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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part Eleven
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

In the CO's bedroom at the precise coordinates they had beamed out earlier, the two intruders returned.

Leah was almost glad. At least dealing with enemies would keep her from acting on the impulse to clobber the ensign.

" Uh oh.. Quick get out there and stall so I can come up with something," Hanson said. ~If she weren't here, I'd have figured out something by now. She is so distracting,~ he thought.

"And get shot? There's better cover from here, anyways." Leah disagreed with him out of habit. His chatter was keeping her from recalling the exact layout of the rooms and where she might be able to take cover and shoot things from. She checked her phaser, adjusting it to heavy stun and wide beam-the better for taking down multiple targets at once.

"You could hide under the Captain's bed..: Hanson volunteers. "Get out, it's the only chance for the rest of us ... you are security you know...((the red shirt and all that...))" he continues.

"The bed? You're nuts-and don't take too long!" Leah left, having recalled that the COs bedroom closet should provide some protection. Certainly better than getting pinned down under a bed. The best benefit, of course, was that Hanson wouldn't be there to be annoying. Once she'd left the plant room and its obnoxious occupant, she wasted no time in hiding amidst spare uniforms in the closet.

~If only she left sooner!!! The four of us here would have had a chance,~ Hanson laments. He takes another look around and gets to work.

Meanwhile, the Narhat jumps up and down more frantically to get Hanson's attention. This bot is holding the answers to most of the secrets but no one is paying much attention to it.

As the beam in ended, the lights went out suddenly.

A deep unearthly voice boomed out of the darkness.  "Lights, what did you do to the lights?" the first intruder demanded.

Leah ducked down, keeping herself behind the half open closet door as possible. With the lights gone she figured there was a good chance they wouldn't see her until she opened fire.

A less deep and muffled voice replied, "I didn't do anything. I just altered the air. It should be fine to breathe now ... and it's been long enough to kill anyone, even the Moeban. No one has gotten in since I re-secured the doors. I checked the logs, " the second intruder said.

It was too dark to see much yet, so Leah concentrated on listening.

"Cover me and I'll check the two in here..." the deeper voice said.

"Go ahead," replied the higher voice exasperated. This person knew that they were supposed to be in charge but feared the abilities of the other. Having seen what he did to the CMO and the Yeoman had made them even more scared.

The other intruder moved towards bed and the chair that he had moved Tsundra back to after interrogating her back when they set up the scene to make it look like she tried to kill the Captain. He bumped into the chair and found it empty. He uttered a sound that may have been a curse in some unearthly tongue and then he felt around on floor. He did not find her. He checked bed for the Captain and found no one there either."They are not where we left them!" he bellowed.

"What?" the other voice replied, shocked.~How could anything go wrong?? We set this up perfectly,~ this intruder thought.

"Gone...Checking other side of bed..." he replied tersely.

Leah waited. She figured it might give Hanson more time to do whatever he had in mind-assuming he was actually at work on something. But she couldn't let these two leave the room-she'd be unable to protect the others then.

"That's impossible. They were in no condition to move on their own and the gas I channeled into the quarters would have gotten them and the CMO... Maybe it fits with the message I got, something about.." the other voice started to say recalling the message. ~Go back and clean the room.  Two unknowns entered the equation and spoiled the results. Recall Sydow. Interrogate heavily and kill.  Leave no survivors. Do not leave until you confirm deaths,~ the second intruder remembered.

"Are we too late? Did whoever the two new people are take them...the CMO?? But no one opened the doors. I'll check on CMO, maybe somehow she moved them before she died from the gas. Ow,"  the person yelped, tripping over a bot.

The  smaller intruder that tripped  moved closer to where Richards would be able to see them if the room was lit.  Alas she could not see even their outline. All that could be seen by the young security officer were a few transient flashes of metal on the being reflecting off some unknown light source.

Leah had to chance it. If she didn't try she'd just be leaving them in Hanson's care-and she didn't see him as being much protection. So she fired, shifting to the other side of the closet at the same time hoping that any retaliating shots would thus miss.

Thud! The second intruder is shot and hits the deck.

Whoosh! The other  much larger intruder quickly changed his location and got into position to attack the location from where the fire came.

Leah strained to see the remaining target. ~Stupid lights!~ What had been nice cover was now a hindrance.

(( ))

Momentarily, the light of many shimmery particles filled the room as the first intruder was beamed out of the quarters.

~Shoot!~ At least it meant the other guy was on his own without the hope that his friend might wake up and join in the fight.

The first intruder used the beam out to help him take aim and fire. Even with his abilities dampened by the loss of light, he was good at his work. The shot rang out and hit the security officer.

Leah had never been shot before and she didn't care for the experience now.

~Ow... crud. Hanson's gonna love this.~ Then she collapsed.


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