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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part Six
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Something bad was happening in the CO's quarters but the occupants were unaware. Whatever it was it was affecting their judgment and awareness.

Yeoman Tsundra had succumbed to whatever it was and she was no longer conscious.  Ensign Hanson was the next to go.

He yawned and looked very tired and about to fall asleep. He muttered to himself, "I don't understand why her oxygen levels are dropping."

Leah returned to the main room, unsuccessful in her quest. "The bottle isn't there-will this help?" She offered a tricorder scan of the area of the CO's bedroom that should have held the bottle.

Hanson looked up and saw the tricorder. He was getting more and more disoriented. "Scan?" he asked. He wondered what it was about. He didn't remember any scan. He took the tricorder anyway and examined it. As he did so some of the candles that were lit went out before their time. Extinguished prematurely by something invisible...

Leah ignored Hanson's 'spaciness'- he was never too grounded to reality as far as she'd seen anyway. While she waited for him to study her handiwork she noticed the candles going out. It was almost like a ghost story-especially with the bizarre seance like set up they'd stumbled into.

Hanson gave up trying to remember.  "Um, what did you scan?" he asked as he missed vital data that the Narhat had recorded. It scrolled by meaningless to the stricken Ensign.

"Captain's room." Leah answered, assuming that was reminder enough of the 'mission' he'd sent her on.

Ensign Hanson looked at the tricorder data. For a second, he understood but then the thought vanished. "That's funny. It look's like...umm.." he said forgetting what he had read. More candles went out. Hanson was getting so tired and so sleepy and more confused. He just wanted to rest and lie down..he put his head on the bed and leaned into the mattress barely staying in the chair.

"Looks like what?" she prompted. Usually Hanson wasn't quite this lazy-or rather he made an effort to be more annoying while he was being lazy. "Are you all right?" She was a bit light headed herself, but she ignored that figuring she'd just missed a meal what with the robot problem.

"Tired. So tired.." Hanson said shutting his eyes. He drifted off to sleep. His hand fell, dropping the Narhat and the infolink he had made to download and view the data.

~That's not a good sign.~ "Hey! Hanson!" Leah shook the Ensign by the shoulders. "Wake up!"

"Uh huh," he mumbled. The rest was unintelligible. More candles went out.

"C'mon, Hanson!" This was ridiculous-did he think NOW was a good time for a cat nap?

The shaken Hanson merely mumbled, "No, let me sleep T'sarra.... I'll study later."

"No. Sleeping." Leah growled as much to Hanson as to herself-she was suddenly feeling sleepy, too. "We have to finish this!"

Bob didn't understand the Organics but he did understand the download in progress. He trotted over, checked and ended the download. Then he reactivated the Narhat. The Narhat's eyes lit up. Its pincer moved tentatively and its tail swished.

Leah gave up on the ensign-he would only be an aggravation once he woke up anyways. Something about the candles was bothering her-maybe they were the key to whatever had been going on here? Plus the extra light would make keeping awake easier. She spotted some kind of lighter near one of the candles and tried to light it.

The Narhat finally rebooted its memory program and then hopped up and down crazily. Bob stared at it confused. This Metal Being made little sense to him also. He could tell it was agitated about something and warning about something but what was there to be warned about?

Naturally the stupid thing wouldn't light. Leah groaned. It would've been easier to just curl up on the floor and forget about all this till the morning. But she remembered from certain ghost stories that sleeping in haunted buildings was a VERY bad idea. Actually, she's slept with a night light for three years thanks to that darned movie.

Ensign Hanson's dead weight shifted and he fell out of the chair and onto the soft, very soft carpeting. Bob and the Narhat moved quickly out of his way. Hanson mumbled at the change of location. However, he did not get up; he just rolled over.

The robot had been getting under foot too much lately- he ought to at least try to be helpful. "Booob... light up some candles ... don' wanna sleep wit' ghosts." She was too tired to remember that this Bob knew nothing about ghosts-it was the cat version she'd told years ago.

