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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part  Twelve
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters
Chronology:  After  "What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part Eleven"
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The first intruder waited to see if there was any more fire. There wasn't.

Being confident that he had hit his target, he made his way in the darkness towards where the shots were fired earlier. It was not long before he found the prone body of LT Leah Richards. He searched her and the area for weapons. Finding her phaser, he picked it up and added it to his belt. Then he checked to make sure the woman was unconscious. Satisfied that she would not regain consciousness any time soon, unless he took special measures to make her so, he secured her to the closet fixtures and attempted to find out if anyone else was in the room. Since it was dark, his unusual abilities for searching the quarters with his mind had been subdued. This made this very powerful being feel threatened and vulnerable. He quickly channeled it into more anger, rage and aggression.

The large alien raised his voice. "Come out now. I have your companion," he said in a very "sinister and evil" way.

Mean while Ensign Hanson was working feverishly in the plant room to get things ready and treat the others. He had heard the shots but didn't hear any words until the man raised his voice. He worked and listened. Carefully, very carefully he tested something and let out a small bot. It stealthily entered the bedroom area to enact its mission.

"I know you are here. Come out and it will go easier on you," he said. The truth was he had no way of knowing if there was anyone else. He was just guessing from the communication his partner had received.

Hanson shuddered. From what injuries the CMO and Tsundra had he didn't want to image what harsher treatment would be like.

Getting no where, the intruder tried a different tact. "If you don't, I'll harm your companion..." he said moving forward to look for another person. As he did so something small and metallic scurried under his legs and tripped him.

Hanson cracked the door open again and sent out another bot. This bot took an unusual path, found the intruder and scanned and annoyed him. (Not only did it cause a good distraction but it transmitted a signal to Hanson.)

Hanson fired. The shot hit the intruder but he did not fall to the deck. This confirmed one of Hanson's fears that maybe it was an alien who would not be affected by the phaser blast like Humans or that maybe since their other technology was so advanced beyond the Federation that they had some type of device similar to what the Captain had on the door of his quarters to absorb the energy and translate it into a different, harmless energy form. He filed the possibilities of a portable device like this to the back of his thoughts.

The alien fired back at Hanson.

~~Not good. Not good.~~Hanson thought trying to suppress a memory flash of a similar event that had happened to him before.  ~Out of practice for this type of attack, fortunately~ Hanson thinks, firing again.

This time it worked and the intruder hit the deck.


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