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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: What's Behind Door Number Two?, Part One
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Passageway

LT Leah Richards figured she had just gotten off the bridge in time. A split second longer and LCDR Unstoffe would have had a fit all because of a certain idiot robot! She tried to ignore Bob and his tag along progeny as she crept closer to the Captain’s quarters.

When she reached the now open doors to the Captain's stateroom, Leah paused. No one came out, so she edged closer, hand on her PHASER. She peered into the room cautiously.

She saw that the front room and part of the kitchen appeared to be normal. Well, normal that is since Hanson and others heaped all those odd gifts and equipment in the Captain's quarters.  Some of the bots and gadgets stirred and moved. An arnwahk, an ancient and deadly Vulcan guard bot, paced about confused as it did previously before attacking one of the midshipman in the wormhole.

((Arnwahk links
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Arnwahks, the Movie - joking ))

The arnwahk was a chilling sight. Leah had to remind herself that the thing was harmless – it had been disarmed already. Besides which, she was the one who'd given the Captain the silly thing! Ignoring it she moved in a bit more. "Hello?"

Now that she was further in, Leah could clearly see the CMO lying on the floor. She hurriedly knelt at her side to see if she was alive, at the same time trying to keep an eye out for whoever or whatever had done this. Fortunately she WAS alive.

Leah decided that despite the intriguing mystery of just what exactly was going on here, the CMO’s condition took precedence. She opened her communicator and paged Sickbay. +Richards to Sickbay+. There was no response.

Bob, who was following at a careful distance because the Organic Beings were so unpredictable and often violent, peered in and saw two OBs. One was the one he lived with and the other was on the deck in an unusual orientation.

Bob went in. As he did so, one of his sensors picked up a strange odor he did not have in his limited database. He ignored the erroneous data and bumped deliberately into Leah as he decided it might be safe now for her to notice him. He desperately needed some answers and some reassurance. Then his audio receptors picked up an odd noise that was also not in his data base. It was coming from the same location of the origin of the smell. He ignored that data too for now and filed it away. He would investigate that part of the room later. It had interesting machines that were not in his quarters and were smaller versions of machines he had seen in the room the Organics called "The Galley". He had learned over the millennia that the Organics used things like this to make their fuel.

At the sound of the ping, Leah automatically pulled her PHASER and turned toward its point of origin in the kitchen. When Bob bounced against her it was a surprise. She glared at him trying to convey with a look exactly how much of a pain he was being.

Bob decided the proper response to her glare was to rub on her leg like a cat which he did. (A cat with many fleas, of course.) He had gotten into the Eagle's databanks again and had been researching the planet where a lot of Organic Beings from this ship were from including, his favorite OB, Leah Richards. Females of this planet, he learned, often liked Small Mammalian Beings called "Cats". He was careful to note several things, including that he was about the size of these SMBs. Therefore he sought to imitate them to make his OB feel more comfortable and to attempt to establish stronger bonding between Leah and himself. It also was a way to say "I like you. Pay attention to me. Meet my needs."

Bob also learned that the planet that had "Cats" was called "Dirt". He had no idea why these Organics would chose the name "Dirt" for their homeworld. In most places he had gone, "dirt" was a slur. Then again Organics just did not make sense. To him they all seemed to have faulty logic circuits and subroutines. As he thought on this, he rubbed more vigorously on his Organic.

Apparently the glare didn't work as well as she'd hoped. Leah ignored him for the moment, listening for whatever had made the ping.

Bob was curious about the Organic on the deck. Usually Organics went off line in things they called racks or beds. When his Organic Being went into the Room of Odd Smell and Sound, he checked the one on the floor and nuzzled her. She did not move. He tried again. She did not move again. This disturbed him greatly. ~~This Organic was clearly broken,~~ he thought. He zipped out of the room and down the passageway to find the repairman who was working on his wife.

~Phew!~ Leah tried her communicator again, relieved both at Bob’s momentary departure and that the noise had only been the stove. +Richards to sickbay+.

In a short time, the hurried foot steps of someone wearing boots clattered in the passageway. The sound grew louder and louder until the stopped right outside the Captain's quarters.

The room was spooky enough to make paranoia permissible, Leah felt. She thus slipped towards the door as silently as possible, keeping out of sight of the approaching footsteps.

The boots belonged to an Organic that Bob knew could fix Beings, he was an assisstant engineer named Ensign Hanson. The Ensign had clearly suffered some sort of accident or fight. His gait was wobbly and he had more bruises and looked more banged up than when Leah had last broken his nose. One pant leg was sticking lopsidedly out of the boot from where Bob had tugged on it. Hanson's tunic and jacket appeared to be hastily put on as well and his hair had not been combed recently. Part of it was caked with clumped blood.

