The Adventures of the USS Eagle,
A Star Trek Sim/ Star Trek RPG


Title: A Who that was Behind Door Number Two, Part Two 
Location: The Intruder's Ship
Setting: The Bridge

The computer beeped 3.575 seconds later, signifying it had completed it's task.

Computer> Scan complete.

Location: Captain's Quarters.
Identity: Agent Sydow confirmed
Life signs: Unstable.
Status: Injured.

"Great. Just great," Agent Condor said.

"Computer, transport Agent Sydow to this vessel. Prearranged coordinates," he/she/it ordered.

Computer> Unable to Comply.  

"Reason," asked the person.

Computer> ECM.

"Impossible!! Source?" Condor asked.

Computer> Inside the Captain's Quarters.

"Nature of ,"  the being asked more lucid, recovering from being stunned by LT Richards' phaser.

Computer> Unknown.

"Unknown? What do you mean unknown? Our technology is far superior than theirs! Speculate!" Condor ordered.

Computer> Insufficient data.

"That's why you speculate - you stupid computer. Power source?" Condor asked.

Computer> None detectable.

"Impossible!" the being yelled in a fit of rage.  This was one of this person's fears, that their lack of technical skill would get them one day. That's why this being made sure their partners throughout their years had these skills. The being was all the more irrate since the time difference should have offset their personal deficit. With the Captain dead, the CENG busy as Acting Captain and the Vulcans as the other top people in engineering still suffering from the wormhole aliens, there wasn't anyone or so they thought that would be able to out think them.

"OK, so one shot at me and there is another maybe in the quarters then.  No choice but to go back. Let's see what I am getting into" they said.

"Computer enumerate occupants of room, " they ordered.

Computer> Six. Begin list. Sydow. End list. Interference from magnetic poles prevents precise DNA read.

"@@!!*& ! How many are alive?" they asked.

Computer> All six are alive.

"Impossible..." the intruder said thinking of the different scenarios.  ~ Impossible unless a security team arrived and is conducting an investigation.. that would be disastrous for Sydow and the mission if he is their prisoner and they figure out what he is and get a hold of the tech that he has on him.... The Captain, Yeoman and CMO must be dead. There was no way for them to have survived. Need to know what happened there and what I am walking into. I have to get back and clean up before the whole crew figures it out if they haven't already,~ the being thought.

"Computer, enumerate races of occupants."

Computer> Genarron Clone 75A.  Five Humanoids. 85 percent likelyhood that all are Humans. Insufficient data prevents more detailed analysis.

"Computer, Send message to HQ as follows:
'To: Big Red
From: Agent Condor
Subject: Update
No egg for cake.  
Immediate update requested.'

Send," they ordered.

Computer> Message sent.

~I'll beam back on board...and then what?  I can't go back into the room with a security detail there by myself. Plan. I need a plan..we just used up all the backup ones.  Head hurts. Can't think.~ The being opened a panel, fumbled and injected theirself with a pain killer and a stimulant.

During that time, the being desperately hoping when they finished that there would be a response to the message. Knowing what had happened meant they could prevent it from happening again. The trick was trying to figure out---"

Several minutes passed. There was no response to the message.

Unable to wait any longer, Agent Condor beamed back on the Eagle just as a new message was finally received by the small cloaked vessel.

This time however, the being did not beam back into the CO's Quarters but somewhere else to gain the advantage and retrieve Agent Sydow.


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