Bob shook his claw like head quizzically as if to say, "You want me to start fires?" but he took the  lighter from Leah anyway.

"No ... ghosts." Leah repeated as an explanation. The carpet was looking softer by the minute.

Bob  tried unsuccessfully to get the lighter to work. As he tried, more candles went out.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Now one candle remained lit. Bob trotted over to Leah to give her the lighter.

Maybe there was something wrong with the lighter. Leah pointed to the last lit candle. "Nooo..." She didn't much want to hold flammable objects herself at the moment, it would be too easy to drop it and light the carpet up instead. "Use th' candle..." Maybe that candle could light the others up and the ghosts would keep away.

Bob tilted his head quizzically at Leah as if to say there are no more candles left to light with.

"Light 'em..." The robot could be frustratingly obtuse sometimes.

Bob nudged Leah to see if she was OK

Bob decided his favorite Organic was broken. He spun frantically in circles, one his many odd behaviors he had developed from millennia old corrupted software glitch. Then he ran to the repair man, Ensign Hanson. He nudged him also. Not knowing what to do, Bob made the broken sign to tell him that Leah was broken and then went back to her to see if he could help. He poked her and watched.

~Sleep would be sooooo good~ Leah thought. She vaguely noticed the robot was up to his usual antics again. "Wha' is it now?" She was too tired to bother with being annoyed.

Getting a response finally from Leah, Bob nudged her some more. Then he made the sign for broken like he did for  her and CMO but now pointed it  at Hanson.
Somehow in the twilight between sleep and wakefulness, a conclusion burst into being. Between Hanson's mumbling and the odd candles, she realized what had been happening. "S'no ox'gen... candle's all went ou' too..." the candles were the part that bugged her most at the moment.

Bob kept nudging her harder and harder until it became a sharp poke. The Narhat grew more agitated. No one was heading its warnings so it jumped more and more.

Thinking was a slow process, but eventually it dawned on her that candles didn't usually go out on their own, and since when did ghosts haunt starships? "Hey... what'd you do t'th' air?" It would be just like Bob or his buddy to do something stupid like this.

Bob tried again to communicate to the  Narhat but he didn't understand its language. He paused finally understanding part of what was going on when with Organics comments on..~ Air ..air.. Oh yes organics need that stuff, ~ he finally recalled from yet another corrupted subroutine.~Not good. Not good.~ Bob poked Leah more and tried to grab her sleeve and move her. He didn't know where to move her but some where she could do that funny thing called respiration. Organics did that kind of thing. It was one of the things that made them different. That and wars.

The Narhat couldn't stand the stress of no one paying attention to its warnings and tried to make an alarm type sound.

"Well. jus' put i' back!" Leah snapped, shaking her sleeve out of the robot's grip. He was managing to penetrate her sleepiness by being a nuisance.

Bob let go and "looked around" He  didn't know how to get air so he got a different form of oxygen hoping it will work. He found it nearby and trotted back with it in his claw like head, looking like some sort of small metal animal carrying something large and awkward in its mouth. He rotated his head and tilted the pitcher,  dousing Leah's face in water.

Leah spluttered. "Wha's that; for?!"

Bob poked her hard and tried to push her head up.

Leah dredged her memory for the proper designation for gaseous oxygen. "Bob... O2... no' water. Stupid robot..." She would plot a proper revenge for this later, after a nice nap.

Bob got more and more desperate, he made a high pitch sound and the baby bots came, especially the pointy ones...who did their job well of poking and jabbing their stricken friend.

The pesky pack ((of prickly pickled pests)) robots was interrupting her snooze.

The baby bot brigade continued at its mission.

Poke. Poke. Jab. Poke.

Observing this, the Narhat  joined in with its special abilities along those lines.

Pinch. Pinch. Zap!!

Leah made a face. Something tasted disgustingly sweet. ~Ugh,~ Never a gracious lady she spat trying to rid her mouth of the taste. Obviously there wasn't much point in sleeping. "I'm up, I'm up..."

