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Image of CENG, face, Human,Female, Russian     Image of CDR Yevgeny Tsiolkovsky, face, Human,Male, Russian
CDR V. Tsiolkovsky, Acting Captain of the USS Eagle, &  CDR Y. Tsiolkovsky, Acting Captain of the USS Brazil

Title: CDR Tsiolkovsky meet CDR Tsiolkovsky...
Setting: USS Eagle
Location: The Bridge

The USS Eagle was transporting a very important passenger, a spy carrying information very important to the Federation and other galactic governments. So important in fact, there had already been several attacks upon the Eagle. The last attack had further damaged the Eagle. The Eagle was getting by but again found herself in desperate need for parts.

While the tiny Oberth was affecting repairs, she sent out two especially prepared decoy probes and two tick probes.  Shortly after sending out the first set, a ship of indeterminate origin jumped out of warp and followed the first probe while the Eagle hid. The Eagle continued her journey and released the second set. Then suddenly another ship came out of warp. This time the valiant Oberth had two places to hide to elude her pursuers. One was too far to reach in time the other was one of those ever convenient mysterious gaseous nebulae in the Star Trek Universe. ;o)

Keeping with Captain Kematsopoulos' standing order to have no communication (even with the Federation), Commander Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky orders the Eagle into the nebula since it was closer.  Unfortunately, it not close enough. With one more second needed to hide, a Constitution class ship jumped out of warp. That was more than plenty by Federation technology standards, if you had a good crew and were ready, to have seen the Eagle enter the nebula.

Commander Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky was worried. She loved her Oberth ship but knew her ship was no match in battle for an attack for many ships. The Eagle had speed, maneuverability on its side as well as a powerful sensor array. The greatest asset for the Eagle however was not the technology on board but the people.  ~~Will this be enough to get us through this next one? ~~ she asked herself silently as she waited to see how the new ship would act and to learn the ship's name. The Eagle's proximity to the nebula upon the constitution ships arrival was sufficient to cause problems with the sensors and other systems.

LT Schuler, the COMMO, announces, "Sirs, we are being hailed.

"On screen. Maintain silence. No replies or acknowledgments," CDR Tsiolkovsky orders.

+Eagle, This is Captain Jeremiah Thompson of the USS Brazil. We have come to assist, + announces the voice over the speakers. It is quickly followed by an image of an older man with graying black hair in a captain's uniform.

Val lets out a sigh of great relief. Not only has the other ship has hailed properly, she had good reason to believe it was there to help them. "Prepare return khail.  I khaff kheard of this Khaptain and may know someone on the crew. Eet may be safe. Khan anyone think of objection..." she asks. Normally she would have followed Captain Kematsopoulos' orders to the letter but the Eagle needed parts and some more crew to help with the repairs. If what she had guessed may have happened did, the Eagle was saved. But if she guessed wrong it could be a deadly mistake.

"No objections, sir," replies LCDR Lahrs Unstoffe, Acting XO and Chief of Security.

LTjg Alexi Valderkev, assistant engineering officer, speaks his mind and says, "The Captain gave explicit orders to maintain silence, sir ... But, other than that ...Vait! He pauses talking to work furiously at his console.  "Sir, a second ship has just dropped out of varp ... " he continues. "At least I am fairly certain of it, " he announces. "I detect no markings at all, and no transponder code is being broadcast," he updates.

Val didn't like that at all. Two ships...too much help... and there should definitely be a TC broadcast present even if the sensors couldn't sort it out. The other ship had one. "Red Alert!" she orders. She'd rather be wrong and look foolish then make a mistake and cost everyone on the Eagle their lives.

"Aye, sir! " came the Acting XO's reply as he activates red alert.

"Sir, the Brazil is hailing the other ship,"LT Schuler announces.

"On screen. Maintain silence. No replies or acknowledgments, Same orders," CDR Tsiolkovsky repeats.

++This is Captain Thompson of the USS Brazil to unidentified vessel. Identify yourself and state your purpose, ++ Captain Jeremiah Thompson orders.

The unidentified ship sends the reply, +This is the USS Vanguard. We are looking for the USS Eagle. +. Unfortunately it also sent something else on the carrier waves.

LTjg Valderkev says to no one particular, " USS Wanguard?"

CDR Tsiolkovsky responds, "Not a khonstitution class that I know of."

The Eagle could not detect it yet but after the message the Brazil's shields dropped.

Ensign Petrescu, assistant science officer who is clearly ill looks at the readings. Horrified and turning even paler, she whispers, "Attacking?" It is all she could do to not pass out.

