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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part Five OR The Nose Knows
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Out of the corner of her eye, Leah saw Yeoman Naomi Tsundra beginning to move. "I think she might be waking up!"

Hanson got up with the new bot and went to Tsundra. He stuffed the narhat in his pocket.

Leah watched Hanson, curious despite herself.

"Oh yes!" Hanson yelled excitedly. Yeoman Tsundra's vitals were improving. He switched the tricorder settings to normal for Humans.

He looked away from the scanner and down to her. "Hello. Can you hear me? What do I do?" he asked the mysterious Yeoman.

There was no verbal response but he could see her eyes move.

He scanned her again. There were enough changes now where a course of action finally made sense to him. He was back on charted territories again. He loaded the hypo again and administered a new solution. He was now confident he could keep her conscious long enough to get the proper treatment from her.

Hanson turned to Leah "What did you turn up?" he asked hopefully.

"Here." She held the tricorder out to him. Hanson was bound to understand it better than she did - plus he knew what he was looking for.

Hanson looked at the data. "How...?" he said to himself. He had no idea how those compounds could be used to achieve the sort of chemically induced stasis the Captain was experiencing.

"How what?" Leah asked. Hanson was making less and less sense.

Yeoman Tsundra got a tenuous hold on consciousness and opened her eyes. "Eeeh, what...." she started to say.

"They're gone," said Hanson not wanting to waste any precious time. He got straight to the point.  "What do I do? No vitals on Captain."

The Yeoman whispered faintly. It was as if several years had gone by, not minutes, where she had not spoken and been conscious.  "How long no vitals? Can't bring him back too soon.. "  she rasped unsteadily.

Hanson suppressed a smile. He had guessed right. Yeoman Tsundra had not tried to kill the Captain and part of what appeared wrong with the Captain was really intended to help him.

"Don't know. What do I do?" he asked. There was no way for him to know how long anything had occurred. If he had a clear sample of the compounds and knew exactly what there were designed to do and he might have been able to guess part of a treatment and how long the Captain was in that state to answer her question.

As Tsundra and Hanson talked, Leah listened intently, although nothing was making any sense.

"My medkit...where's... " she asked feebly.

"Not here. What do I do? What's the antidote?" he asked.

It was hard for Yeoman Tsundra to talk. It would be better for her to  do than explain it.  She tried to sit up.

"No, Hanson ordered softly. He gently held her down, knowing that would be too much for her if somehow she could manage to do it.

"Tell me what to get..what do I do?" he asked.

Bob tilted his claw head quizzically. Those Organics rarely made sense.

Curious also, the narhat crawled out of Hanson's pocket, just enough to get a good peep. It stretched its scorpion like head forward and its long antennae.

"There's a mixture of the restorative in the.. green bottle," she started to say. The trouble she was having breathing was getting worse.

"Dosage?" Hanson asked.

"4 mg...1.5 to start then 0.5 increments Tsundra replied.

Hanson turned to Leah, "Green bottle?"

Leah didn't waste time with being annoyed. For the moment, she was resigned to doing whatever Hanson said. "Looking..." There were a number of broken bottles, and one intact red bottle. Mixed in with the plant bits, the shards were blue, yellow and red, not green.

"How do I know when to give it to him?" he asked Tsundra.

It was getting harder and harder to breathe. Tsundra did not reply.

Meanwhile, Leah was on her knees near Hanson and Tsundra, sifting through the junk on the floor hunting for the mysterious 'green bottle'.

"Any luck?" Hanson asked Leah.

The only item even remotely close to the description of the bottle was the scattering of broken glass on the floor. "Just glass shards." Leah moved some junk, hoping the green bottle had just rolled away and been buried.

"Any green ones?" he asked hopeful. A broken bottle with contaminated medicine was at least away to find it what it was.

