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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part Nine
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Hanson ignored her and then said, " It's almost time to check on the Yeoman. Can you help me before your unpleasant symptoms appear? Two more minutes, I think you have left.." He looked over at unused hypo for a split second to make his point.

Leah noted the direction Hanson had glanced in but she ignored it. "Uh huh- whatcha want?" She still felt perfectly fine, after all.

"I need you to get Tsundra closer to me and the others. Hurry though, two minutes before onset of your next set of symptoms," he said.
"Oh shove it." Leah snapped. She moved Tsundra into Hanson's reach, hoping she'd hold his attention for a while so he'd be less annoying.

Hanson moved her slightly, scanned and sighed. "I can't give her any more TriOx or stims now..We need to get her some pure oxygen..." he said.
"There's another tank, if that helps." Leah offered.

"Hope it's enough to hold us till we can get out. You did try the doors didn't you?" he asked shaking head. ~With those thick security types, you never know,~ he thought.

~Ug!~ Leah could feel cramps coming on, but she ignored that for the moment hopping it would go away on its own. "Yeah, I tried 'em. And your little PHASER trick didn't work on 'em, either!" She added the last guessing he'd question her about that next.

"Phaser trick? " he laughed as he worked on Tsundra at same time. "You tried to remodulate the harmonics, etc., that I used for a type three partition on a security class 12 door? " he said in disbelief. "Look around I need to make a mask for her. Make it snappy. One minute 15 seconds left" he said in a commanding way to make her madder.

~Opps...~ Leah's skills were specifically in the area of knocking things and people down by hand mostly. "Wer... not quite. Not a lot of time to mess around, y'know!" She argued, embarrassed to admit he knew more about her job than she did. "Huh? What are ya gonna use for that?"

He shook head. "That would be why I want you too look around," he said.

"One minute," he announced glibly, debating the ethics of letting her get real sick.

Leah scowled and looked around, as much for mask parts as something heavy to 'accidentally' drop on Hanson.

As a few new symptoms cropped up, including a royal headache and more cramps, Leah muttered choice curses about Hanson and the medical profession in general. She didn't care to change her mind and ask for his assistance now.

Feeling like crud was making Leah that much more short tempered. "There's nothing like that here!"

"Well, duh, no mask, there's probably an emergency one in the rest of his quarters, but what do we have to make one?" he asked.

~Why don't med kits come with these?~ "There's tanks and potted plants-take your pick!" Neither seemed to useful at the moment. Although some of the plants would no doubt hurt is dropped on an unsuspecting head.

Hanson shook his head. "Need to improvise. Irrigation tubing, something to put on it to make a mask..." he started to say.

Leah happily envisioned the many possibly deaths of obnoxious ensigns as she plodded to the table to look for any tubes or other useful bits (preferable those without noxious chemicals in them).


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