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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part Ten
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters
There were a number of tubes and a few miniature green houses on the table. She snatched up a pile of the tubes and, since the houses had nice pointy bits, she grabbed a few of them, too, and dumped the whole pile on Hanson's lap. "Good 'nough?" One of the houses might serve as a mask and the tubes could perhaps attach to the tank, she figured.

Hanson didn't yelp in pain. He didn't want to give her the satisfaction. Any remaining wisps of conscience or tendrils of ethical concerns for her safety and well being vanished.

The cramps tightened more and Leah doubled up, grunting. She was too proud to ask Hanson for help. ~... He's never gonna let me live this down...~

"Why did you do something so stupid?" he said shoving the stuff off the tricorder he was using.

"Oh, shut up." Leah growled, wishing ANYONE else had woken up before Hanson.

He tried to get up to look himself for something to use but fell backward instead.

Leah held off laughing at him and out of morbid curiosity she asked, "Didja figure out... what that stuff was?"

"Think so, should get a sample to be sure. The taste was a give way. Circumstances also," he said, still unable to remember that the Narhat had showed him all the technical chemical data and showed it to him in the download.

"Well, don't keep me in suspense. What was it?" she asked. The cramps were just getting worse. Leah sat on the floor, biting her lip as a distraction.

"Cerinine, most likely. After the tissues necrotise, it won't be detectable by most methods, won't show up in standard autopsies," he said clinically and detached.

"Time's about up. Might want to get to the head," he added.

"Oh..." Leah wondered what the heck 'necrotise' meant and figured it was probably best not knowing.

His cryptic comment about the head suddenly had new urgent meaning as she felt the need for said room very desperately. She groaned. ~Nonononononono...~

Hanson shrugged. "Perhaps you want to apologize and be treated?" he asked, hoping she'd delay further.

Even now she wasn't quite ready to cave. "Can't you just shoot me and this can be over now?"

Hanson quickly grabbed his ready phaser that he had left out for the inevitable. "Really?" he asked feigning sheer delight.

Leah glared at him. "You would jump at the chance."

"Yes," Hanson replied. "Except it might fall under euthanasia, I wouldn't want anyone to think I cared enough for that," he said. He put down phaser and tucked it a way again.

Even as she squirmed, Leah laughed. "Yer gonna make me beg, aren't you...?"

"Hadn't thought of beg, but it's an acceptable idea," he said as a smirk spread across his face. He cobbled together some of the materials that she had painfully dropped on his lap and sterilized them. ~Pretty poor choices to work without of all the things here,~ he thought to himself.

Lead tried to come up with a compromise that would be less damaging to the little pride she had left. "...Could I just promise to refrain from knocking you into walls instead...?"

He put the makeshift mask and tubing gingerly over Tsundra's face. He scanned and stared at readings to watch them change. He treated her with the utmost care and gentleness in stark contrast to how he worked with Richards.

"No," he replied.

Now she was getting truly desperate. "And I won't hit you for a month?" It seemed within the realm of possibility, assuming she could avoid running into him for a full month.

"No," he said.

Desperation won out. "Hanson, please!" They were two words she'd never expected to string together.

"Neck," he ordered again in a clinically detached fashion. He grabbed the already loaded hypo.

Leah obediently moved closer, head tilted out of the way. She knew she'd be paying for this for a while.

He administered the penthaphosaphazine." That's to break the cycle," he explained. "You need others now to try and undo/recover from how far you are in it."

~Ooooh... that feels better...~ "...Uh huh. And whatta I owe you when this is done?" She was resigned to the list that was bound to be coming.

"More laundry," he said loading a different medicine. Then he rattled off, still in a detached fashion, a very long list. Finally he got to his last item. "Treat me decently," he said.

But not resigned to that long a list. Leah groaned.

"You owe me your life now," he said with an evil grin. "Shall I?" he waved the last hypo at her.

"Define 'decently'. And remember I'm bigger and nastier than you," she pointed out.

They were all about to die and he was not going to be threatened in his last moments. "Bigger they come ... the harder they ... need to go to the head..." he said suppressing, not very successfully a snicker.

That hit a tender point. Leah's face went red with embarrassment-and anger. "I coulda just left you out there."

"You wouldn't have lived if you did," he countered.

She gave him a nasty grin. "You wouldn't've, either." She kept still ignoring the lingering pain.

"Your logic is off but well, wouldn't expect you to understand that. Suffice it that I saved your life when I told you what it was and what to do," he said.

At this moment Tsundra began to respond but Hanson was too busy fighting to notice.

Leah hadn't wanted to pulverize him quite so badly before but she held still, looking down with her fists at her sides. Thus she saw Tsundra before Hanson did. "Better keep your eye on your work, Ensign," she said.

Hanson turned to look at Tsundra, upset to not have noticed.~Why does Richards make me feel this way? Why does she distract me so and bring out the worst? ~ he wondered. Hanson watched and monitored Tsundra as she started to revive. He wasn't sure who he was more mad at-himself for getting so distracted or Richards for noticing first.

Leah was 'relieved' but also quite ticked. She kept quiet, watching Hanson and ready to assist if he required it again.

"So what is your plan when they come back to make sure we are dead?" he asked the security officer he loathed.

"Shoot 'em's a start." She answered immediately.  ~Killing them being a good finish.~

"How? We don't exactly have a strategic position and superior weapons and that might affect .." he started to say, cutting himself off. He was concerned that given the level of technology that these people had that they might also have a device to counteract or scramble their phasers.

