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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part Two
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Ensign Hanson was in CO's quarters. He had knelt down to treat and tend to the fallen CMO. As he watched her vitals, he wondered what terrible thing or being had caused her condition and where it was now.

Bob, the mechanical stow away that Leah had smuggled on board, frantically paced around the quarters wondering when and if the smallest Organic on board will get fixed. He didn't like it when anyone was broken.  In his last ship, all the Organics got broken and never got fixed. Then they all went offline permanently. His pacing went faster and faster, worried that would happen again to him and he'd be left alone for another millennia.

Leah waited impatiently for Hanson to finish with the CMO. She couldn't explore the quarters any further and leave the two of them with nothing but Bob for defense.

"You did good, Bob. I am sorry," he patted the bot on his claw like head. He looked up to Leah. "OK, we need to get CMO to Sickbay and fix the comms. I guess I'll see the Captain there then," he said.

Leah scowled. “The Captain isn't in Sickbay-he was released to his quarters.”

Ensign Hanson was shocked. "Here? Then.." he started to say but did not finish the sentence. His eyes moved towards the partition and became transfixed like someone watching a train wreck or a small child staring at a closet waiting for monster to emerge from it.

Bob understood the implications of this and started running around in circles. It was too much for his corrupted circuits.

“Let's finish with the CMO first, all right?” She interrupted hoping to keep his attention on the immediate situation.

That broke the spell. Hanson looked back down and checked CMO again. "She's stabilized," he announced.

“Good. Then… you think you can get the comms working?” Leah made an effort to sound as calm and casual as possible. So far pushing him didn't seem to work very well. The sooner the comms were up, the sooner he and the CMO would be out of the way and she could get back to exploring.

"She's not in any extra danger right now unless the whatever or whoever did this is around," he explained.

”Ill deal with that part.” Leah snapped. “Besides, she'll be able to tell us who or what it was!”

Hanson choked.  "Deal with it by doing nothing?" he said getting defensive reacting to Leah's acerbic reply. He pulled out his phaser, picked up the tricorder and changed the settings. He clearly gave the impression he had done this triple balancing act before with the phaser, medical tricorder, and patient.

Leah did not like being told how to do her job-let alone by some whiny geek. “Downed crew comes first. I'll handle the whatever once you're both outta here. And you too!” She added, glaring at the robot.

Bob stopped making his manic circles and bent his claw like head down dejectedly. He was just trying to help. He slank back slowly to his children which were good and obedient, except for one, and hiding under the couch as ordered.

Hanson shook his head. ~~Sheesh! These thick headed security types,~~ he thought. He scanned the partition.

Unfortunately there was, as he expected checking the tricorder, nothing he could detect. Then suddenly...there was an unusual energy reading.

Leah doubted that there was anything she could say or do to convince Hanson she was right. If ya can't beat ‘em, join ‘em – especially when you're curious too! She stepped closer to peek over his shoulder and see what he'd found.

Hanson tried to get up off the deck, but did so too quickly considering the injuries he had sustained in the last half hour. He lost his balance and bumped into Richards.

Leah automatically steadied him with a hand on his shoulder. “You should head to Sickbay too, ya know.” It would be good to see him gone.

"Most likely," Hanson mumbled. ~~Even a trip to Sickbay would be better than being in a room with you,~~ he thought, remembering the last time she put her hand on his shoulder. It was followed swiftly by her other hand grabbing his other shoulder with the express purpose of smashing his face into a bulkhead. He tried to ignore her and moved shakily towards the switch for the partition.

“Wait- I’ll try it.” Leah moved to the switch herself. Even if Hanson did make it to the switch without falling over he wouldn't be in much of a position to deal with whatever was on the other side.

Hanson staggered some more, wishing he knew exactly what had happened to him. It was very disturbing to him to not know. He shoved that thought aside.

"Good idea," he said reluctantly, still reeling from getting up too fast with his untreated injuries. If Bob hadn't have revived him moments ago, he'd have been still passed out on the deck of his quarters and the CMO would have most likely died.

She rolled her eyes. “Uh huh.” Leah unholstered her PHASER and tried the partition switch.

Hanson watched very carefully nothing, nothing at all happened.

Leah held her breath expecting that something would happen. When nothing did she sighed. ~That figures.~

~That figures,~ thought Hanson.

~Ditto,~ thought Bob.

On the off chance that something different might happen with a second try, Leah flipped the switch again.

"Locked?" Hanson asked almost hopeful seeing that nothing happened. There was perhaps a tiny chance that there was no monster behind the closet door, er, partition and that there would be a rational explanation for things and that the Captain was fine. Then again he thought, ~My luck can't get much worse. I am here in a room with that awful security officer and nothing good ever happens around her.~

She shrugged. “Or busted.”

"Like I suspect the comms," he replied.

”Uh huh. Speaking of- think you could be bothered to fix ‘em?” Leah hoped the failed switch might be demoralizing enough that Hanson would give up.

"Beneath my rating, unless it's interesting sabotage.." he snapped back getting irritated with her rudeness and fixation on what seemed to him smaller and lesser matters.

"The partition..." he started to say checking his results. He moves towards it again, still using tricorder. "Odd energy reading building up..." he finished, finally bothering to tell her.

”What kind of energy reading?” Leah asked, curious.

He ignored her and slung the tricorder strap over his shoulder and kept it recording and analyzing. He adjusted some settings on his phaser.

"Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission when the comms are out.. Stand back," he said.

Leah stepped back quickly, guessing what he had in mind.

Hanson fired. There was a display of unusual colors and a series of odd sounds but nothing essential happened. The partition remained shut.

Leah was not one to wait quietly. She tapped the toe of her boot on the floor wanting to make sure Hanson knew how aggravated he was making her. Maybe he'd rethink ignoring her requests in order to avoid her ire.

"Well, that's interesting..." Hanson said oblivious to ASEC's impatient foot. He checked the tricorder and adjusted phaser again. He aimed and fired.

He monitored the results carefully and fired again but in a different location. This time the partition finally parted.

As it did so, the pair heard an odd shimmery sound and saw hundreds perhaps thousands of small sparkling points of light. The brightness of them filled their view.

Just as the tiny lights began to wink out...

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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