The sharp assistant engineering officer who is keeping a watchful eye on her and trying to handle both his duties and hers, turns, hearing her whisper." Vhat vas that, sir?" he asks. Then he sees the answer.

"The Wanguard has fired on the Brazil, sir, her veapons are offline!" he announces to the bridge crew.

"Sir, while we are in the nebula, I cannot raise our shields. That's an exception to red alert protocol," the Acting XO reminds CDR Tsiolkovsky.

Tsiolkovsky is keenly aware of this, of course, as she is also the Chief Engineer. "Do what you can. Do not raise them yet," she orders. She knew that if they brought them back online too soon the interference could overload them and render them useless for several hours. ~~ Maybe with more time, we'll be able to figure out how to keep some of the more delicate systems online, ~~ she thinks briefly.

Over the subspace comms, the mysterious ship asks the Brazil,+Have you seen the Eagle?+ The Brazil which had sustained a lot of damage did not reply immediately and was using the temporary cease fire to mount one last counter attack.

CDR Tsiolkovsky quickly assesses the situation and looks for the best course of action. She fires off orders in succession, "Valderkev, I want detailed list of damage to both ships. Petrescu, your top priority is to find the identity of the attacking ship. CSEC, yours is to keep the Eagle safe, out of harms way and ready to assist. "

CDR Tsiolkovsky taps a button on the Captain's chair opens the comms to Sickbay. +Sickbay, prepare for casualties. Send a team to the transporter room and another to board a shuttle, + she orders.

Valentina opens another to her department, Engineering. +Engineering, prepare for damage and get us ready for anything. Send a team to the transporter room and another to board a shuttle, + she orders, formulating a plan.

On the screen, Captain Thompson's reply to the attacking ship booms out.  ++No, she has long since gone. We picked up her trail heading 097.3 Mark 8. Break off the attack now! We are a Federation vessel!! ++ he orders.

Jeremiah lies. He knows where the Eagle is hiding and tried to be convincing to trick the Vanguard in following the decoy probe. He had almost been fooled himself as to wondering which was the real Eagle. His XO had explained to him, when they arrived that the Eagle probably had launched some sort of decoy and had the talent onboard to pull it off.

The Acting Captain of the USS Eagle listens to Thompson's words but continues her orders. She is clear now if any doubt had lingered that the Brazil had come to help the Eagle. Now it was time to return the favor that looked like it would cost the Brazil crew their lives.

+Shuttlebay, be prepared to launch shuttles ASAP with med and eng teams in case we can't use Eagle transporters. Make sure to have supplies and protective gear,+ she says.

As she makes this last order the "Vanguard" sends its last transmission to the Brazil. +Thank you, + the disembodied voice says with a malevolent mirth. The Vanguard fires again upon the Brazil to finish her off. The target this time was the warp core.

Simultaneous to this the Brazil fires one shot and it hits the attacking ship right before it escapes to warp to follow the decoy.

The Brazil shakes and heaves. The shot from the "Vanguard" works as the attacker had planned. Onboard the Brazil, the flat unemotional voice of the computer announces their fate.

On the Eagle, LTjg Valderkev reports in. "Details vill be sketchy at best, sir, vith scanners as they are..." He gets to work on a damage report, then halts." The Brazil has taken a direct hit to her varp core! A breach is eminent!" he announces.

"Transporters? Time to breach? " the Commander asks in the quickest manner possible. She is hoping some how Engineering has been able to overcome some of the difficulties in the nebula. ~~Perhaps the transporters can function now?~~ she hoped to herself against hope.

"Transporters are suicidal inside the nebula.  They appear to be attempting to contain the breach, but I doubt they vill be successful.  I estimate six to eight minutes at the most," the AENG replies.

CENG thinks quickly again. "Transporters then on the shuttles? Can we get in range in time for this?" she asks and turns to helm. "Helm, get us out of the nebula, position us to assist," she orders. She didn't like becoming visible in case the other ship returned but there is no choice that she can see if she wants to save the Eagle and the Brazil.

"Aye, sir," Helm replies, beginning to reverse course.

"Captain, the shuttles have launched," announces LT Schuler.

"Ghood. Open a hail," she orders.

CSEC interrupts. "Sir, we might be detected by the hostile vessel. It isn't out of sensor range yet," he warns.

"The interference from the nebula, may mask our presence ... " AENG offers.

"Let's hope so. Narrow and short transmission beam directed between us and the Brazil, Mr. Schuler. Let's try not to spill it," she orders, checking not just the interference from the nebula but from the largely one sided fire fight.