"What was in there? When and how do I administer it?" he asked Naomi Tsundra imploringly.  He was getting desperate now. It all fell on him to figure this out. He who gave up practicing medicine and never did all that well in chemistry. How long could these unknown chemicals keep the Captain's body from deteriorating? How long ago had they been administered? He didn't even know that much.

~Fortunately, none of the shards was green.~ "No, not here," Leah said. Leah moved further from them, hunting through the general debris on the floor.

Tsundra mumbled quickly some plant names and directions as if that would be her last breath. Hanson heard her fine but it did not make sense to him.

He looked up to Richards, "I need that bottle."

~What's it look like I'm doin'? Jeez!~ "She say where she left it?" Leah snapped. Hanson was quite the jerk.

Hanson berated himself for being so stupid. ~~Duh,~~ he thought to himself. " Where was the bottle?" he asked Tsundra.

"On the night stand with my tricorder," she said feebly.

Leah overheard Tsundra's comment and headed straight to the night stand.

As fate would have it the tricorder and green bottle weren't there. ~Of course...~ The night stand was infact completely empty. Leah checked under and around the night stand, hoping the items had somehow fallen and were still in the vicinity. Underneath the night stand was a framed picture... and an indent in the carpet, as if something small and robotic had dragged the picture over the rug.

Bob trotted over to help. He scooted under her legs to get better view.

Leah ignored the robot, since telling it to leave would no doubt be a waste of time. Clearly some obedience training was in order once things calmed down!

No luck, the tricorder and bottle were no where to be found. Leah sighed and examined the 'indent'. Maybe it was more than a simple indent-maybe it would be the clue to lead to the stupid bottle.

No luck there either. It was just a dent, from the picture being moved. Or perhaps the narhat had something to do with it ... robots, as far as Leah was concerned, were capable of messing up anything and everything. Plus, the thing had been hiding-maybe it had snitched the bottle and hid out of guilt? Bob might have in the same situation, after all.

She went back out to Hanson and Tsundra. "Hanson-it's not there. See if that robot has it."

~~Duh, I forgot~ he thought to himself ~How can I keep forgetting so much?~ He quickly took the narhat out of pocket and barely noticed that it was getting harder and harder for him to think. If he had had the luxury of time, he might have even noticed that he was getting light headed. "I still need my engineering gear," he said to Leah.

Hanson turned to work on  the mini scorpion like bot." OK, little witness, what do you have to say," he asked, getting more light headed. Hanson was either talking to himself or the bot. It wasn't always easy to tell which.

While Hanson dealt with the robot, Leah stepped back into the Captain's room to try scanning with her own tricorder.

Bob finally knew what to do so he zipped out of the bedroom into the other and began to pull at Hanson's gear bag until it moved. Then he dragged it over to Hanson. Hanson took it and patted Bob on the head. "Good boy," he said.

Then they both started work together so Hanson could access the narhat's files. Hanson and Bob worked with the little scorpion bot to get what information they could out of it. Part of the information he let burn to a portable file of his while he tried to keep Tsundra conscious. He didn't understand why her oxygen levels were dropping so much. It made no sense at all. He administered the TriOx compound and waited to see if that would do the trick. That distracted him greatly from the very important information the narhat had recorded.

Leah's tricorder turned up some of the same residues and chemicals as the scan of the plants had earlier. ~Interesting... ~ But Tsundra seemed like a very neat person. Why the mess with the plants and the dirt in the sink? Unless someone else had interrupted. Someone with poor taste in cologne...

Hanson was stuck again not knowing what to do.  He was trying to make sense out of what Tsundra is saying but the chemistry/pharmacology part was over his head.~No bottle. No tricorder with chemical soup recipe and I don't understand what she said even if she would be clear headed after what she'd been through, ~ he thought. Hanson felt ill and dizzy and lost. Hopefully the narhat would tell him something immediately useful soon.

"I think that bottle might have had something to do with those plants." Leah was actually all but certain of it, but letting Hanson figure it out for himself might keep him from questioning her idea on the basis that she'd thought of it.


Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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