Bob paused and made his charade sign for "fix", hoping the Organic Who Repairs Beings would understand. Then the wayward bot went quickly towards the CMO.

The disheveled ensign didn't seem like much of a threat at all. Confused, Leah stepped into view. "What happened to you?" she blurted.

Ensign Hanson saw the doorway darken and then his nemesis LT Leah Richards popped into view. "You??!! " he said disbelief. Then he became angry and turned to yell at the bot, "Bob!!"

As annoying as the little robot could be she still leapt to his defense. "Don’t yell at him!"

Hanson snorted derisively. "Yeah, you are the only one who can?" he taunted.

She forced herself to ignore the urge to finish Hanson off with a punch or two. "What. Happened. To. You?" She kept her tone even and relatively calm.

The ever enigmatic Hanson replied, "Not sure. I woke up this way." It disturbed him greatly not to know exactly what happened but he was going to let that awful ASEC know that.

"That doesn't make sense." Anybody THAT beat up couldn't possibly sleep through the process. But this was a waste of time. Leah stepped back into the room to try one of its comms.

Bob for his part exerted his influence again on Hanson by grabbing his pant leg and pulling him in towards the Captain's Quarters..

"All right all right, what do you want me to fix?" he asked. Hanson entered the quarters in spite of the fact that annoying security officer was there. He was not long in before he figured out why Bob wanted him. He saw the four foot Moeban Chief Medical Officer lying inert on the deck, her purple hair in a tangle about her.

Bob released Hanson's pant leg and makes his sign for "fix" by the CMO and repeated it manically.

"Yes, yes. I understand," Hanson said to the bot. His voice had softened so considerable with that it was hard to imagine that he and Leah had instantly locked their horns into another fight.

Leah found the comm by the door and tried paging Sickbay for a third time. +Richards to Sickbay+! Again there was no reply.

Hanson knelt down besides the fallen doctor. Hanson ignored everything else but tending to the patient. " What happened? Where's her med kit?" he yelled, as he gently and gingerly moved the CMO to look for it. This wasn't the usual shout or yell he exchanged frequently with LT Richards but one tinged with authority and immediacy. Somehow Ensign Hanson didn't seem so much like ... Ensign Hanson but transformed. Perhaps into an image of his earlier or another self before certain events had happened to him...

"I don't know. I only just got here!" Leah snapped.

"Find it quick!" he ordered.

+She ground her teeth in annoyance, but started searching for the kit anyways. If Hanson even just knew what the equipment in it was called he'd been beyond her and something had to be done for the CMO.

She spotted the tricorder and other gadgets under some of the Captains many gifts and grabbed it.

Hanson checked Dr. Laleia-Lii's pulse, deep in thought trying to remember what it is supposed to be for Moebans. It had been awhile since...

"Here." She held the tricorder and other stuff out to Hanson.

"You found it?" he asked not looking up as the items hit his arm. He reached out for them without looking.

~Obviously.~ "Under your ‘bot," Leah answered.

"Good," Hanson replied setting them down next to him on the deck and sorted through the pile. He flipped the access panel to open the medical tricorder and changed setting for Moebans. Then he scanned her.

"Some sort of psychic shock..Hmm," he said. He took out some more of her gear and made a solution for the hypospray.

Leah watched Hanson work carefully. He more than knew what he was doing-he almost looked like one of the AMO’s himself.

Hanson administered the carefully prepared solution of isochorazine and benzyldictadine to his patient. ((Rule 35 on the Eagle, never let the CO name anything...))

"You better be watching out for us, if whatever did that to her is still around.." he warned.

~Whoops! ~ She’d almost let herself get too engrossed in watching him. "Yes." Leah stepped past him to look in the kitchen to make sure the noise from before had only been the oven. She wondered why anyone would go through the fuss of baking when a perfectly good food processor was available.

"Good thing the CO's in Sickbay," he said, glad that the man that had helped him was not around when whatever it was that caused the CMO to be telepathically overloaded and go into shock appeared.

Leah knew that the CO was not in fact in Sickbay, but she didn't see why Hanson needed to be enlightened now. "She OK?"

"Not sure how long until this stabilizes her. How is Captain doing?" he asked wanting to find out. He had been too busy to visit the last two days.

Hanson turned to Bob to apologize. "You did good, Bob. I am sorry," He patted the bot on his claw like head. "OK we need to get her to Sickbay and fix the comms. I guess I'll see the..." he started to say.

Leah scowled. Of course he would be persistent. "He was sent back to his quarters. Wasn't doing that well, I heard."

Hanson's face grew pale. He looked in disbelief at the small partition separating the Captain's bedroom from the rest of the quarters.

"Here? Then.." he started to say in a mixture of shock and abject horror, his eyes transfixed on the partition.


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