In unison the two ships, the Eagle and the Brazil, hail each other. Their messages are identical.

++ This is Acting Captain Tsiolkovsky, ++ CDR Tsiolkovsky of the USS Eagle announces.

++ This is Acting Captain Tsiolkovsky, ++CDR Tsiolkovsky of the USS Brazil announces.

+ +Yevgeny??! ++ Val does a double take for a second having expected Captain Thompson to reply.++Vhee are khoming to assist,+ she announces.

++ Sestra??! ++ says the slightly confused XO of the Brazil. He obviously knows that his sister was on the Eagle, having just last week been posted to the Brazil himself, but he did not expect her to be on the bridge as she was the Chief Engineer. ~~What had happened to her Captain?~~ he also wonders.

++Nyet. You vhill leave,+ +he replies. He hadn't risked his ship to save hers to watch it get blown up.

++Vhee are khoming to assist,+ +Val replies. She then figures out that the Brazil was most likely here to look for her ship at perhaps request of her brother and he was going to be heroic and make her go. She shifts tracts like she saw Captain Kematsopoulos often do to shorten situations like these.

++KHAA! Prepare to be boarded,++ she orders as if she were playing a childhood game with Yevgeny of battle ships, which of course she had done plenty of times growing up.

++Nyet, nyet, ++Yevgeny replies. ++ If you won't listen dear sister, you rarely do, make it fast and run. Vhee are going to glow vhery brightly soon. Don't deprive our parents of two children. Mother vhon't forgive you.++ he says firing back his best persuasion.

BOOM! Something causes some of the gas cloying to the hull of the USS Eagle to ignite and explode. The tiny Oberth rocks.

Yevgeny would have been worried for his sister if he could have seen it with the Brazil's sensors, or from the main view screen but they were both offline along with too many other systems as several fires raged on his bridge.

"Five minutes to breach.  Sir, vhere vould ve put them all?" LTjg Valderkev asks, getting jostled and concerned for all those lives on the Brazil.

CENG does not reply. She is working out an idea in her head.

++Less talk. More action. Khann you get your transporters online? Vhee just lost ours, ++ she asks her brother over the ship to ship comms getting the latest damage report from the explosion on the hull.

++Thought of that, dear sestra. Trying. Not enough time,+ +he replies.

++Send us leest of vhat ees vhorking,++ Val orders.

Yevgeny transmits it. ++Done. Short list,++ he says to be funny.

++Received. Short saves time.. Vhorking on eet..++ Valentina says as she quickly sends list to several places, including engineering and on screen..

LTjg Valderkev curses in Russian. "That's not much to go on ... Hmm," he says looking at the information.

"Sir, the gas explosion disrupted power on several decks. Transporters and shields are both still offline. Unable to determine if its the residual effect of the nebula or damage from the blast," LCDR Unstoffe updates.

"Acknowledged CSEC," CENG replies still working on a solution.

"Kaptein, with shields down we are not protected if their warp core breach is uncontained," CSEC says.

The Chief Engineer did not reply. She didn't have the time to explain that even if the Eagle had her shields at full maximum it wouldn't protect the Eagle from the antimatter/matter explosion at this close range.

Instead she asks helm, "Are we out?"

Helm replies, "Sir, we are clear of the cloud."

"Raise shields as soon as you can and prepare to go to warp, if possible. If not full impulse power," she orders. She knows it is unlikely that engineering had effected enough repairs in this short time to get warp back but there is still a very slim chance.

"Bringing shields online," LTjg Valderkev says.

"Aye, sir, Standing by, replies helm. LT Tanaka plots a clear course away from nebula, the Brazil and second ship.

"Vonce ve go to varp, the Wanguard may be able to spot us, sir," the AENG says.

"Noted," CENG replies. If the shuttles could not save the Brazil and the Eagle could get warp back in time, she had no choice but to order the jump to try and get the Eagle to safety from the blast if of course that was operational. If not, her choice was  full impulse to duck behind the planet and hope.

CENG opens the comms to the shuttles. +Shuttle One. Lock on the Brazil's warp core and transport to a safe distance.+

Then she orders, +Shuttle Two. Be prepared to do the same if Shuttle One fails.+

++Understood, Eagle,++ replies Shuttle One, trying to get a lock on Brazil's warp core. The lock was successful! The Hypatia attempts to beam it to the maximum range of the shuttle's transporters.

FRZZIT! BAM!! Another explosion erupts on the  Brazil.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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