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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part Four OR The Nose Knows
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Ensign Hanson was in the CO's quarters. He never thought he'd pick up a medkit or hypospray again but there he was treating Yeoman Tsundra and desperately trying to save her life. His priority, personal and otherwise, would have been to save the Captain but the ritualistic overtone and the compounds used that he could identify made him think that the mixture of these toxins were supposed to be designed to save him. He was gambling that was the case. He hoped he was right and recalled part of an oath he once took, to do no harm. Harm was the image that kept creeping into his mind, each time he thought of a course of action for the Captain.

LT Richards was still stuck with Hanson in the CO's quarters.

Bob and kids peeped out and got closer to the two unbroken Organics.

Leah ignored Hanson, all of her attention on the Captain. She edged closer, realizing that he didn't seem to be breathing. "Hey! He's not breathing!"

"Yes, I know," he said matter of factly.  He had figured that out early on. Hanson ignored her and kept working on Tsundra.

She stared at Hanson, incredulous "WHAT?!"

"Yes, can you get me the rest of the CMO's medical gear?" Hanson asked, busy at work. Even when Hanson didn't mean to be annoying, he excelled at it.

Her first instinct was to tell him off. But he seemed to have some idea of what he was doing. She bit off a rude reply and decided to follow his suggestions for the time being. "...Sure. What am I looking for?"

Hanson monitored Tsundra carefully and checked and recorded data/samples in her fingernails

"Anything at all she may have brought. Any other medical kits..." he replied.

Leah shrugged and searched for any item that might even loosely fit that description.  

Bob the wayward scutter bot ran frantically around to try and help look for whatever it was Hanson was talking about. He didn't really know what but wanted to help out so he just ran and ran and ran, zipping unpredictably around the room. Since it seemed urgent to the Organics, he went faster and faster.

She fixed the hyper robot with a glare. "You're not helping."

Hanson muttered loudly to himself,"I wish we knew what happened here." If he could figure that out it would make treating them so much more safer or conversely let him know it was really hopeless and to quit. He tried to focus on the task at hand, how best to revive the Yeomen so she could revive the Captain or at least tell him how to do it.

"Well, someone was digging up plants." Leah offered, maybe it would help him with whatever he was trying to do.

"Plants?" replied Hanson confused.

"Yeah, tore 'em right up." She didn't bother pointing out how unlike the Captain that was, Hanson seemed to know plenty about the Captain and he was bound to know that, too.

"That doesn't make sense. Which plants? " he asked. He also had been oft regaled with the Captain's stories on Vulcan and lessons of being very careful to use nature in a renewable way whenever possible especially in settings like desserts, tundras and starships.

She rolled her eyes. "Ask a botanist- I don't know!"

Hanson thought to himself, ~ I wish I could but if what I think is going in here is, then I can't involve anyone else. ~He left Tsundra for a moment and knelt down to look under bed, while waiting for the medicine that he had administered to work. From what he could figure out, it looked like the drugs involved were formulated to slow down all bodily functions to induce a near death like state or a protected death state where all vital functions are slowed. The tricorder was giving very odd readings for both of them. The Captain should be showing signs of deterioration by now but he wasn't.  It was like some chemically induced stasis. Whatever it was the Captain wasn't running the lethal fever and the proteins in his brain that were starting to denature were folding back they way the should.

~Maybe something rolled under here that can help?~ He thought.

"Can you get me a sample..Whoahh..." he started to ask.

~Better than this...~ The hunt for medical gear was turning into a pointless goose chase. "I'll see if there's some left." She went back to the plant room to retrieve some plant bits.

There was another unexpected transformation in the curmudgeonly specter like Hanson.  In low sweet tones, he said coaxingly and softly, "OK come on here..."

Leah went straight to the hole where the plant had been and checked for any left over bits.

~Darn it!~ Nothing left, not even fragments of leaves. A bit desperately she tried a tricorder scan, hoping there'd be enough in the scan for Hanson to use.

The scan revealed soem chemical residues and molecular diagrams of them. ~Hope this'll do it...~ Leah took the scan back out to the main room.

But when she stepped out, Hanson was no where to be seen. ~Now what is he up to?!~ She wondered. "Hanson?"  

"Here. Trying to get..there," he replied, getting up very carefully to not further aggravate his mysterious injuries. The last thing he wanted to do was start to keel over again from getting up too fast, like he did earlier.

She joined him by the bed. "What. Is 'there'?" His refusal to answer anything in a straight forward manner was truly aggravating.

"Narhat hiding behind the picture," he explained as if LT Richards had to know what it was.

"Uh huh," Leah muttered. She had no idea what a 'Narhat' was and she didn't really care, either. "I got a scan of the plant... I think."

"Great...." Hanson said trying to reach something that had crawled under the bed to hide. Just then the narhat scuttled out of its hiding place behind a fallen picture. "Got you...Ow!" Hanson yelped. Hanson got up finally, carrying a bot. It looked like an odd mechanical scorpion. It waved its pincers in the air and clacked them menacingly. The size of the bot however made the attempt to look ferocious comical instead.

Leah glanced at the narhat, somehow unsuprised to see that it was a robot. It seemed like there were more of those things than people on the ship at this point.

"Great, so... what exactly is that thing, and what's it got to do with any of this?" Unless he thought the robot was somehow responsible for the Captain's condition it was a frivolous waste of time.

"OK, now I need the engineering gear I brought...Witness," he said. He would have elaborated more but there wasn't anytime. His gear would allow him to get data from the specialized bot. Data he could use to try and figure out what compounds and concentrations were used. One of the narhat's specialties was chemical detection. This one was more sensitive than most tricorders.

~Pain in the - !~ Leah glared at him.

Hanson couldn't see the glare of course. He was getting up and trying not to get pinched with the bot's pincers again.

Out of the corner of her eye, Leah saw Tsundra beginning to move. "I think she might be waking up!"

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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