lots of plants and tables.

~Plants.  Don't remember plants...~ the CMO thought. She looked farther. Things were our of place and there was faint light in the corner. Also present were a man whose legs and boots could be made out, as well as his right arm with captain's insignia and the plain gold band for a wedding ring on his right hand. (Greeks from Greece wear the wedding ring in this manner.)  She had told him before that it was all right to stop wearing his wedding ring and move on, but he didn't listen to her. He still held out hope that his wife was alive somehow. She had tried to tell him he would not dishonor T'Nar if he stopped wearing it, but he didn't listen to her then either.  Even in her current state she'd recognize him and that wedding ring from just a glimpse.

Sitting up near the Captain, and covering part of him from view, was Yeoman Tsundra. Tsundra made her feel uneasy. There was too much not right about her ... especially her being a yeoman. She didn't like that Tsundra was so close to the Captain, either.

The CMO remained still and tried to mask any change in her breathing pattern. Even in this hazy state she was wary. She hoped she wasn't allergic to anything. She did not want to give herself away until she had a better idea what was going on. Unfortunately, the twitch turned into an itch - and the itch, a sneeze. About halfway through the sneeze, it changed into one of her most used Moebian explicatives.

Tsundra had fallen asleep tending to the CO, but it was a worried sleep. She was easily jarred out of her fitful slumber. Having recognized the swear and not opened her eyes yet, she said, "CMO?"

There was no use pretending now. The CMO sat up and wiped her nose, muttering something about plants not having pollen underwater, then patted Tsundra on the arm.

Tsundra opened her eyes very weakly. "Bless you. How are you?" she asked.

The CMO tried to see how well she did at standing. Not very well. She unceremoniously fell over. "Floppy," she replied.

"One of your Moebian customs?" Tsundra asked. She was worried for her, but trying to joke.

"No, just plain old lack of muscle control.  How are you feeling?" Dr. Laleia-Lii asked, glancing around the room for medical equipment. She still felt uneasy. "It's OK, though, I'm a doctor," she said, giving a wry smile.

"Weak. Very weak," Yeoman Tsundra replied. She checked to make sure she was still blocking most of the view from the CMO to CO. She was.

The CMO sat, trying to put her finger on the fragmentary memories from right before she wound up unconscious on the floor of ... the Captain's plant room? This made no sense to her. Very quietly, she asked, "Tsundra, do you remember what happened before you got here?"

"Intruders. Two of them, I think," the Yeoman said.

"Do you remember what sort?" the Doctor asked, rubbing her head. "All I remember is not being able to reach the Captain ... his door wouldn't open.." her voice trailed off.

Tsundra smiled grimly. "You are lucky then," she said, indicating that she was not so fortunate. "They said one attacked you."

"They?" the CMO asked.

"Yes, Ensign Hanson and LT Richards. They are in the other room, fighting more, no doubt," Tsundra explained.

Back in the bedroom part of the Captain's Quarters, Ensign Hanson and LT Richards were indeed fighting.

"He's an alien. A very bad one. Highly telepathic.  He doesn't belong here," Hanson said.

"No kidding," Leah snorted. The intrusion and beam in were a pretty good indicator of that.

Hanson gave one of his characteristic enigmatic shrugs. "Well, there you go..." he said.

"You know more than you're telling me." Leah growled, although this was sort of the status quo when Hanson was involved.

"Yes," Hanson said.

Leah crossed her arms and glared ... not that she expected it to change Hanson's responses. "Well, I ain't killin' anyone on your say-so without a little more information." It went without saying that she wouldn't stand by and let him do so either.

In the darkness, Hanson was unable to see her glare. He moved away from her. He was going to have to do something he didn't want to do, but he didn't see any choice in the matter.

Back in the mini nursery:

"What of the Captain?" the CMO asked, concerned for her friend.

"He was too ill to be attacked. They were looking for information," the Yeoman paused uncomfortably.

"I see......and?" she pressed.

"Do you know where the Captain hid the spy?" Yeoman Tsundra asked, abruptly.

The CMO thought quickly. "I'm afraid not. I wasn't aware of those plans," she said.

Tsundra let out a big sigh of relief. "Thank God. Then they do not know, then - or at least at that point. I did not know either, so they could not find out from me," she said. "So that is, at least, something good."

