The Adventures of the USS Eagle,
A Star Trek Sim/ Star Trek RPG


Title: A Who that was Behind Door Number Two, Part One 
Location: The Intruder's Ship
Setting: The Bridge
Chronology: Simultaneous with What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part  Thirteen
((  ))

On a small ship following the Eagle, the second intruder awoke.

"Ugnnhk, my head," the intruder said, opening his/hers/its eyes. The being looked around. "Our ship?  What??" Sydow?? The Eagle? Where's the Eagle?" the being asked, confused.

There was no reply.  

The being tried to get up off the deck, staggered and checked with the computer.

"Computer, status report," the intruder ordered.

Computer> Status.

Local time: Stardate 200705.21
Condition: Red
Mission: In progress. Agent Condor stunned unconscious. Beamed back by Agent Sydow.
Messages Waiting: None

The being swore and yelled, "Sydow!"  As much as Condor's partner scared he/she/it, he was at least an ally for the moment, in this mess that they were told to change.

There was no reply.  

In a disoriented manner, Agent Condor talked through the situation aloud, "Alone. No update. No new orders. Don't want to risk sending another message. Have to be very careful even though the Eagle has primitive sensors."

"Computer messages out. Display last,"  Condor  ordered. ~Maybe Sydow sent one,~ the Agent thought, walking with much difficulty to a computer screen to view it.

Computer> Last Message: Condor Update.

'Report: Agent Condor
Local Time: Stardate 200703.11
Terran Year 2293
Location: USS Eagle

Update: I just learned that the Captain [Kematsopoulos] left a message stating that the spy is off the ship. Recommend sending the Vanguard to pay the USS Valkyrie a visit. This is the only other ship we have had contact with since the spy came onboard. This message was left before we encountered the Brazil. I will try as soon as I can without raising suspicions to access the transporter logs. After the Eagle and Brazil separate, you can send the Vanguard to finish the Brazil off.  No sign of any other agents, ours or theirs or those from the other side.

Agent Condor out.'

Computer>End Message.

"Nothing. It's the same- I left before. Computer, messages last orders," Condor asked to make sure they were the same also.

Computer> Last Message: Orders.

'To: Agent Condor
From: Big Red
Subject: Orders

Your mission failed.
Go back and clean the room.  
Two unknowns entered the equation and spoiled the results.
Recall Sydow. Interrogate heavily and kill.
Leave no survivors. Do not leave until you confirm deaths. '

Computer>End Message.

"Nothing new. Last ones I read before I pumped in the cerinine (( and sealed the quarters. No choice. Have to risk it," Condor said.

Condor's hands moved unsteadily over console. "Computer, Tight high directed beam. Active scan. CO's Quarters of the Eagle. Locate Sydow and any others there, " the Agent ordered.

The computer initiated a short burst of highly directed terallon particles for the scan.     

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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