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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part Three OR The Nose Knows
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Ensign Hanson was in the CO's quarters about to fire again. He looked at the tricorder display again to make sure of his setting and new location to fire.

LT Richards impatiently tapped her foot, waiting for Hanson to finish whatever adjustments to his PHASER and fire again.

Ensign Hanson aimed.

Bob and brood hid under the couch. A few brave or not so smart bots peeped out and watched.

Hanson fired.

The partition finally opened. As it did, an odd shimmery sound was heard and hundreds perhaps thousands of bright points of light filled the room.

Just as the tiny lights began to wink out .... an unconscious Captain and an unconscious Yeomen and signs of a struggle came into view. There were over turned items in the bedroom including several liquids, bottles, bowls and herbs of various unpleasant colors and odors.  First glance, gave preliminary evidence that Yeoman Tsundra had tried to kill the Captain.

Leah was stunned by the state of the place. The various bottles, bowls and plant life made it look like a wrestling match had just taken place in a large salad bowl. The most intriguing bit had been that haze from a beam out ... but the condition of the Captain and Tsundra was a more immediate concern.

Hanson was speechless. He stood there for a second trying to take it all in, not sure what to make of it. First there appeared to be a beam out of some sort, yet he knew transporters could not work with the interference and certainly not work so precisely as to be able to beam in and out of such a small space.  The Captain, the man who had intervened to save his hide and career, was inert and his chest did not move from breathing. Captain Kematsopoulos' eyes were shut and his face was very pale. His lips looked very blue but there was no indications that the room had suffered any oxygen deprivation as it appeared that the candles and incense had been burning for quite some time. The fragrance of the hot wax of these candles and incense filled the small space with  sweet  and heady overtones in contrast to the bitter pungent smells from the alkaloid laden plants. It was not long until Hanson began to feel light headed.

He looked closely at the Yeoman, her eyes were shut as well, and face was also pale and had a bluish tinge. Her lips were blue but not as robust a blue as the Captain's.

Hanson looked carefully for other clues, scans and records with medical tricorder. The results were disturbing. They both appeared to be dead. There were no signs of respiration or a heart beating. No vitals at all.

Despite having absolutely no medical experience at all, even Leah knew that humans ought not to be blue. ~This is not good...~ "Are they dead?" It was galling to rely on Hanson for anything, but he seemed to have some idea what he was doing.

Hanson lied and said what he wanted to be true, "They are not dead." He was going to pretend they were alive or could be saved and do everything he could. If they weren't well then it didn't really matter. If they just appeared to be dead then it could make all the difference in the world to save them.

Bob, with "kids" in tow came out of hiding to look, to look since it seemed that the shooting phase of whatever the Organics were doing was over.

Hanson who had gotten distracted by all the unusual details snapped out of it. There was no time to figure out what happened just to focus solely on getting them both alive and stabilized. He shouted urgently and with authority, not in anger, "There are two smaller rooms that come off this one. Check them out!! Shoot anything that moves! "

Bob after hearing that dashed back to hiding and herding his children back under the couch. The shooting phase was definitely NOT over.

Hanson added," Be careful not to disturb evidence." He approached cautiously, not sure if there were any traps or any clues he might trample on if he went too fast in. He moved closer and adjusted the scanner. Tsundra had an extremely low respiration rate that would not be picked up on any of the usual settings for humans. He tried the new settings on the Captain. Nothing. He further analyzed the substances that seemed to have caused the medical conditions. They appeared to be a complicated mix of toxins and poisons.

Leah's first reaction was to feel relief. Her second was the need to deck Hanson. He had some nerve issuing orders! "I know that!" Regardless, his 'orders' made perfect sense. Silently fuming, she stalked to the nearest of the two rooms.

"Then get back here and help me," Hanson said getting closer. He moved carefully towards the bed, adjusting scanner as he went. He was pretending it wasn't too late to treat them and was looking for clues, any clues as to how to treat them. He was at least able to tell that neither of them were suffering any injuries similar to that of the CMO. So whatever happened to the CMO or attacked her did not do exactly the same thing to them. That was very good since he didn't know how to do more than stabilize the CMO from the psychic shock and he had been very lucky to do just that.  

~Oh I'll help you allright!~ Leah didn't respond to that last directive and tried the door to the room, PHASER at the ready.

Not sure what else to do to look for a clue, Hanson tried to make out some sort of possible writing, that gave the appearances of being ritualistic.. He was an afraid to treat the two for the toxins and poisons because he wasn't sure precisely what was used, what ratios or why.

When the doors opened they let out a familiar and nasty smell. ~Yick!~ Leah did her best to ignore the scent, keeping a sharp eye out for anything that moved. It would be very therapeutic to shoot something right about now.

Nothing moved. Leah tried not to feel too disappointed and moved cautiously forward, examining things as she went.

The smell was stronger further in. ~That man has no taste ... or maybe just no sense of smell...~ It was definitely the same horrible cologne from the XO's quarters. The Captain didn't usually wear any to avoid offending the Vulcanoid sense of smell. She was surprised to see some of the plants had been carelessly uprooted. The Captain seemed to have a soft spot for plants and the gentle treatment of them. Surely he would do this-or let anyone else either. He even told stories of the special care needed for plant life in difficult environments like Vulcan's deserts.

As Hanson tried to read the markings and analyze the plant samples, the light finally dawned on him ~~Uh oh, ~~Hanson thought as he figured part of the mystery out. He started removing some evidence, while he kept looking for a clue on how to proceed next. He analyzed more samples trying to find what dosage was used and of what and why. Then he turned his attention solely to the Yeoman and began to try and revive her.

Since there were no moving targets of opportunity, Leah moved on to the second room. There would be time to puzzle out the cologne and plants issue later on.

The bathroom was neat and tidy as was to be expected from the Captain. However, there was a little dirt left in the sink. That was unusual. Even newly blind the Captain had been able to maintain his neat habits, except for the pile of gadgets that Hanson kept bringing. Those robots seem to have a life of their own.

~This is disappointing...~ Both rooms were bound to turn up a few interesting clues, but both were currently devoid of targets. Leah stepped back out to check on Hanson and the others, intending to check things out more thoroughly later. "Nobody here."

She was surprised to see Hanson seemed to be focusing on Tsundra. The immediate picture made it look like the Yeoman had attacked the Captain, only to have her plan backfire.

Hanson was self absorbed in his work and didn't notice anything else as often happened with him.

"What are you doing?" Leah tried not to sound overly accusatory.

Hanson jumped.  "Trying to get her conscious," he replied.  "No one back there? " he asked, turning around to hide something else from the security officer.

"Nope. Why her? She must have attacked the Captain!" Leah argued.

"She'll know how to reverse it ," he tried to explain. ~I hope, ~ he thought. "I don't think she attacked him," he said but he gave no rationale.

Leah snorted. "If she did she ain't likely to offer ta help!" She noticed that Hanson had moved some things... or even removed a few. ~So much for not disturbing evidence.~

"No other options I can think of yet," he said. There was still so much that did not make sense. He knew he had to act quickly but to do what? If he could get Tsundra conscious maybe she would tell him what the drugs were for and how to undo them.

Leah ignored Hanson, all of her attention on the Captain. She edged closer, realizing that he didn't seem to be breathing. "Hey! He's not breathing!"

"Yes, I know," he said matter of factly.  He had figured that out early on. Hanson ignored her and kept working on Tsundra.


Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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