"Well, the less people who know, the less they can give it away.  Isn't that the point?" Dr. Laleia-Lii smiled grimly, hoping her act was convincing to Tsundra.

"Yes, perhaps too well," Tsundra replied, not showing one way or another that she had been convinced or not.

"Now, I'm going to figure out how to operate my legs again, and see if I can't interrupt an argument," the Doctor said. She got up again and walked unsteadily and cautiously toward the next room.  "Medkit, need to find a medkit..."

"The Ensign has your med kit. Mine is missing. CO has one, but I don't know if the intruders got it," Tsundra called after her.

Back in the bedroom, Hanson made his way to where he put the prisoner.

Leah followed the sound of Hanson's footsteps. "What are you doin'?" Was he really desperate enough to kill the prisoner himself?

"Getting a bot," Hanson lied.  "Be very quiet. He might wake up soon. You should go check on the others. Give a holler if they need something."

Leah sighed. If Hanson had wanted the alien dead enough to do it himself, he'd already had the chance when he'd first subdued him. So checking in on the others probably couldn't hurt. "Don't kill him yet, all right?" She headed to the plant room.

Hanson continued with his plans to kill the intruder. They were made so much easier with LT Richards leaving. He was surprised that she didn't want to kill the alien.

Still on her way to the bedroom, the CMO caught part of the conversation out there. ~Kill?~ she repeated in her mind. ~What is going on?~ she wondered.

Tsundra could not hear what the CMO did. "He should have a kit in the night stand on the right of his bed," she called.

"Thank you," the CMO said to the Yeoman, distracted. She tried to not look as ill as she felt.

Just then, Leah wandered into the plant room, expecting to find three unconscious bodies.

Seeing the lieutenant walk into the room, the Doctor mustered as much authority in her voice as she could.  "Please tell me where I may find a med kit."

Leah was quite surprised to find two of them so lively, and wondered how much of the argument they had heard. "Er... Ensign Hanson has it, sir."

"May I please have it?  I have at least one patient who needs treatment, unless you know of more." She carefully studied the young woman's reaction to her, then asked, "Where is Ensign Hanson?"

"He's in the main room," Leah said, following the CMO. "Actually, he could use your attention when you have a chance, sir."

The CMO stepped out into the darkness of the other room. She tried not to flinch or squint, and jacked up her senses more. She had the definite feeling that something or things were not ... right. She felt as if something were giving off light and warmth, yet it felt ... oddly insubstantial. She could sense a little of it, but could not see the odd candle that Leah and Bob and discovered earlier.

Hanson reached his destination. The alien was within his reach.  He grabbed it, very careful to not make contact with his skin or to get attacked by any of the tendrils or tentacles. With a groan, he moved the intruder out of the bedroom.

"Ensign Hanson," the CMO said, firmly.

Hanson did not hear her. He continued to drag the alien.

She stepped up the volume to just below a shout. "Ensign Hanson," she said, like one would shout an order.

"CMO?" Hanson asked shocked. ~How can she be conscious?~ he wondered. ~No, my mind is playing tricks on me. That can't be her.~

Leah watched quietly. She preferred to let the CMO handle this since arguing with Hanson herself rarely got anything done.

"Ensign Hanson, I was told that you have my medical kit. What is going on, here?" the Doctor demanded. That fellow's mind always made her feel uneasy. It was always racing off in several directions at once. Right now the only thing very clear in it was fear, extreme fear.

Hanson huffed and puffed. It was hard in his condition to move the large alien. He decided now that the voice was real." You were attacked," he explained to the CMO.

"I only have a shady recollection of that incident. More importantly, I need to confirm that other nearby crew members are OK.  Did you find my attacker?" the Doctor said, moving toward where she sensed was Ensign Hanson.

~~I am glad she sounds like she will be fine, but why does she have to wake up now?~~ he groused, having a very hard time getting the alien where he wanted it.

As she moved closer and closer to Hanson, Dr. Laleia-Lii got the feeling of stepping off the edge of a cliff overhanging a great chasm of evil. There was definitely something or someone else in the room.

"I'm afraid I can't see much to find my med kit. Would it be possible to turn some lights on?" she asked, giving no indication that she was aware of another presence.


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