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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part  Thirteen
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

Many minutes later....

Hanson scanned his arch nemesis to monitor her progress. He knew that she should be regaining consciousness soon and regretted that he had taken the restraints off her that the alien had placed on her.

Leah started to come around. Eyes still closed she begged to whatever higher power was out there, ~ Please don't let the first thing I see be Hanson...!~ When she peeked an eye open there was nothing to see. The lights hadn't come back on. ~It's dark ... that's good or rather, better than Hanson would've been.~ She recognized the soft hum of a scanner and doubted it was the intruder, which meant...

"Hanson?" she whispered just in case.

"Yes," Hanson said in a low quiet voice..

~Darn it!~ "Ugh. Great. Where's the intruder?" Leah's first impulse was to curse a lot. But then it was technically a good thing not being the enemy's prisoner, so she held off.

"Still here, unfortunately," he replied.

Leah started to sit up. "Ya got 'im though, right?"

Hanson didn't want to tell her what he thought was going on but she did need to know things had gotten much worse. "I don't know for how long. Don't sit up yet. You hit your head on the way down. What do you remember?" he asked.

She rolled her eyes, knowing in the dark he wasn't likely to see it. "I shot one of 'em and then the other one shot me." ~Obviously.~ "Tie him up or something!" ~Couldn't Hanson do anything on his own?~ she wondered.

"Tried," he said. Hanson was unsure it would hold him.

She might have taunted his uncertainty more if she hadn't also heard something more distressing in his tone. Hanson was clearly spooked by something. "Tried?"

"Yes, no telling how long it will keep him secured. Are you sure there was one shot? How many in all?" he asked trying to count up and analyze his enemies.

"Two people," Leah said. She'd memorized the details automatically recalling even the two people. "I shot one and the other guy fired-why?" she asked.

Hanson sighed but it was not a sigh of relief. "Two total. One or more then to watch out for," he thought out loud.

"Here," he said pressing something into Leah's hand.

Leah took the object, which turned out to be a phaser. It felt good to be armed. "Thanks," she said.

"Uh huh, " he replied strangely not even trying to bask in the moment or milk it for all it was worth, including the remaining months of a year for her to do his laundry. " We need to get out of here. I have a fast way, readied. Or I can send him into space instead," he explained trying to sound neutral but their was definitely a serious scared somberness to his voice.

"What's going on?" Leah wasn't about to pick an option until she'd figured out the full story. Hanson was hiding something big-otherwise he'd be much more annoying.

Hanson scanned her again. Her vitals were close to being where they should be but weren't quite there yet.

~Whatever's going on must be bad- or I'd have even more laundry to do...~ she thought.

Hanson continued his scans. "Get up slowly. Don't fall or trip. Can't restore lighting yet," he said.

She sat up slowly, having learned the hard way it was better to take his advice when it came to medical things. "Are ya gonna tell me what's got you so worried, or is it a surprise?"

"It's very bad. The whole ship is at risk. I wish we could all get off," he replied as enigmatic as always.

"At risk from what?" She was beginning to feel a bit worried herself, it was too much to hope he would be completely wrong.

"I've not seen this exact alien before but something like him. The medical data on him was very um.. At risk from the alien and others of his kind. Can you tell me about who was with him?" he said switching subjects quickly.

~Very um...?~ Leah didn't bother pressing him for the rest of the answer just yet. "I didn't see much. They were talking, but I didn't hear what about." Actually, it was sorta embarrassing how little she'd learned in the brief encounter never mind how it had wound up.

"How soon did the lights go out?" he asked.

"Fast. I just barely hid int he closet when they went," she replied.

"Good. Then maybe the other one did not see you," Hanson said. He sighed oddly again. "I need you to help me with him," he asked.

"...OK,"she said. Leah was willing enough to help, up to a point.

"Be careful not to touch him to much or make skin to ,um, skin contact. I don't know how long he'll be unconscious," he warned. He wasn't exactly sure what he was dealing with but what he had figured out was very disturbing.

"We have to act quick before he wakes up. We have to make sure he won't be able to hurt or kill anyone here....I'm fairly certain he's the one who attacked the CMO," he explained.

"I'm assuming just tying him up won't accomplish that?" Based on what he'd been saying it before it sounded like even a cell in the brig wouldn't necessarily be enough.

"No, there's only one way to be sure...we have to kill him," he said unexpectedly.     


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