Bob ordered the others to stop but kept poking her just in case, she'd lapse back into being broken.

Leah forced herself back to her feet, lest the 'bots continued poking, zapping and splashing her. Thinking slightly less clearly than usual she recalled that fresh air (at home on Earth) was easily obtained by opening a window. But starships lacked windows, so the door would have to suffice. She headed for the door.

Leah staggered enroute to the door. ~Stupid robots, movin' the floor now...~ The door was shut and locked, somehow.

Leah glared at it, but being quite resistant to death glares the barrier did not wither out of sight. She tried the manual buttons by the door frame, just in case.

Not only was the door being difficult it was getting harder to breathe. Leah decided the easiest way to open it (i.e., the way requiring the least personal expenditure of energy) would be to enlist Bob. "Bob... open it."

She smacked her lips, trying without success to get rid of that awful taste. Bob should be able to manage this-he had a real knack for getting into things he shouldn't be messing with after all.

Bob tried to open it but it would not budge. This was very odd since before the doors were open. ~How did they get closed? How can I open them?~ he thought. Bob got frustrated instead and  spun in circles.

Leah gave up on playing by the rules and took a shot at the door. It absorbed the blast-as resistant to phasers as it had been to death glares. The thing was indestructible!

Well, that exhausted every option short of high explosives. Leah staggered back to the Ensign since it was his job to fix broken machinery anyways.

She nudged him with her foot rather than wasting time bending down. "Wake up!"

Hanson mumbled," T'sarra, study later."

"GET. UP." Leah 'nudged' harder, bordering on kicking him.

Hanson groaned and mumbled," What now..."

~This is taking too long~ Leah stumbled to the CMO's bag, figuring that at the very least there would be something pointy to jab him with. Over her shoulder she repeated her command, "Get. Up."

"Study later. Sleep now," he repeated.

She snatched the bag and riffled through it. It was filled with all kinds of medicinal do-hickies and whatchamacallits... including smelling salts. "No sleep- fix the door, THEN sleep!" Leah dropped the bag, taking the smelling salts back to the lazy ensign.

"Not doing engineering. Med..why thank you for the soup. No, no it doesn't taste like water...much," he lied to his hallucination and babbled incoherently.

This was getting ridiculously annoying. If this didn't work she was sleeping too-Bob would have to wait! She waved the smelling salt under Hanson's nose, ignoring his babbling.

"Urfgh! " the old fashion smelling salts that our centenarian plus doctor was so fond of did the trick. Hanson came around. "What!" he said. He opened his eyes and saw the person who hated him most and vice versa. "Oh you!" he said recognizing LT Leah Richards, his nemesis. ((and vice versa   ;o)  ))

Leah didn't waste breath on cursing at him- or speaking full sentences. "No air-and the door's busted." Both of those came under the heading of HIS job to fix.

"Air?" he said. He looked around and saw the extinguished candles.

"CMO's kit!" he yelled with a raspy voice. Thinking fast had forced him back into reality.

~Arg... shoulda brought it with me...~ "Its back over there." If he wanted it he could bloody well go get it.

Hanson gathered more of his faculties and tasted a sickly sweet metallic taste. "Something else..." he started to say. ~~Not just lack of oxygen. Something else..poison.~~ he thought thinking of a few names of what the deadly gas could be.

Of course there was the problem that Hanson hadn't been much up to walking before, let alone now. Leah groaned and went to fetch the kit, rather than spend ten minutes arguing with him just to wind up grabbing it anyways.

Hanson ordered, "Computer: restore settings environmental controls room."

She brought the bag and the spilled bits of medical paraphernalia back to Hanson. She dumped it in his lap. "Anything' else ya wan' me to fetch?"

Computer> No response.

Hanson was still lying on  the carpet. He  grabbed the gear and fumbled with hypo and changed cylinder. "TriOx, Watch me," he ordered as he measured out a precise amount of it with a button.

Leah had no idea what he was going on about, but thoughtlessly obeying was easier than actually thinking, so she watched.

