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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part Eight
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Leah stood in the plant room, careful to keep from stepping on anyone while also keeping an eye on Hanson's work.

"You're next," Hanson said. This time, he worked in the opposite direction. Previously he had focused on Richards since she was the healthiest and the only one who could move the others to safety. If they hadn't gotten out of the other room when they did, they would all have been dead. Now he did the most serious first.

Leah blinked. "Me?" She'd prefer to keep Hanson at arms length (or more) as much as possible.

"Uh, yes. They were more at risk but you've probably inhaled more," he explained.

"I'm fine! You're the one who keeps conking out!" Leah argued- she did feel back to her usual self after Hanson's last hypos-why mess with a good thing?

"You're the only one ambulatory at the moment...." he reminded her.

"Right." This was just more proof that she was healthy. "So you should take care of yourself first then, all right?" Hanson had been in bad shape when he'd first arrived on the scene and the poisoning couldn't have helped. Besides, a spare set of hands might be useful at some point.

"I did," he lied.He knew that he needed to do more but there wasn't any time. He beleived that the intruders were coming back very soon.

From what Leah had observed, he'd actually taken care of everyone else instead which didn't fit with his usual selfishness.

Hanson smiled oddly."Chicken," he said.

Leah scowled, but didn't rise to the bait. "You've ignored your own injuries long enough." His persistence only made her that much more wary of letting him get near her with those hypos again.

"Bah. Chicken. Get closer," Hanson repeated, deflecting attention away from his injuries.  He was aware that he should go quickly to Sickbay himself but no one was going anywhere for now.

"That has nothing to do with it!" Leah protested. "Besides, I might need another pair of hands later and you'd be it." As galling as it was to admit that Hanson could be useful for more than robot maintenance.

"You don't think I want to keep you healthy, do you? I don't have a choice. You are the only one who can walk at the moment," He explained. The second to last thing in the world he wanted her to think was that he was being altruistic.

"I'm fine! And I don't need you poking at me or anything!" Leah didn't care what his motives were-unless it was a dire emergency she wanted none of his attention what so ever.

Hanson sarcastically tried to explained, "Of course not. You've inhaled plenty of the gas not just because you can breathe better than the rest of us but with all that heavy lifting has made you intake more of it... I'll just watch you collapse and then the rest of us one by one...and if we get company, the rest of us will put up a great fight.. of about 3 seconds... if we can manage that much."

"This is ridiculous." Leah gave up on arguing and sat within Hanson's reach. Fine-but hurry so you can take better care of yourself, all right?" She was tense.

It was notice how tense she was. Hanson was irritated by her so he capitalized on that. "OK this part wont hurt..." he said.

Leah was too annoyed to pay any attention to Hanson's reading or most of his commentary. "When we get out of this closet you're gonna need a new face, bud." Insults were a reflex, especially when, as now, she was uncomfortable.

Hanson mumbled. "Should probably get a sample of the gas to be sure..." he said, forgetting that the Narhat had already done that and showed him what it was when his vision was too blurry then to make it out.

" Well then in that case, I guess this next part will hurt..." he said jokingly to be mean.

That caught her by surprise. "What the heck are you goin' on about?"

"What are you going on about-new face. You already smashed mine good in the wall, " Hanson said bitterly. He loaded the hypo and waited for her reply. ~I am the only one who can save her life but can she be civil to me, even for our last few minutes before we get killed ...noooooooo sireee,~ he thought getting more and more upset.

Being that they were alone (or rather the only two conscious in the group) she didn't deny that. "THAT was nothing compared to what I'll come up with next!"

"Well, in that case.." Hanson stated to say. He put hypo down, making that action the end of his sentence.

"Problem solved," Hanson said. He leaned back more comfortably, getting some relief for his cracked ribs and feigned a look as if he would take a nap.

Unlike the Captain, he was not the sort who would go out of his way to do the right thing in a situation like this to prevent the needless suffering of someone he didn't like if the cost was too high to himself personally. He was just going to let it evolve on its own. There was just one way for thick headed security people to understand things. He still resolved to give her the antidote to save her life but only after she was passed out.

He'd have sedated her earlier, just to be free of her but he needed her. That was something he hated to admit, even to himself. He knew he had injuries of his own and couldn't walk from the combination of that, the gas and the meds. That and being responsible for two dying patients and one most likely to remain in a coma the rest of her life all while fighting off whoever had done this when they returned wasn't something he could do alone in his current condition. He leaned back some more, careful to not aggravate his ribs, waiting for Richards next set of symptoms to appear.



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