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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part Seven
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Leah was now in the Captain's plant room, the door was now bolted from the inside keeping them all locked in. Now she started stuffing the vents as Hanson had 'ordered' just before passing out again.

Bob, the wayward scutter, watched Leah intently wondering what to do and what those crazy Organics were doing now and would do next.

Leah finished stuffing the vents and looked around. Just as she'd seen before there was a large number of plants as well as the technical paraphernalia needed to keep them all alive. Including a number of tanks for holding gases.

She wondered if any of them contained breathable oxygen, and moved closer to scrutinize them. There were some rather befuddling diagrams on them, and words. The words were decipherable- and one of them was 'Oxygen'. ~ Score! ~

Praying it was O2 and not some bizarre (and potentially hazardous) variant, Leah worked on opening the tank enough to let some fresh air in without using the whole tank. It might pay to save some if they were going to be stuck in t he closet for long.

HISSTTT!! A small stream of oxygen is released.

Leah grinned at the hiss of air escaping and aimed the tank to the center of the little group of unconscious folk.

The small horde of bots looked oddly at Leah and her strange actions.

Unlike the others, the Narhat knew what was happening. It stopped some odd movements that it had been doing and appeared less agitated. It knew what the gas was and that it was deadly to humans as well as the decreasing oxygen levels and that the air was better now for the Organics.

Bob trotted over to rub on Leah's leg.

Leah kept her eye on the group, waiting for someone to wake up. She was a little annoyed with herself to realize she was hoping Hanson would wake up first. To distract herself she acknowledged Bob's presence again. "What, Bob?"

Bob tilted his head quizzically at her, pointed to door, and spun around.

Leah rolled her eyes. "We can't leave, Bob." She was a bit surprised that he hadn't picked up on that from listening to Hanson-usually the 'bot seemed to pay more attention to the engineer then to her.

Bob tilted his head again.

Rather than spend the rest of the day conversing with a mute robot, Leah shifted Hanson closer to the tank. She rationalized wanting him to wake up by the fact that he was the only one who realy seemed to know what was going on here.

By now, the oxygen was catching up to the enigmatic engineer and gave the TriOx compound something to work with. Hanson's breathing became less shallow as he took in more and more of the life saving molecules.

"Urgff!" Hanson grunted in a twilight state.

"C'mon, c'mon... wake up." Leah waited, impatient as always.

He groaned, not knowing what was going on or where he was. He certainly didn't remember that minutes ago, he was trying to save five lives from the poison gas that had flooded the quarters and caught them unawares. His mind drifted back to a happier time before his life and promising career as a doctor was shattered. He mumbled, "Morning already, T'Sarra?"

"Yeah, morning." Leah rolled her eyes. "I did what you told me - now what?" Any relief she might have felt at his waking up was washed away with the realization that now he'd be able to annoy her again.

"Mm.. morning. Coffee?" He sniffed shallowly.

Evidently not quite enough fresh air. ~Arg!~ Leah reached over and cranked the tank open just a little more. Hanson being useful and annoying was one thing but Hanson making no sense and begin annoying would be even worse. She hoped there was another O2 tank laying around.

Finally, Hanson opened his eyes. He mumbled still groggy, "Oh you ... how'd you get in my dream? Go away." He shut his eyes hoping to make LT Richard disappear. He moved his mouth and tasted the invisible gas. "Terrible coffee," he mumbled.

"It's not coffee! Someone's poisoning the air in here, remember?" Leah guessed that was what Hanson had been getting at before he'd passed out again.

"Air?" he said. Then he muttered something unintelligible.

Leah scowled, eyeing the med kit and the hypos with in it. "Hanson-if I give you another hypo, nothing bad'll happen, right?" She'd been sure to memorize exactly which hypo he'd shown her before, but she wanted to be sure an extra hypo would only bring him back to full alertness without hurting him.

"Hypo?" He asked confused, Then he remembered his injuries. It could be deadly for him to get more TriOx now.

He opened his eyes. "Air.. Wwhere are we? Wwhat did you do? Did you listen tomme..." he asked as he fired off a hundred questions in slurred rapid fire succession.

~Phew!~ Apparently playing with more hypos wasn't in her immediate future. Leah grinned. "Slow down! Yeah, I did what you said. Not that I'm making a habit out of it." Letting him think he could boss her around wouldn't do.

Relieved, Hanson tried to lean forward and up straighter. " Ow, what did you prop me up with a cactus?" he asked.

Leah hadn't really worried about what she'd left them on, outside of not piling them on each other. She shrugged. "Kind of in a rush. What do we do now?"

"Need to see how much air we have. Need to figure out how to get help. How to keep the wrong people from finding us... the Captain? Tsundra? CMO?

"Everyone's in here." Leah moved over to check the O2 tank, and to see if there was another in the closet with them.

~That's lucky...~ "There's a second O2 tank here." Leah reported.

"Everyone but the Captain shots right?" he asked. That was a detail he was sure she'd botch.

"Yeah." Leah had hypo'd the others... she just wasn't entirely certain she hadn't mixed up hypos, despite being very careful to replicate Hanson's actions perfectly.

"OK, Good. Please move Tsundra over and give me the med kit," he said, trying to shift around to work.

Leah passed the med kit over and then Tsundra, being careful not to step on anyone in the process.

~~OK, did we all make it? Those of us breathing anyway,~~ Hanson thought to himself. He got an area to work ready for Tsundra and scanned himself while waiting for Tsundra.

Hanson winced afraid that Tsundra would be dead or beyond anything he could think of doing. He was losing her earlier but now at least he knew why.

Leah stood near by to watch, since standing took up less room in the closet of a nursery. " ... is there anything I can do to help?"

Hanson muttered and treated Tsundra. "Another TriOx nurse please," he said. ~~Not much choice. She's not getting enough oxygen and no internal bleeding I can find to contraindicate its use.~~

Leah sorted through the kit for the requested item and handed it over, hoping she'd plucked out the right one. Hanson was insufferable enough when she wasn't screwing things up-she didn't need to give him an opening to be worse.

Hanson administered TriOx, more Masiform D and another stimulant. He watched the results.. Success!

Hanson breathed a sigh of relief." Next?" he asked.

"She needs to stay near the oxygen. I'll make a makeshift mask if she doesn't respond more soon," he said.

"OK." Leah made a space on the other side of Hanson for the CMO, and moved her over as his next patient.

Hanson stared at the CMO. He was always amazed how tiny she was and even more so  now when she was all inert and ill.

Hanson scanned her and checked her vitals. "Lucky she's Moeban" he said. Her lungs and need for oxygen were different from the rest of them. She had the best chance of survival on that level.

Leah certainly agreed with that comment. ~Yeah, she's lighter.~ It was a welcome fact at the moment.

Hanson put together a  slightly different solution for her different physiology and administered it.          


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