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Title: The Uniform, Part One
Stardate: 2000601.25
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

By now the man is starting to get some clues to some questions he needs answered, but feels somehow it would be bad to ask the questions directly. He isn't sure how he knows that either, but feels it very strongly.

He realizes that several of these questions he needs answered could be resolved if only he had his uniform. Others could be answered with private access to a computer. The uniform, he thinks, will probably be the easier and quicker to obtain.

~But how am I going to get her to let me have my uniform?~ he wonders. ~There is no way, being blind, from the sound of surprise in her voice on that revelation, that she'll let me go back to duty and get access to a computer.~

The man rubs his head. He is confused and not himself. Of that much he knows and is certain. Almost everything else isn't making any sense and the blindness is doing nothing to help his disorientation any either. Another overwhelming flood of conflicting images fills his mind as he tries unsuccessfully to figure it out.

"It will be OK, Captain... ," the CMO tries to say reassuringly.

"My uniform?" he asks trying to get it again.

The CMO replies gently, "We had to remove it to operate." You're wearing patient surgical garments . . . your uniform is fine. There was an odd substance on your uniform. We're analyzing it right now, but I promise that it will be returned to you clean."

"You'll regain your sight with time, don't panic," she says trying to reassure him. As much as she tried not to pry into peoples' minds and found such unwanted intrusions repugnant and unethical, she is getting, without trying, glimpses of his flashes of images and confused feelings.  It is very disturbing to her even at what must be a diluted strength of what the Captain is feeling. She could only imagine how awful it must be to someone who had just gone blind.

"I am not panicking. I would like to change clothes. I am not comfortable like this," he says a bit annoyed. The total truth was he wasn't comfortable at all wherever and whenever it is he was.  In the pit of his stomach, a tiny feeling that something is out of place - no seriously wrong - beyond any injuries he might have, begins to swell and grow within his being.

"You can't right now. Your uniform needs to be cleaned.  It's undamaged, but covered with slime. Trust me, you DON'T want to put it on right now, " she explains.

~ Great, now how I am going to figure this out?~ the man thinks.

"Would you like me to get you some suitable alternative clothing, sir?" she asks trying to help him. ~I know no one ever likes the patient clothing, but why is he so concerned about his uniform?~ she wonders.

"Yes, please, a fresh uniform," he replies very relieved. ~Some answers are coming finally,~ he hopes.

"Please fetch the Captain a clean uniform," the doctor asks someone. The man had no idea who else is there, but he could hear and feel them leave briskly.

The doctor returns to running more scans on the Captain. The Moebian frowns and examines the scan more closely. "Did I miss something...?" she mutters. Dr. Laleilalii frowns at the scan and punches a few more buttons. ~How could I have missed that...? I should have caught it...~ she thinks, upset and confused by this. She knew there was no way she should have missed things like that.

"How long do you think until I can go back to my quarters?" the man asks, not comfortable with all the silence. He could tell that the doctor is worried about something. He hoped it wasn't what he was worried about. He also needs to get an idea how long it would be before he could get more questions answered.

"Unfortunately, it will be a while. I need to run a few more scans. Please be patient, sir. Are you, by chance, dizzy?" she asks.

"Yes, how did you know?" he asks.

"There's some nerve damage and inner ear disturbances - nothing permanent, but unusual," she says and continues scanning.

"We can correct these problems, but I don't want to do surgery again so soon. At least your surgery is healing very well."  She thinks, ~ Very surprisingly well. Beyond expectations. How odd.~

"How long ago was the accident?" the man asks.

"About a week, sir," she informs.

"A week??" he says in surprise. Although he is trying to control his emotions and be neutral he is clearly thrown off by this.

"Yes, you were unconscious for quite a while, I'm still trying to figure out why. What do you remember about the accident?" she asks. She notices he is having a lot of trouble with that.

The AMO sent on the uniform mission quietly returns and sets the clean uniform on the table near the bed.

The man feels someone enter the room and leave. He had no idea who, but it was the least of the disturbing puzzles before him.

"I remember going to bed and waking up here," he replies being careful to repeat the same thing he said earlier. Unfortunately, it isn't what he said earlier.

"That's all?" she asks and frowns. "Are you sure you remember going to bed?  Specifically?" she asks, puzzled herself. She knew from the reports that on the day of the accident, the Captain had finished a long shift but went down to the cargo bay to check on a few things. He never made it to bed that night. At a minimum he may have lost the memories of most of the day, not just the minutes up to the accident. Temporary loss or even permanent loss of the last few minutes were not bad considering the damage he had but beyond that it was troubling.

The man tries to glean some hint from the sound of her voice as what to say. Apparently his reply is not what she expected to hear, just as his blindness was unexpected to her also. ~What really happened?~ he wonders.

"Yes," he replies anyway trying to sound sure. Telling her the truth of what little he remembered didn't seem like a good idea. He surmised that she'd certainly never let him get to his quarters if he did. The man needed to get there desperately. He is certain there be a computer there . . . that should answer most of the rest of his questions - the ones he knew somehow deep inside it would be very wrong to ask a person.

"Who came in just a second ago?" he asks hoping to change the subject.

"The assistant medical officer," the CMO replies.

"What happened this last week?" he asks, hoping that this would be another way to get some information he needs without asking directly. It is also away to keep the subject changed.

The four foot tall Moeban doctor picks up the uniform and hands it to the CO. "Here's a fresh uniform," she says taking his hands gently and putting the uniform in them.

The man smiles and replies, "Thank you." He is very relieved. He'd be able to get some answers now, besides get out of the pajamas.

"Where may I change?" he asks as he feels the uniform. His hands quickly search over the garments. Noting the pins, he pauses to feel the insignia and looks thoughtful. "Everything here? " he asks.

"Yes," she replies, thinking how hard it must be to be blind.

~Well, there's two answers at least~ he thinks. ~I can exam them in further detail with less suspicion when I change.~

The CMO places her hand on the CO's shoulder and starts to guide him toward the bathroom. As he follows her, he carefully confirms his guess from before that made no sense to him. The doctor was four feet high and very tiny. Perhaps as big as a child...

The man changes quickly but takes extra time to feel the other markings on the uniform in more detail. He has a shirt with ribbing on the sleeved and collar. He carefully checks a few times to make sure there are no markings on them. The pants are equally devoid of detail as are the boots and other items. The jacket, however, has a lot of detailing that he had just briefly seen with his fingers moments ago. He takes advantage of the privacy to get a better "look". Nothing again is on the collar. There are some sort of fasteners, one on the front of the shoulder strap with no ornamentation and the other on the back of the strap that is more detailed.  There are pins on the shoulder strap and one of the sleeves.  He isn't sure how he knows this but not other things, but the pins are definitely a captain rank to him. He thinks it odd how he seems to remember so many technical details like that and engineering things, but not some very obvious things.

The man sighs. Part of him is relieved.

He says to himself, "Definitely Captain then. I heard right. That's one question out of the way."

"Now for the rest," he pats himself to make sure the uniform is in order and opens the bathroom door, ready to embark on this next adventure.

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