Hanson didn't know how long he'd last and if Richards' vision was as blurred yet as his was. "Get down here, he ordered.

Her instinct was to argue automatically, but it was an inviting carpet. She sat. "You're a jerk."

"So are you," he said touching her neck. "Right there," he said."You're first." He hypoed her. He knew even in his condition that he should have done himself first so he could remain conscious to do the other and take care of them but he knew he wasn't going to last much longer even with the medicine.

Hanson hypoed himself next, trying to buy himself some more time to explain. "You'll need to get the others," he said.

"You're the bigger jerk..." Leah rubber her neck, not that it hurt but she didn't much like Hanson being that close to touching her. Pummeling him was one thing, this was different. "Huh what?" She'd missed the last bit.

"Not sure what gas is. Hope this works. Watch," he ordered. He swapped out the changeable cylinder of the hypospray and replaced it with another. He hypoed her again and then did the same to himself.

Leah observed carefully out of habit. "What the heck was that?" Hanson was not at all trust worthy and she wondered why she'd thought it was a good idea to give him all that stuff in the first place.

"Need to block vents. Get out of here quickly. Whoever..." he started to say but lost his concentration. He tried hard to think.".. did this will check. Move to oxygen plants, mooove there, Captain lassst, hole upthththere..." he rattled off as fast as he could. He noticed at some point his speech was getting slurred again.

"What vents?" Leah asked. Hanson seemed to be rambling about nothing in particular "What about the door?" She'd prefer to not be locked up with him any longer than necessary.

"Too late..." he said. Then he just stared blankly ahead.

Following Bob's example, Leah poked the Ensign. "What are you talking about?"

The poke helped. "Get them to his plant room. Oxygen there. Separate tanks. Don't give anything to Captain yet, move him last, must save Tsundra to save him," he explained.

Apparently the door wasn't getting fixed anytime soon, and anyways the important objective was saving the Captain. At least this was a semi intelligible plan. "Uh huh." Leah went and moved the CMO over to the plant room first.

The Narhat came in and displayed the current data now of room air and other data Hanson missed.

Leah left the doctor in one corner and went to get Tsundra next. It would be a tight fit to get everyone in the room at once.

Hanson looked at the data figured some more out of what had happened but could not grasp the whole thing in his condition. He tried to stay focused as he fumbled trying to  get a different hypo ready.

She situated Tsundra and went to fetch the Ensign as well. "C'mon." She offered him a hand, guessing he wouldn't get very far without help.

Hanson tried to get up without her assistance. It was a mistake, His dizziness grew worse and he wobbled, unable to get to his feet."Get the gear," he ordered, reeling. They were going to have to make a last stand in the other room against impossible odds. If he lived to see that part, he'd need his engineering gear and the CMO's medical gear. He had no idea what he'd make but he needed the tools.

Leah rolled her eyes. In her view, only a techno nerd worried about his toys first, but she gathered the stuff in one hand leaving the other free to help him.

Hanson reluctantly grabbed her hand. He got up shakily. "Orfgg," he mumbled.

She helped him up.

Hanson leaned on her heavily and mumbled, "Hypo others, vents, gear, phasers bots, reinforce door. Got it?" he asked.

"Uh huh." It was a laundry list of requests, but it wouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

"Goo..," Hanson started to say but passed out before he could finish the word. His spindly body fell hard as dead weight against the much sturdier security officer.

Bob didn't know what exactly was going on but he knew enough to herd "his kids" and get some other bots to the room that the Organics were going to. He and his micro metal minions followed.

"Double jerk." Leah muttered, glad to have the final word in an argument for once. She left Hanson and his bundle of stuff in the plant room and went to retrieve the captain.

With everyone in the room, Leah very carefully repeated everything she'd seen Hanson do, one by one leaving out only the Captain. She fervently hoped she'd grabbed the right hypos, only the lettering was different on them, after all. That finished, she moved on to the easier task of grabbing the last few supplies and bolting the door behind them. She started stuffing the vents as the last item on the list.         


Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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