"I didn't pick the plant closet as a base! Besides- what if they already did whatever they came to do?" She doubted they would have beamed out if they weren't finished when they could have fought back instead. After all, they hadn't seemed to have any problems with the CMOs intrusion or getting onto the Eagle in the first place.

Hanson felt a little better and wondered for a moment how high the oxygen percentage was in the room. "Bases and acids.." he commented on the base
situation, their acidic relationship and his chemical dilemma, "What if not. What if they come back. What if they know we are here also?" he asked. "What if the gas was for us? Seems like a waste of effort and risk of getting caught to do all that just for the other three," he explained.

"Well-why would they bother coming back with that to kill us, then?" Surely the gas was enough. " Especially if you can't figure out how to get us in contact with SOMEONE else one this ship!" A comm line out would solve most of their problems pretty quickly once they had some outside help.

"OK, Fine. Get out. Hang out in the main rooms and get shot or whatever. Oh and yes you can make contact that way. Bye," he sniped.

Leah crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at him. "Doors are locked out there." She pointed out, meaning there wasn't going to be any contact with the rest of the crew that way.

He paused his tirade and scanned Tsundra again. ~Those security types,~ he thought again. "You don't have to leave the quarters to make contact, just get out into the other rooms..." he said.

Now they were talking about two different things and not really listening to each other.

"Comms are down too, y'know!" she yelled.

"His bedroom will be best. That'll be their first stop. Maybe just beam back..better than getting seen in the passage way," he said ignoring her.

Hanson shook his head. "You don't get it," he yelled and started to wheeze. ~Comms?? Who cares about comms? Unlikely someone can get to us in time if we called for help and I don't think I can fix them from in here. Some of the same higher tech reasons that affected the doors may be working on the comms. Why out of all the people in the ship am I trapped here with you??~ he groused to himself.

Hanson had a point- Leah had no idea what he was going on about now. "Then spell if out!"

"B....A....D....G...U...Y...S. Slow enough and small enough words?" he taunted, spinning up further.

~Arg!~ " I meant what was your bloody solution to this?! Or don't you have any genius ideas?!"

"Yes, go out there tell them we are gone and play the hero and get shot," he said caustically.

She laughed. "Getting away from YOU would be nice- but that plan still leaves you all locked up. Not that I care what happens to YOU, but the others deserve better."

"I'll go out after I hear them leave or beam out and figure a way out," he explained. The part of him pushed over the edge by her added in thought only ~and hear the shot.~

"OR you could get the comms working again from here and we could get back up!" ~If you'd just do what yer supposed to-!~

"Can't be unj.. Can't be done from inside and what you'll tend to the patients?" he asked. He nearly slipped in his anger. He had to be more careful. If what he thought was going on was, he'd have to figure out how to keep it quiet and hide it from her and everyone else.  ~ I can't tell her how I think they are being jammed. If someone else reads her report on it they might figure out what is going on here and how impossible that level of technology would be for the Federation at this point in time. I wonder how much the Captain and Tsundra know. Did they figure it out? Am I right? I wish they were conscious so I could ask them. If they were conscious could I ask them," he wondered.

He had a valid point, amazingly. " ... tell me what to do out there, then." She suggested, assuming he meant that the comms couldn't be fixed from the plant room but from the living room area.

"Other than tell them we are gone and get shot?" he replied acidly.

"To fix the comms, Hanson," she snarled.

"You can't do that from inside the quarters even if you..." he started to say.  There was no point in explaining the details to her even if he avoided the advanced technology part.

"Then to open the doors. There's gotta be something we can do!" Probably something that should have been done a while ago, as far as she was concerned.

Hanson sighed in exasperation. ~ I don't have time to try and dampen the advanced jamming technology, if that is what is going on. It'll also be of the variety not easily or at all detected by the ship's main computer so that will be even harder to figure out in here,~ he thought. Hanson knew that there were things he could try inside to try and compensate for the jamming or use to open the door the old fashion way by making a nice big hole but he felt that there wasn't much time left before the intruders returned. Even if he could stand and walk, he couldn't do that and treat the other three.

"No time for door, can't risk losing them, if someone comes back...Need to set traps. Only way. Best not to kill them so they can be interrogated but kill if necessary and don't leave any traces," he said in a very broken and fast manner.

"That takes care of a hypothetical return of bad guys-it doesn't get them any actual medical help. We should work both problems." After all, if they could get help it would solve the first problem, too.

~What does she expect me to do? Spend a good hour or two rigging something together? Do it at the immediate expense of the three? Even if we had enough air for that, we don't have that kind of time. She's no doctor and no engineer and here she was trying to tell me about both,~ he thought, getting even more angry."You're a doctor not a thug? I'll handle the med until we can get out or some help in," he said angrily, regretting not sedating her.

~A THUG?!~ Leah ground her teeth together, he'd just ignored every reasonable thing she'd said-it was practically a reflex. "Fine. We'll botch it up your way then!"

"Good. Then you can be alive longer to hate me more and vice versa..." he said bitterly.

"Right-cause staying stuck here in these quarters is a great survival technique!" She hissed.

~What?!! Like there is any other option and I'd want to stay locked up with you!!~ he thought to himself. He was about to say something else that would only result in a longer shouting match when he was interrupted by what he feared most - the intruders return and no traps set to help even the odds.

Vrreeep! Beeepzzzzzzz! One of the tricorders  went off. Hanson set to go off when it detected what he guessed might be precursors to the strange energy
signature used in the earlier beam out.

"Too late.. Here they come!" he exclaimed, hoping he was wrong.

He wasn't.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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