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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Joint log by Nouri and Stoffe
Based on a mini sim with Hana and Nouri

Title: "What's Behind Door Number One? Part Four "
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters
Chronology: Immediately after "CMO Log: What's Behind Door Number One? Part Three"

The attacker held on to the spot and memorized the location of this memory for possible further exploration and exploitation. As he did so the doctor suddenly remembered parts of her mind were being digested by a giant plant being. The attacker tried to redirect her to the present and to focus on the Eagle and her mission.

The intruder spoke when he felt his victim able to remember what was real again. He spoke for the first time to her. His voice was deep, eerie and commanding.

"Coordinates," he ordered reaching deeper into her mind. "Coordinates for dropping off the spy."

The Doctor seized on the word "coordinates" and focused on remembering every coordinate she ever heard including the coordinates for a particularly good coffee shop.

The intruder was confused by this, but not enough to drop off attack. He tightened his grip.

"Ahh, miss that place," she said trying to think more about it instead of what the intruder wanted and distract him so she could try and break free.

"Spy. Need the spy and you can all go free," he said trying to use mind control to make her believe she could save herself and the crew from more suffering.

Dr. La recalls the coordinates for an interstellar pest-control service, instead.

"Otherwise I will do this to every last member of your crew," he threatened, not amused with her antics.

"Ah, the Serunian glow-bug incident. That one was fun," she said making a distraction and testing out his strength to discern false memories.

"And they are not as strong to mind fight as you are, small organic animal," the seven foot attacker warned, ignoring her attempts.

The four foot Moebian flinched and replied lying, "You know, some of those got into the air ducts? It was freaky, all of these rays of blue light going everywhere, half of the ship's residents thought we had ghosts."

"Airducts... I can send my spores through the air ducts and start an army," he countered.

"You'll have to compete with the glow-bugs, I think they're still in there...," she taunted. He reached harder and harder and further into her mind. "You tell not truth as your kind does," he said bitterly.Dr. La remembered the coordinates for a tree-cutting service on Tora Quad.

"Spy. Now," he ordered increasing his efforts. He reached deeper into her brain and some of his tendrils that had gone inside began to digest certain connections.

"They claimed they could cut anything down. ANYTHING. You should go there some time, they might be surprised.." her voice trailed off.

"Spy....Tell me and your suffering ends," he ends not upset by her attempts.

"What kind of tree are you, anyway?" she asked through gritted teeth.

"Where was the spy sent, where were you to drop him off?" he demanded, refusing to be thrown off or distracted.

The doctor passed beyond the point of being in pain any more and got lightheaded.

"Whereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," he ordered reaching into her mind further. He found another deception of hers, an odd spy who was very flashy and easy to spot one with the name of Bond, James Bond. He was confused by this, as all the spies he was asked to hunt down were average looking uninteresting people of whatever species they were from. That made them good spies of course since no one paid them much attention until it was too late.

"More untruths of your kind. You are all liars, but I can find the truth or you can be the third to die before I get the rest of the crew," he threatened accidentally revealing something.

The doctor continued to struggle against him. "Seriously. Truth is subjective, depending on the frame of mind," she said, trying to twist him in a different direction. She focused on crafting the most believably false memory she can using things she had learned in Moebius like the techniques of planting false memories for other telepaths to believe. She concentrated hard for something a plant being might believe to be true.

The Being became enraged. "More lies...Betrayal and lies. All your kind is evil. You must all die," he said slipping again.

She started to have trouble breathing and coughed. "Why would I lie to you? You're trying to KILL me?" she said mustering some humor to her aid.

"Give me the spy and you and the organic animal beings here can go free," he tried again to convince her.

She was ready now and tried to trick her attacker with a false memory she just planted.

In her false memory she saw Captain Kematsopoulos. "These coordinates are important ... you can't tell anyone..." he said.

The attacker watched the false memory with interest.

She watched in her mind and played out the deception, seeing Nouri press a scrap of paper into her hand. She gave the attacker the impression that this was unusual for space travelers, so it meant that the information was important and sacred.

The intruder became upset at the wanton use of his fellow plants' bodies as they have always been treated by the animals.

In the CMO's false planted memory, she glanced at the paper, upon which were clearly written coordinates in Nouri's careful handwriting. He pressed a finger to his lips and slipped back into the darkness.

The intruder was intrigued and explored this memory of hers further.

He saw her pocket the paper and little details like how unnerved she was by how quietly Nouri was always able to come and go. This made it seem more real to him like she was really having a memory.

~Corspe. You foul things,~ he yelled telepathically. He was enraged. ~Where is this corpse with writing!~ he demanded through his mind control. The doctor sent him on a goose chase through her mind to follow the paper and where it went. He got hooked trying to follow the paper to find proof of it on the Eagle and to read it that way.

The doctor added more details including her marveling at how this meeting place was clever and pleasant.

The attacker did not believe her one hundred percent yet, but he was getting closer to buying it hook, line, and sinker.

Dr. La reached into her planted memory to see herself walking to her room, looking at the paper again, and trying hard to memorize the coordinates. She whispered the coordinates to herself again, willing herself to remember, then dropped it into the trash vent and watched it drift down into the darkness.

The intruder memorized the coordinates and continued to probes further in her mind, digesting thoughts in a disturbingly physical manner.

He used the black ocean and craft imagery to transport her to somewhere worse for her. He directed her mind to find out what that would be ...

The doctor visited a nightmare, a recurring one ... she is tumbling through a turbulent sea as snow billows around her, even though she is underwater, swirling into a chaotic void.

~~ You are lost at sea. You must get to safety. Safety is where that spy was to go...~~ the alien injected into her mind those thoughts along with more chemicals.

In her revisited dream, La fights back, trying to grab the snowflakes and gather them in her arms, each one being an important message.

The attacker facilitated getting her deeper into the void to be lost, but the flakes confused him.

Still clutching the snowflakes, she fell further into the void, unable to slow her decent.

Finally figuring out that the flakes were sent by her unconscious mind in an attempt to try and save herself. The attacker tried to pull her downward - down, down, down, away from everything, away from flakes, so far no rain no sun no ... no air ... just void.

~In the void, my identity falls apart,~ she thought, as she was sucked downward. The snowflakes flew out of her fingertips in her imagery as she began to lose the battle.

~~No identity. None for you. Your kind have no right to decide for others ... you will have no identity,~ he injected the thought along with more chemicals.

The Doctor tried to confront her attacker by a sea of endless blackness. Despair, hate, depression, loneliness, and other negative emotions she sent but these just made him stronger. He used the new strength to pushed her further and further down until he became satisfied she could not get back on her own. He used a special tendril to inject a fatal neural inhibitor and waited. Her body went limp as she descended deeper into psychic shock and coma.

The intruder withdrew all the tendrils, certain she would die.

Surprisingly, he felt something other than just pure hatred. He paused confused at this new feeling.

SHIMMER!! Intruder two beamed in, scanning. "Good you are done," the new arrival said, noticing the collapsed Moebian.

"Yes," replied the doctor's attacker.

"Did you get it?" his partner asked.

"Yes," he replied.

"Good. Help me over here. I need to set it up to look like the yeoman killed the Captain," ordered the other.

"Are you really sure he and his Yeoman are dead?" he asked.

"Yes, no pulse or brain waves on either of the Captain or Tsundra," the other being replied.


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